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Chels is caressing James' face (ed. very sweetly), they are now lying on their backs NT - scandalous
1:24AM 09/03/2008

James/Chels spooning & James' hand is awanderin' NT - scandalous
1:25AM 09/03/2008

Josh is restless, Sheila is restless & Matt looks as though he's considering pleasuring himself. NT - scandalous
1:28AM 09/03/2008

All hands appear to be above covers at the moment NT - scandalous
1:29AM 09/03/2008

Feed 3 closes in on Sharon sleeping, Josh putting pillow over his head & Feed 4 switches to Ryan (Ja & Chels' bed still squeaky) NT - scandalous
1:31AM 09/03/2008

All's pretty quiet on the hamstah front...g'night NT - scandalous
1:32AM 09/03/2008

James, Chel, Josh up to the HT NT - WVpdles
1:43AM 09/03/2008

Josh started off by saying that Sharon is starting to get on his nerves, especially when she calls him "Babe" & carries around the blue blankey NT - scandalous
1:51AM 09/03/2008

Josh to James and Chelsia: Sharon is driving me crazy. - Shar
1:51AM 09/03/2008

Chels chimes in that it's strange how attached she is to the GP's NT - scandalous
1:51AM 09/03/2008

Josh also elaborating on what he's going to say to Matt including how he's sending Nat out next week to join him in sequester NT - scandalous
1:53AM 09/03/2008

Hot tub crew ragging on Nat and her lack of spelling ability. Shar can you (or someone) take over? - scandalous
1:54AM 09/03/2008

Trashing Sheila, on to discussion of best target for next week..... Nat or Adam? NT - Shar
1:57AM 09/03/2008

James says he is safe if someone (Nat?) gets HOH. NT - Shar
3:00AM 09/03/2008

They think Ryan will hang with Adam and James after Matt is gone. NT - Shar
3:02AM 09/03/2008

James and Josh both say they would have let Sheila have the $10,000 in the POV comp. - Shar
3:05AM 09/03/2008

James asks if either Josh or Chelsia would be bothered if he backdoors Ryan next week. Neither has a problem with it. NT - Shar
3:06AM 09/03/2008
Chelsia said she didn't think it was a good strategic move since whole house was giving him 2 weeks. NT - lindarie
3:21AM 09/03/2008

Sounds like Josh was told he can't say "Operation Crooked Eye" by the DR. NT - Shar
3:11AM 09/03/2008

Now discussing Parker and Jacob........ Ryan made the "snake" remark about Parker. NT - Shar
3:14AM 09/03/2008

Josh to J/C: "They totally underestimated us" NT - cannotsleep
3:17AM 09/03/2008

Josh doesn't feel bad about getting Matt out because Matt would have been trying to get them out - Shar
3:17AM 09/03/2008

Now planning for Chelsia to work Matt, while James works Sheila to keep the votes in line for Matt's eviction. NT - Shar
3:19AM 09/03/2008

Chelsia thinks Matt has "small penis syndrome". James agrees. - Shar
3:22AM 09/03/2008

Talking about alarm going off: James says Matt was so excited about playing as singles, that Matt told him that now he could work with James because - Shar
3:26AM 09/03/2008

Josh complains about Adam blowing cigarette smoke when he is working out. NT - Shar
3:27AM 09/03/2008

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