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Topic #8215018
N2BB - James had his toenails painted Matt tried to open sliding glass doors BB told Matt 'stop that' NT 1 Replies #8215018 12:01AM 12/03/2008
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genx - Actually it was Josh who got yelled at. NT #8215030 12:03AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215019
N2BB - flames NT 0 Replies #8215019 12:02AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215051
N2BB - feeds back, Josh talkin with Ryan in HOH NT 0 Replies #8215051 12:06AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215066
N2BB - Josh is saving himself, says he can't vote against Sharon NT 0 Replies #8215066 12:07AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215095
N2BB - Josh says there is a deisel engine about to explode in the back yard 0 Replies #8215095 12:11AM 12/03/2008
regarding the BB crew setting up for HOH comp tomorrow
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Topic #8215111
RockinThePink - Nat and Chel talking in the WC. 0 Replies #8215111 12:13AM 12/03/2008
Chel says she was treating Nat bad because she was acting like she had no back bone when it comes to Mattie and it drives her crazy. She tell her she is a strong beautiful girl and she deserves better.

Natalie: I know I am playing this game for myself now. She says as long as Sheila votes to keep James then she will to.

Chel: for your saftey next week none of us would put you up.

( I think Nat is just playing them again )
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Topic #8215124
N2BB - flames 0 Replies #8215124 12:13AM 12/03/2008
just before flames, Chelsia and Nat talking in WC, Josh and ryan in HOh
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Topic #8215164
N2BB - around the feeds 0 Replies #8215164 12:18AM 12/03/2008
Ryan and Josh in HOH on feed 3, Sheila and Nat whispering on feed 2 regarding getting josh out of house next
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Topic #8215208
N2BB - Nat crawls in bed with Matt 0 Replies #8215208 12:21AM 12/03/2008
says 'g-nite Matty can I get a hug"
Matt says 'no, get off me'
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Topic #8215249
RockinThePink - Josh up in HOH talking to Ryan. Ryan basically telling him that the votes are going to go 5 1 so he better vote to keep Sharon and not make her think 0 Replies #8215249 12:24AM 12/03/2008
he betrayed her. Josh saying he is going to have to vote out James if not Sharon will turn against him.

Josh: some people in the house made Sharon swear on the bible she wouldn't put them up, so all that leaves is Ryan who was the only one who didn't ask her to swear on the bible she wouldn't put them up. Says Matt and Natalie would put up Josh vs Chel.

Ryan: says that he loves Matt and all but thinks he may do better in the game without him.

Josh says.. "we gave you that option"

Ryan says .. " I know ,this might came back on me"

Both say thanks to Sheila. Ryan says Josh can trust him.

Josh says James would always protect Chelsia over him. Josh says no one will believe that.

Ryan says James has to go , he is to dangerous.
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Topic #8215270
N2BB - James walking like a robot through the house 0 Replies #8215270 12:26AM 12/03/2008
gets in bd with Chel, whispering, hard to hear, bu she said she doesn't care if she is the only vote...... then asks where Josh is (Josh is in HOH with Ryan)
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Topic #8215290
N2BB - James and Chel kissing and startin to mess around NT 0 Replies #8215290 12:29AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215302
N2BB - and of course feeds switch...... NT 0 Replies #8215302 12:30AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215313
N2BB - feed 1 is Sheila sleeping, fed 2 is Nat and Matt sleeping, feed 3 &4 Josh and Ryan in HOH talking NT 0 Replies #8215313 12:32AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215325
N2BB - Josh and Ryan talking about Sheila is the one that told Nat about the Sharon and Matt kiss NT 0 Replies #8215325 12:35AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215331
RockinThePink - Ryan and Josh in HOH trash talking Sheila saying she cannot be trusted she is a drama queen NT 0 Replies #8215331 12:35AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215350
N2BB - Josh leaves HOH NT 0 Replies #8215350 12:37AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215356
streetsense - ryan josh sub-alliance talk-- 0 Replies #8215356 12:38AM 12/03/2008
josh knows something different is up tomorrow --they talking why timeframe is different, why ryan has to be up at 6:30 ---flames--
they cant figure it out---
ryan told josh james was gone---
josh told ryan he knew he was being set w/ a vote----
josh told him he knew sheila was 2nd leaker of BD info--
josh saying its matt sheila adam nat together--ryans on the outs---
ryans saying he doesnt think adams sheila w/ matt so much.
ryan talking about trying to save josh this week if his side wins---
josh says--you not going up---
josh says its 5-1
ryan--definately vote james out-----
ryan--show the loyalty
ryan : if you vote out sharon james will still go 4-2 ----
josh:chelsia will put up matt/nat
ryan:matt made sharon her swear on the bible not to put matt
josh: she swore w/ adam too
ryan:then its me w/ sharon
ryan:sometimes i think id be better w/o matt
joah:we gave you that option
joash:but sheila f'd me
josh:shes a floater
ryan-shes dangerous
ryan:you can talk freely to me dont worry about it
josh: i knew that when you didnt bd me
josh:this week for you is dangerous
josh:when i evicted you and you came back and won HOH i was like f
josh: whats up w/ the no campaigning against each other promise--how stupid--just go home then
josh:whats sheila doing
ryan:getting james out, you have to vote to keep sharon--
josh: could you imagine america watching me turn on sharon w/ o the votes?
josh--saying sharon wont put up her original plan cuz she got called on it and doesnt want to look bad
ryan:adam, matt got promised on bible so that leaves me
josh:and nat
josh:youd have votes though---nat would go--
josh:talking its dangrous for ryan getting later in game--cuz hes on outs
joah and ryan :sheila is so weak--drama queen--but cant take it back
ryan: i want to see you go off on her
josh: i caught her in a lie today so its coming
ryan: tell sharon that sheila told me about sharons plan--watch it though
josh:nobody knows we talk
ryan:sheila tells everybody everything
josh:it be stupid to keep james--its going 5-1
ryan: they could try to set you up 4-2 id be eother adam or sheila
josh:saying adam will go w/ majority too
ryan:hes voting out james

josh leaves
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Topic #8215368
N2BB - After leaving HOH Josh gets in bed with James and Chel, 0 Replies #8215368 12:39AM 12/03/2008
whispering so low I can't hear what was said
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Topic #8215421
N2BB - feed 1 & 2 HOH bathroom, we see nothing...... 0 Replies #8215421 12:46AM 12/03/2008
feed 4 james and Chel hugging in bed
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Topic #8215461
N2BB - All is quiet on feeds 0 Replies #8215461 12:51AM 12/03/2008
can't see Ryan in HOH, cam is in bathroom, Chel and James asleep (?) on 4 James has arm around Chel
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Topic #8215473
N2BB - James rubbing Chel shoulder 0 Replies #8215473 12:55AM 12/03/2008
looking face to face with her, can't hear if they are spooning, Ryan out of HOH bathroom and laying in bed
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Topic #8215483
RockinThePink - Looks like all the kids are snug in their beds NT 0 Replies #8215483 12:57AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215484
N2BB - All feeds quiet and still...... whether sleeping or not.,... NT 0 Replies #8215484 12:57AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8215490
N2BB - Ryan is awake, gets HOH remote and is flippin channels NT 0 Replies #8215490 1:04AM 12/03/2008
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