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Basically for the past hour: James & Chels frollicking in bed, Sharon & Josh lying in their bed looking like an old married couple... - scandalous
12:23AM 09/03/2008

Ryan/Nat/Matt/Adam outside....Chelsia just joined (trying to get Ryan alone or catch him going to HOH). Sharon/Josh/James in bed. Sheila asleep. NT - lily_g
12:23AM 09/03/2008

Chels has joined the BY crew, Nat is talking about having a stalker when she was a stripper & they're discussing ways of self-protection NT - scandalous
12:23AM 09/03/2008

Josh & James have some kind of brain child & are looking through the Pink room for something NT - scandalous
12:25AM 09/03/2008

Josh is actually looking, Sharon is directing him on places to look NT - scandalous
12:25AM 09/03/2008

Natalie said lap dancing wasn't "allowed" in Oregon until about 4 years ago NT - scandalous
12:26AM 09/03/2008

Josh looking a little manic & gets yelled at by BB to put on his mic NT - scandalous
12:27AM 09/03/2008

I think Josh & James are looking for Nat's "cheat napkin" (ed. they apparently don't know the DR took it away from her earlier tonight) NT - scandalous
12:28AM 09/03/2008
James and Josh were going thru drawers, looking under the beds, under the mattresses - CruiseCritic
5:00AM 09/03/2008

I think they believed someone was coming so they hit the lights & jump in bed, Sharon's squealing & laughing NT - scandalous
12:29AM 09/03/2008

Sharon in LR keeping look-out while Josh continues his search NT - scandalous
12:30AM 09/03/2008

Adam comes in & they all jump into bed NT - scandalous
12:31AM 09/03/2008

Josh asked Adam where Nat keeps her cheat sheet & he said they made her throw it out, Josh says "WHAT!?" NT - scandalous
12:32AM 09/03/2008
When Nat comes in the room, she tells them that she thinks she cracked the code and Josh wanted to know what it was - CruiseCritic
5:02AM 09/03/2008

James starts talking smoking with Adam while you can hear Josh & Sharon giggling NT - scandalous
12:32AM 09/03/2008

James is now reading the "help for stopping smoking" suggestions NT - scandalous
12:33AM 09/03/2008

Josh asks for clarification about the cheat sheet, Adam says BB said there's no writing in the BB house & took it away. Josh & James: "wow" NT - scandalous
12:34AM 09/03/2008

Chelsia came in & whispered something inaudible to James & then walked away again NT - scandalous
12:34AM 09/03/2008

Chels is back & just mooned Adam NT - scandalous
12:35AM 09/03/2008
He had some type of KY or vaseline in his hand when this happened NT - CruiseCritic
4:57AM 09/03/2008

Nat walks in & puts her hand on James' shoulder & he said "don't f&ckin' touch me", she's inches away from his face & said... - scandalous
12:38AM 09/03/2008

Josh asked Nat about them taking away her sheet she said they did & that she thinks it's b/c she cracked the code NT - scandalous
12:38AM 09/03/2008

Nat commenting on how much Adam moves around & asked if he was masturbating. Nat asked if any women have had orgasms in here & Chels declares NO NT - scandalous
12:39AM 09/03/2008
That was Sharon, not Chels. NT - JessicaJules
12:40AM 09/03/2008

Nat & Adam went to bed & Josh, James & Chels having a convo w/out speaking (ed. grr) but Josh is trying to get James or Chels to eavesdrop NT - scandalous
12:41AM 09/03/2008

Matt is in the bedroom, too, Josh is trying to eavesdrop & pacing around... - scandalous
12:43AM 09/03/2008

Josh has woken Sheila saying that he's "starting" to get paranoid NT - scandalous
12:44AM 09/03/2008

Sheila tells him to stop it because it's making her worried too that she might be in jeapordy, Josh says he's worried that he's going up NT - scandalous
12:45AM 09/03/2008

Matt into the bathroom, Chels on the lounger & asks what he's doing (refreshed my screen) and Chels is sitting in WC while Matt's off to bed NT - scandalous
12:46AM 09/03/2008

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