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Topic #8217612
TheMike - Matt talking to Ryan in couch room 0 Replies #8217612 8:49AM 12/03/2008
M: Baller got blasted in the nuts. at 3 in the morning. he went out and ate a pork chop at 3 in the morning and went to wash his dish and he got blasted (by the exploding sink ryan rigged earlier) then he came in the room saying "fu**** Ryan got me man"
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Topic #8217624
CruiseCritic - Josh now sitting on the KT table in his orange shorts and grey hoodie, sipping his coffee 0 Replies #8217624 8:50AM 12/03/2008
Natalie comes back in KT with green towel on her head and wishing she had expresso? machine and talk about latte. Adam says barrista style? she says yes and talks about caramel, etc.

All 4 feeds on the KT with Josh, Nat and Adam...can hear Sharon in the back ground talking
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Topic #8217646
CruiseCritic - Adam and Josh talking but cannot hear what they are saying. Adam laughs and 0 Replies #8217646 8:52AM 12/03/2008
Josh picks up his coffee cup. the two of them are talking, but there is barely any sound.
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Topic #8217678
CruiseCritic - Chels comes into the KT in her red robe and gets a pan out, rinses it 0 Replies #8217678 8:54AM 12/03/2008
and looks like she might be making slop. Josh says we are either going to be victors or victims....

Can hear lots of talking around the house but all 4 feeds in the KT with Josh still sitting on table and Chels at the counter working on something (slop or protein?)
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Topic #8217687
CruiseCritic - Josh with elbows on his knees and both hands holding his head. Chels 0 Replies #8217687 8:55AM 12/03/2008
mixing something near the stove area
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Topic #8217697
CruiseCritic - Chelsia pulls out slop bucket and appears to be mixing up some slop. Can hear Sheila, Adam, Nat and more 0 Replies #8217697 8:56AM 12/03/2008
around the house - but no feeds.

BB- ATTN HGS there are fresh batteries in the storage room
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Topic #8217707
CruiseCritic - BB-Have you changed your batteries. Noone seems to be rushing to SR to change them 0 Replies #8217707 8:57AM 12/03/2008
and you hear Nat say no i have not changed my batteries and FLAMES
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Topic #8217723
CruiseCritic - Feeds come back to Johs getting off the KT table and all feeds on Chels in the KT 0 Replies #8217723 8:59AM 12/03/2008
drinking protein shake/milk and also she has a pan on the stove.

Chels leaving the KT and heads to her BR. Ryan still on the floor, Matt sitting on Josh/SHarons bed and James still in bed

Chels tells them it is 9 am
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Topic #8217745
CruiseCritic - Chels says she is freezing and yawns. BB comes back on again to ask 0 Replies #8217745 9:00AM 12/03/2008
Have you changed your batteries???

Ryan looks like he is sleeping soundly on the floor. Chels is changing her clothes and can hear Adam etc in the other room

James wants to know what is going on today and Matt says he will tell him right before he goes in. Ryans eyes are now open
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Topic #8217766
CruiseCritic - BB- Ryan have you changed your batteries? Ryan asked if he is the only 0 Replies #8217766 9:02AM 12/03/2008
one who hasnt yet and Matt says he hasnt done it yet either.

BB- Matt, have you changed your batteries?
Matt- i think I have. f ck

Ryan and Matt now in SR and both tell BB they both did change their batteries.

Feeds freeze a bit and hear Ryan laughing. Matt wondering if there is any bacon in there
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Topic #8217780
CruiseCritic - Natalie now in SR to change her batteries. BB - Chelsia, please go to the DR 0 Replies #8217780 9:03AM 12/03/2008
Matt says - they are not voting right now son.
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Topic #8217785
CruiseCritic - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8217785 9:03AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8217816
CruiseCritic - James is now up and out of bed, just left the BR and is on his way into the KT 0 Replies #8217816 9:05AM 12/03/2008
Josh walks by with green towel wrapped around him. Chels is back at the stove making the slop. all feeds in the KT.

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Topic #8217822
CruiseCritic - BB- Matt, please go to the Diary Room and then FLAMES. NT 0 Replies #8217822 9:05AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8217867
CruiseCritic - Feeds back all on Chelsia in the kitchen. Can hear voices but cams not showing anything else - 0 Replies #8217867 9:08AM 12/03/2008
matt comes in KT and says he could get in trouble and cant even say what just happened.

Matt asked Chels in BB voice - Have you made your slop yet?

(and I am out to get some dishes done)
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Topic #8217868
TheMike - Matt out of DR and says "I'm not even allowed to talk about what i just did so take that for what it's worth" then FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8217868 9:09AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218019
McSampson - Feeds back up NT 0 Replies #8218019 9:20AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218026
McSampson - James packing in the red room NT 0 Replies #8218026 9:21AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218034
McSampson - Sheila called to the DR NT 0 Replies #8218034 9:21AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218054
McSampson - Natalie and Ryan chatting in the WC brushing teeth NT 0 Replies #8218054 9:22AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218081
McSampson - Nat straightening her hair and Ryan shaving NT 0 Replies #8218081 9:24AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218100
McSampson - Nat: Jen is probably flipping out at home (because of last night's episode) NT 0 Replies #8218100 9:25AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218140
seasickfan - Now James shaving and Natalie doing her hair general small talk between them NT 0 Replies #8218140 9:30AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218153
McSampson - James to Nat: Whether I am here or not, play a hard game dude NT 0 Replies #8218153 9:30AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8218203
McSampson - James: I didn't sleep for sh*t last night NT 0 Replies #8218203 9:35AM 12/03/2008
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