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James, Josh and Chelsia sitting in the kitchen talking about the comp, Chel just got out of the shower, she said showered, shaved and sh#t. All are - cannotsleep
2:06AM 13/03/2008
josh said he did go up to sheila and whisper in her ear "dont you ever f*in try to turn my partner against me again or i'll come dont you - WVpdles
2:08AM 13/03/2008

matt ryan and adam in bed NT - katco
2:08AM 13/03/2008

just heard someone say they sharted!!! lmao NT - katco
2:09AM 13/03/2008
have flames but can hear..J.J.C are laughing about something NT - katco
2:10AM 13/03/2008
A Producer came over the speaker asking for Josh to go to the DR and it scared him real bad :) NT - Gorf
2:10AM 13/03/2008

JC in kitchen kanoodling..J just said 2maro is ides of march and he gets to f* ryan NT - katco
2:15AM 13/03/2008

C is mad at josh for giving up hoh comp and not putting up a fight NT - katco
2:18AM 13/03/2008

James and Chelsia are discussing if/how to develop stronger ties to Matt & Natalie. NT - LunaC
2:21AM 13/03/2008

JC makeout session in kitchen. J heading to bed. talk about not trusting matt or nat because they screwed james over b4. both head up to HOH (hmmm) NT - katco
2:22AM 13/03/2008

chels pops huge zit on james back NT - katco
2:25AM 13/03/2008

Audio over flames; producer asking James to cover his tattoos (edit; with bandaids, the usual ones) NT - LunaC
2:25AM 13/03/2008
No bandaids in HoH bathroom, so Chel running downstairs to get some. James re-reading his letter NT - WVpdles
2:26AM 13/03/2008

going over letter looking for "codes" in it.."dropped the price" and "relaxed" are key words they think NT - katco
2:29AM 13/03/2008

James and Chelsia were getting ready to do it and the feeds changed. NT - milliesmom
2:30AM 13/03/2008

got flames just as james was on top of chels and heading "down there". heard giggling and feeds now on sleeping hgs NT - katco
2:30AM 13/03/2008

James and Chelsia in HOH room. He starts to go down on her and then ...feed switch NT - helena
2:31AM 13/03/2008

must be zit night. josh in mirror getting the little buggers now NT - katco
2:35AM 13/03/2008

chels downstairs now NT - katco
2:45AM 13/03/2008
Chel in DR. can hear convo. producer asking her how she felt when vote 5-1 - WVpdles
2:49AM 13/03/2008

C and josh talking about her feeling akward when votes were read. Ja been her other half in game and it hit her she was on her own without him NT - katco
2:49AM 13/03/2008
in diary room..sorry. can hear them ask questions and answers NT - katco
2:51AM 13/03/2008

tells DR that only person james will hold grudge against is ryan NT - katco
2:53AM 13/03/2008
and sheila NT - katco
2:54AM 13/03/2008

still talking to DR - katco
2:58AM 13/03/2008

Chels tells DR that it was disgusting that nat was fighting for the boys and not herself - katco
3:02AM 13/03/2008

more DR with chels - katco
3:11AM 13/03/2008

chels talking to james - katco
3:13AM 13/03/2008

all 4cams on josh/sharon in bed, but can hear chel back up in HoH. - WVpdles
3:13AM 13/03/2008

Chel - talking about how sheila throws in comments about the comps. she lasted 45mins, longer than chel thought she would. - WVpdles
3:17AM 13/03/2008

James talking about more people than just camera people out their (BB house). Michael overseer. - WVpdles
3:21AM 13/03/2008

j talking about nom sheila and listing off what shes done to him NT - katco
3:23AM 13/03/2008

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