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Topic #8219280
Sue - SHE is wondering why her dog's tail is curly...general dog talk between Ry, Shar, Sheila NT 0 Replies #8219280 11:14AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8219339
Sue - Sheila says her dog is not "full Pit" NT 0 Replies #8219339 11:18AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8219348
JLPrinzess - Looks like everyone is on lockdown in HOH NT 0 Replies #8219348 11:19AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8219349
Sue - Ryan: "Jada , she is 80 pounds and all muscle" NT 0 Replies #8219349 11:19AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8219385
bcbmom - Must be lockdown in HOH....all hgs are in HOH 2 Replies #8219385 11:21AM 12/03/2008
james and chelsia on floor next to bed, two people in bed with ryan can't see who maybe matt and balla, shelia on floor in front of chairs, sharon in chair,josh laying on floor behind chairs, not sure where nat is
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lindarie - Nat in red stood up for moment then back on floor near Matt in HOH bed NT #8219500 11:33AM 12/03/2008
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GloJean1216 - Nat on floor behind the chair that Sharon is sitting in NT #8219418 11:25AM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8220042
TheMike - Still HOH Lockdown 0 Replies #8220042 12:17PM 12/03/2008
Sharon and Sheila are talking about working out. Sheila wants a treadmill, she doesn't like the elliptical machine and doesn't want to run around the back yard. Sharon and Adam sitting in chairs, Sheila laying on the floor in her unitard. Someone is listening to music.
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Topic #8220104
CruiseCritic - Josh just got up, Natalie in the HOH bed between Ryan and Matt 0 Replies #8220104 12:23PM 12/03/2008
Looks like Chels and James on floor next to HOH bed. They were talking about people they miss. Adam said he misses his brother. Sheila says awww.

Adam pulling on Natalies legs right now. Matt listening to music (which we can hear)

Josh back to his spot on the floor behind the chairs (sharon is in one of the chairs)

Adam says he is so hungry - he hasnt eaten anything all day - just two cups of coffee.

Josh saying how he is 17 lb lighter and someone said how his stomach must be eating itself (because he hasnt eaten all week)
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Topic #8220125
CruiseCritic - Sheila is now up in the HOH WC..Josh on his back on the floor and they are chatting 0 Replies #8220125 12:25PM 12/03/2008
about going out, Josh says he always wears his sunglasses.

still hear music. Josh talks about if he has to go on slop another week and Adam says he will be down to 140. they laugh.

Adam telling Sheila she needs to win something FLAMES
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Topic #8220143
CruiseCritic - HOH lockdown over and Sheila says she needs a protein shake before she passes out NT 0 Replies #8220143 12:25PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8220146
TheMike - Lockdown over - HGs heading downstairs to get some food NT 0 Replies #8220146 12:26PM 12/03/2008
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Topic #8220159
CruiseCritic - Everyone leaving the room, remind Ryan to not forget his key and they grab 0 Replies #8220159 12:27PM 12/03/2008
all his stuff. Matt has the HOH basket on his shoulder. They are all out of HOH room now - Chels goes back in and grabs a pillow.

All Ryans stuff is on the couch outside the HOH room
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Topic #8220176
CruiseCritic - Natalie going to make something in the KT and asked Mattie if he wants some 0 Replies #8220176 12:28PM 12/03/2008
and he says if you make it. Nat and Ryan are in the KT - Ryan going in cupboard and grabs a plate....bag of cheese.

Adam comes in kitchen and says guess what i am having for lunch and then says...soft pretzels man.

Sheila making a protein shake
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Topic #8220197
CruiseCritic - Sheila saying she is about to go insane and tells Adam not to get her going and says she 0 Replies #8220197 12:30PM 12/03/2008
has enough body fat to last her a month, or at least a week or two. she says at least when she gets out of here she will be thin and tan.

Natalie sees all the dishes and says she thought the boys did the dishes last night and then Ryan says they did the dinner dishes so they are all from after dinner and all day today
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Topic #8220215
CruiseCritic - Nat just ate some cheese out of the bag. Sheila shaking up her protein shake 0 Replies #8220215 12:32PM 12/03/2008
Ryan heated something up in microwave and is putting cheese on it. Adam making himself something to eat as well.

Natalie talks about dishes needing a wash job. Josh is in KT now too making some coffee.

Natalie looks like she is ready to fry up some bacon
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Topic #8220243
CruiseCritic - Ryan reheats his plate in microwave and Matt is in the KT too and Adam asks if 0 Replies #8220243 12:34PM 12/03/2008
he can have some bacon, natalie says yes.

