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Topic #8198337
BB_Addiction - Adam goes into Hoh and tells Ryan that J/C/J are all paranoid. 1 Replies #8198337 12:18AM 11/03/2008
Adam tells Ryan that they told him Matt and Nat know each other.
Ryan says "James is only saying sh!t to stir the house up"
Ryan tells Adam that Matt and Nat do NOT know each other.
Adam says he was out there trying to fire them up.
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scandalous - After Adam left the BY, James immediately says Adam is playing both sides & Chelsia declares that she knew they shouldn't have told him. NT #8198405 12:21AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8198384
scandalous - Matt smooths things over with Nat in the Sauna room (ed shocker!), meanwhile J/J/C propose their thoughts about Matt/Nat being a couple... 0 Replies #8198384 12:20AM 11/03/2008
Adam says he doesn't know & they all continue to batt around theories, they ask Adam if he's in on it & he says no.

Josh goes in to try and eavesdrop on Matt/Nat in the Sauna room to try and discover if they say anything to cement that they're a couple.

After a few minutes Josh comes out to the BY and tell them that Ryan is in the Sauna Room with them (he isn't). J/J/C say that they're conspiring to BD Adam next.
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Topic #8198391
BB_Addiction - Ryan stuffing his face with chips talking game to Adam........ NT 0 Replies #8198391 12:21AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8198480
scandalous - Matt grillin' Nat: What do you say if someone tells you I've been kissing someone?... 0 Replies #8198480 12:25AM 11/03/2008
Nat: I don't care he's not my partner, he's not by boyfriend, what do I care what he does.

Earlier Matt also told her to act like she used to like him, but not that much anymore.

He concludes that she is still his parter, his agent 009, and she'll get her massage later (ed. lol)
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Topic #8198487
BB_Addiction - Nat and Matt leave Sauna room and Nat says he owes her a massage. NT 0 Replies #8198487 12:25AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8198493
kandio - M/N sauna 0 Replies #8198493 12:25AM 11/03/2008
Matt tell me what to do i'am your agent
M: I dont not why they are telling you this stuff
..Sheila telling you because she wants us to split, or she wants u, or she wants me,...N: so what do you want me to do..tell me
Matt says dont call me your Mattie, i'am not your mattie. N/: my partner
M: not parters
N: C has to go. Matt changes subject
Natt going to tell the girls...they will be tog so she can give her Mattie info..
Matt told her again dont call me partners.
Nat says she knows Matts going back to his GF
Nat on about C
Saying Sheila said stuff about Sharon.
Matt said he would tell her if he kissed a girl. He does not have to lie about that.
she said i'am your agent. he said if you be good you can be my agent not my partner.
She said i am good...why do you think i was put in here for u.
Natt wants Matt to have a secret agent name.

Matt says where do the lies stop

No mass for Natt
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Topic #8198512
scandalous - Matt goes out to BY and tells James his chances are looking really good right now... 0 Replies #8198512 12:26AM 11/03/2008
He says that he just almost got ass-f*cked right now, that he's not going to talk about it, but James is looking good compared to the most boring player in BB history as compared to someone who..James pipes up will tell you the truth to your face.
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Topic #8198526
BB_Addiction - ..Matt vaguely telling James about the Sharon situation. (even tho he JUST told Nat he wouldn't talk to anyone about it) NT 0 Replies #8198526 12:27AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8198527
scandalous - James pushes Matt to say what Sharon did that made him upset, Matt says someone made a bold claim about me & I have a lot of thinking to do tonight NT 0 Replies #8198527 12:27AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8198566
BB_Addiction - Nat, Ryan, Adam in HoH on F1 and 2. Nat telling R & A about what just went down with Matt. 0 Replies #8198566 12:30AM 11/03/2008
Flames come on for a few seconds and comes back to them talking about Matty.
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Topic #8198594
CruiseCritic - I heard Matt tell Nat in the sauna " you know I have someone on the outside and I am 0 Replies #8198594 12:32AM 11/03/2008
not going to risk that" Nat tells him she KNOWS that she (Sharon) is not his type bc he likes girls with darker hair and light eyes

(woke up middle of night here on east coast) and it seems like they are in cahoots and he is telling her about NOT kissing Sharon in HOH.

