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James joins the boys outside NT - JimAndJanet
10:06AM 09/03/2008

Silence outside NT - JimAndJanet
10:06AM 09/03/2008

Josh in br with the girls...dancing a little...he is putting on deoderant..chels doing her makeup NT - JimAndJanet
10:07AM 09/03/2008

James was gassy last night according to the BR crew..N/C/Josh NT - JimAndJanet
10:09AM 09/03/2008

James just told Adam about Matt going on the block NT - JimAndJanet
10:10AM 09/03/2008

Feeds switch to sheila and matt...then back to james and adam - JimAndJanet
10:12AM 09/03/2008

Subject changed to clouds....Josh walks out...Adam says...this is crazy (about Matt) Josh says - JimAndJanet
10:14AM 09/03/2008

Chelsia/Nat doing makeup. Sharon in shower. (ed. JimAndJanet, you are GREAT!) NT - caith
10:17AM 09/03/2008

Adam acting like he didnt know anything. . James and josh telling him why ryan didnt take the pov, and why he didnt choose matt to play in POV..that - JimAndJanet
10:18AM 09/03/2008

Adam asking again: "its all confirmed?" James said...tried and true ..then flames NT - JimAndJanet
10:19AM 09/03/2008

Josh says "this is an exciting day" and asks adam how he thinks the votes will come and adam says - JimAndJanet
10:22AM 09/03/2008

josh tells chels that adam is all for it....adam walks in KT with them and they put a thumbs up to him and he smiles and just keeps walkin around.. NT - JimAndJanet
10:24AM 09/03/2008

Josh tells sheila he just told adam sheila suprised he didnt know and adam says we arent dumb we couldnt trust him - raindrop110475
10:32AM 09/03/2008

sheila saysing adam floats with majority Josh says thats why we waited till today to tell him NT - raindrop110475
10:33AM 09/03/2008

Adam in bedroom with Matt tellign him everything Josh said abotu gettiug matt out both laughing like crazy NT - raindrop110475
10:34AM 09/03/2008

sheila and josh outside.... NT - JimAndJanet
10:34AM 09/03/2008

Sheila says..for some reason I thought he knew.(adam) NT - JimAndJanet
10:35AM 09/03/2008

Josh says...what if adam tells matt NT - JimAndJanet
10:35AM 09/03/2008

Matt with Ryan in HOH.....they are celebrating...matt saying this is gonna be like Hiroshema NT - JimAndJanet
10:36AM 09/03/2008

Matt goes to HOH to talk to Ryan tells him how josh told adam matt was going up laughing NT - raindrop110475
10:36AM 09/03/2008

Matt "watch the torture I am gonna put on these people this week" NT - JimAndJanet
10:37AM 09/03/2008

James and Josh think is sad that Matt doesnt treat her right say they need to write her a note - raindrop110475
10:38AM 09/03/2008

Adam joins james sheila and josh outside and James says welcome aboard Josh asks were u - raindrop110475
10:39AM 09/03/2008

Adam: says this is crazy and Josh says has potential to be NT - raindrop110475
10:40AM 09/03/2008

Josh..the waiting is what kills you...matt walks out...yeah its hard to wait....matt says "big day" NT - JimAndJanet
10:40AM 09/03/2008

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