Ryan has three pretzels on a plate with cheese on them. Looks like Matt and Ryan having tuna fish. Nat pulls out nacho cheese sauce and gives to Ryan for his pretzels (that are already covered in cheese)
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Topic #8220285
CruiseCritic - Josh is at the GP cage on 2 cams. Natalie just came and took a bite of 0 Replies #8220285 12:38PM 12/03/2008
Adams tuna fish. Closeup shot of Ryan squeezing more cheese on top of his cheesy pretzels.

Sheila says she has rug in her hair (from HOH room) Talk about being on slop for two weeks already - now talk about Danielle being on it for a month, now saying Jameka.

Josh still at GP cage. Talking about requesting a blender and Adam said he didnt request one bc they told him it would be there, so he didnt request one. Natalie says she requested one.

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Topic #8220320
CruiseCritic - Ryan has two pretzels eaten already and SHeila is at counter - Cam does a closeup 0 Replies #8220320 12:41PM 12/03/2008
of Ryans cheesy plate as he starts eating his third pretzel. He is dipping it in even more cheese - from jar of nacho cheese sauce.

Nat still frying up some bacon. Closeup cam again of Ryans plate. Sheila drinking her protein shake.

Matt in the kitchen. Ryan brings his plate over to the sink and talks about ppl not knowing how to do dishes around here. Natalie wonders where the refried bean dish came from (James made them this morning with cheese)

Ryan thinks plate was from last night and Nat says it had to be from today.

Ryan washes his one plate and leaves the sink area.
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Topic #8220341
CruiseCritic - Sheila says she doesnt like bacon or pork chops, but if that was all there was then 0 Replies #8220341 12:43PM 12/03/2008
she would eat it. She asks about turkey bacon. Talk about yogurt and how natalie only got two yogurts and the guys ate all the rest (they won yogurt for food comp)

Shiela asks what they put down for drinks and they said beer and milk and Nat says everyone drinks all their milk...

Sheila says she was so glad they changed the slop regime to allow soy milk
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Topic #8220407
CruiseCritic - Matt tells Sheila she is like his cousin, she says Ryan is like one of her cousins 0 Replies #8220407 12:47PM 12/03/2008
Sheila now talking about Allison and she had some good stories.

Sheila alone at counter drinking shake, asks Josh if he is making more coffee and he says yes. She now asks Ryan if he has the sauce that has the spinach in it and says..its sooo good, soo good.

Nat at stove still frying up more bacon. Sheila just asked Natalie "why are your shoes up there"
nat says they are there so she doesnt forget them and not to worry she will clean the counter. Sheila really wants them on the floor and she puts them back on her feet.

Sheila asks if she puts her shoes on her counter at home and Nat says she does and her cats walk on her counter too
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Topic #8220432
RockinThePink - Sheila freaks out over Natalie putting her shoes on the counter says " please please take those down" 0 Replies #8220432 12:48PM 12/03/2008
Natalie say OK if it makes you feel better I will put them back on my feet.
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Topic #8220442
CruiseCritic - Nat says her mom is 56 and Sheilas mom is like 63. Both of their mothers are Leos. 0 Replies #8220442 12:48PM 12/03/2008
Josh drinking coffee at coffee machine. Talk about ppls birthdays in the house. wondering whose bday is AUgust 16th - think Parker or Alex. Sheila is pretty sure it is Alex...sheila's mom is August 16th.

talk about alot of April birthdays in the house
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Topic #8220483
CruiseCritic - Sheila says she thinks McCain is going to win but she would like to see Obama or Clinton 0 Replies #8220483 12:51PM 12/03/2008
win. She it talking about someone who dropped out of the race that she liked...mention John Edwards.

Sheila says Obama is probably going to win. Nat mentions Clinton would be good too, a woman. they talk that people are ready for change - having a woman has President.

Natalie wonders if she would run again in 4 more years. Sheila says she could.

Sheila says she hates to say it but thinks that McCain is going to win.
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Topic #8220517
CruiseCritic - They mention that they wish that THEY would have given them better news... 0 Replies #8220517 12:52PM 12/03/2008
Nat talks about 20/20 and other shows and regular news is not as good. Just Nat and Sheila in kitchen now and all 4 feeds on them

(I am out for awhile)
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Topic #8220729
rockabye - Sheila and Josh in kitchen. Small chitchat. 0 Replies #8220729 1:04PM 12/03/2008
Josh tells Sheila he's going after people who have lled to him. Sheila is very quiet.
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Topic #8220785
ks5472 - Sheila cleaning up kitchen by herself and Josh walking around staring at memory wall and staring at living room couches 0 Replies #8220785 1:06PM 12/03/2008
Talks to Sheila -
Josh: i wonder why they didn't put the divider up
Sheila: I don't know
Josh: either we're going on another lockdown or we get to test out the game
Josh: what's behind door number one johnny
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