they are getting along and Josh came by the door twice to try and listen to them
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Topic #8198651
BB_Addiction - Chelsia asks James if he trusts Josh and he tells her that Josh will protect her. NT 0 Replies #8198651 12:36AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8198682
BB_Addiction - Flames on all 4 feeds.... NT 0 Replies #8198682 12:39AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8198946
kandio - M/N/A/R kitchen 0 Replies #8198946 12:58AM 11/03/2008
Matt saying he is trying to mess w/James..Telling him that someone in his alliance told him about trying to get him [matt] out
Matt telling Natt dont belive anything bad about m.
Natt begging, begging Matt for his time. NO massage

outside..feed change

Josh looking for a rule about voting for a winner if they hate both peeps & the end...[lol]
Josh said he might leave he's in there w/crazy people.
Matt says at least 9 of us are crazy.

The game is no fun for Matt/Josh they said.
Josh said the people in the house are thre for a reason..BB put peeps in who would drive each other crazy.
Matt asking C if she hates him. Saying on the outside they would not act like this.
C said shower cam not hooked to internet?

Matt saying him & Nat are not tog...Josh said both in vegas [he met a stripper, he said] & they were both & rehab.

Talking more cloak &Dagger stuff..[who knows who]
Matt said if his gf was here he ould be banging her..he needs sex

Flames while trying to figure out who's w/ who. Thinking bb has something up.

Back to the Josh voting thing
Matt thinking Sheila has a conection w/someone..Matt said his person could not come.......

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Topic #8199028
kandio - Nat wants to look up slander. Still talking about a twist. Nat says this season has had the most twists 0 Replies #8199028 1:07AM 11/03/2008
The all agree there is something else is going to happen.
The are comming out w/to many ideas to write.
Talking about last years twist...Saying Carol/Jess were a bad 1
talking about Nak/Cowboy they think they were on seas 2
Matt thought James was Americas

Said Eric was a bad player..horrible

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Topic #8199137
KingMac - HG's in the backyard they all agree that eric was a lame AP Matt says james would have been a great ap. 0 Replies #8199137 1:20AM 11/03/2008
Josh says he would have went crzy with his tasks.
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Topic #8199143
KingMac - HG's all speculating if anyone else is hooked up, or are there any other twists. (just wait till wed!) NT 0 Replies #8199143 1:21AM 11/03/2008
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Topic #8199161
ariel1981 - hg's are begging for a movie night 0 Replies #8199161 1:23AM 11/03/2008
josh is going stir crazy and is tempted to break out of the house!
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Topic #8199172
ariel1981 - natalie is saying she won't have a one night stand 0 Replies #8199172 1:25AM 11/03/2008
apparently people thought sheila was someone in the house's mother (natalie seems to be their choice)
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Topic #8199199
ariel1981 - matt/adam/ryan playing basketball 0 Replies #8199199 1:29AM 11/03/2008
everyone looking at each other differently - trying to connect people to each other
natalie/chelsia saying they are connected - won't say how! (lol)
now the guys are paranoid...
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Topic #8199233
ariel1981 - all went into kitchen talking about twists and james kinda flipped out 0 Replies #8199233 1:34AM 11/03/2008
saying he didn't care - he's going home etc. went outside angrily.
chelsia went out to talk to him
feeds only on kitchen with everyone else trying to figure out twist.
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Topic #8199241
ariel1981 - matt is quizzing nat on how many laps in the pool equal certain miles... 0 Replies #8199241 1:35AM 11/03/2008
nat is just doing a bunch of math and ryan looks bored
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Topic #8199247
ariel1981 - all feeds cut to BY 0 Replies #8199247 1:36AM 11/03/2008
james and chelsia snuggling under blankets on couch
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Topic #8199262
ariel1981 - james is saying that their relationship is $5ook 0 Replies #8199262 1:38AM 11/03/2008
they better make it worth it. this is james's most expensive relationship.
feeds cut to frilly bedroom. josh/adam talking
adam feels comfortable being in the middle of the groups doesn't feel like a target
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Topic #8199312
ariel1981 - josh/nat/adam all going to bed NT 0 Replies #8199312 1:44AM 11/03/2008
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