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ryan:adams on their side cuz they have power-sheila hes a floater-he fell off that hoh so fast-smoked a cig and ate some pizza--clownsky asskisser NT - streetsense
12:02AM 13/03/2008

James and Chelsia cuddling in red room bed. Josh/Sharon there. - helena
12:10AM 13/03/2008

James tells Che that he told Julie he loved her and Julie - erin33520
12:12AM 13/03/2008

josh walks in and says you should have taken deal to ryan NT - streetsense
12:13AM 13/03/2008

sheila calling josh "bob parker" but talking about lets make a deal NT - streetsense
12:14AM 13/03/2008

James tell Chelsia, Josh and Sharon that he told Julie, "I just love the girl (Chelsia)." - helena
12:14AM 13/03/2008

sheila: he thinks hes the queen bee --like im supposed to shake in my unitard NT - streetsense
12:15AM 13/03/2008

James' body is hurting. Chelsia feels like a wet noodle. NT - helena
12:20AM 13/03/2008

sheila: everybody can kiss my red unitard ass--- im a 45 year old single mom (she said it to ryan) NT - streetsense
12:20AM 13/03/2008

ryan: sorry i took the 10 g's sheila:you did the right thing ryan: i won that game, anybody would have done same thing NT - streetsense
12:23AM 13/03/2008

Chels, James and Josh talking in red room. Chelsia rubbing James' back. - helena
12:27AM 13/03/2008

Chelsia says that all she saw was pink hair coming out of the box and she didn't bother to hug him. She just sat back on the couch and cried. NT - helena
12:28AM 13/03/2008

DR calls James. He hugs Natalie and tells her he tried to get something for her. - helena
12:30AM 13/03/2008

James and all in HOH looking at James Photos and Letter from home. NT - admiral
12:44AM 13/03/2008

Flames w/ Mic Audio in Background NT - admiral
12:45AM 13/03/2008

Live Feeds back on. NT - admiral
12:46AM 13/03/2008

James gets a letter from someone that says people are rooting for James all over the country. NT - helena
12:47AM 13/03/2008
The letter was from his mom and sister NT - WVpdles
12:51AM 13/03/2008

Natalie, Matt, Adam, James, Chels up in HOH. - helena
12:49AM 13/03/2008

James said he's putting up Sheila and Ryan NT - folieadeux8381
12:52AM 13/03/2008

James is pissed at Ryan, Adam and Sheila (Sheila he says he is 'hugely' pissed at) NT - helena
12:57AM 13/03/2008

Ryan is pissed. He is sleeping on the floor between Matt and Adam. NT - helena
1:23AM 13/03/2008

Ryan/A/M in bed..Ryan on floor..Said last night he was chilling in hoh - kandio
1:25AM 13/03/2008

N/J/J/C chatting about comp.. - kandio
1:34AM 13/03/2008

Everyone's in bed but James, Josh and Chel in kitchen. Chel just had a shower. Nat's in DR - WVpdles
2:04AM 13/03/2008

J/C/J at table talking. C tells James its ok if he has hoh by himself so he can JO. lol NT - katco
2:04AM 13/03/2008

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