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Topic #8235708
streetsense - ryan:adams on their side cuz they have power-sheila hes a floater-he fell off that hoh so fast-smoked a cig and ate some pizza--clownsky asskisser NT 0 Replies #8235708 12:02AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8235835
helena - James and Chelsia cuddling in red room bed. Josh/Sharon there. 0 Replies #8235835 12:10AM 13/03/2008
They ask James about Julie. What she is like. James is just dazed.
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Topic #8235868
erin33520 - James tells Che that he told Julie he loved her and Julie 0 Replies #8235868 12:12AM 13/03/2008
says after 35 days??? Obviously not enough people say they love Julie
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Topic #8235880
streetsense - josh walks in and says you should have taken deal to ryan NT 0 Replies #8235880 12:13AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8235904
streetsense - sheila calling josh "bob parker" but talking about lets make a deal NT 0 Replies #8235904 12:14AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8235905
helena - James tell Chelsia, Josh and Sharon that he told Julie, "I just love the girl (Chelsia)." 0 Replies #8235905 12:14AM 13/03/2008
He then says Julie replied with, "After only 35 days?" James said he responded with, "It isn't like THAT Julie." They all laugh. Sharon tells James, "You were lying." James replies with, "Julie hasn't had many people tell her they love her obviously."
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Topic #8235924
streetsense - sheila: he thinks hes the queen bee --like im supposed to shake in my unitard NT 0 Replies #8235924 12:15AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236012
helena - James' body is hurting. Chelsia feels like a wet noodle. NT 0 Replies #8236012 12:20AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236018
streetsense - sheila: everybody can kiss my red unitard ass--- im a 45 year old single mom (she said it to ryan) NT 0 Replies #8236018 12:20AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236077
streetsense - ryan: sorry i took the 10 g's sheila:you did the right thing ryan: i won that game, anybody would have done same thing NT 0 Replies #8236077 12:23AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236128
helena - Chels, James and Josh talking in red room. Chelsia rubbing James' back. 0 Replies #8236128 12:27AM 13/03/2008
Chelsia tells James that the look on his face after he emerged from the box made her not want to touch him. That he seemed to be a man a mission.
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Topic #8236151
helena - Chelsia says that all she saw was pink hair coming out of the box and she didn't bother to hug him. She just sat back on the couch and cried. NT 0 Replies #8236151 12:28AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236177
helena - DR calls James. He hugs Natalie and tells her he tried to get something for her. 0 Replies #8236177 12:30AM 13/03/2008
I 'think' he is talking about her dog's pic. The DR won't let him, but Natalie is grateful for him trying.
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Topic #8236340
admiral - James and all in HOH looking at James Photos and Letter from home. NT 0 Replies #8236340 12:44AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236385
admiral - Flames w/ Mic Audio in Background NT 0 Replies #8236385 12:45AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236406
admiral - Live Feeds back on. NT 0 Replies #8236406 12:46AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236423
helena - James gets a letter from someone that says people are rooting for James all over the country. NT 1 Replies #8236423 12:47AM 13/03/2008
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WVpdles - The letter was from his mom and sister NT #8236511 12:51AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236459
helena - Natalie, Matt, Adam, James, Chels up in HOH. 0 Replies #8236459 12:49AM 13/03/2008
Sheila commiserating with Ryan in bathroom area. Josh and Sharon in red room bed thankful Natalie didn't win.
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Topic #8236524
folieadeux8381 - James said he's putting up Sheila and Ryan NT 0 Replies #8236524 12:52AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236604
helena - James is pissed at Ryan, Adam and Sheila (Sheila he says he is 'hugely' pissed at) NT 0 Replies #8236604 12:57AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236896
helena - Ryan is pissed. He is sleeping on the floor between Matt and Adam. NT 0 Replies #8236896 1:23AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8236912
kandio - Ryan/A/M in bed..Ryan on floor..Said last night he was chilling in hoh 0 Replies #8236912 1:25AM 13/03/2008
now sleeping in a bag on the floor.
R: said when J won he was not even grateful
Talking about who he will put up.
Ryan saying we had them where we wanted them.
Saying R might get BD
Saying it will be R/S
A telling them he is a idiot
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Topic #8236982
kandio - N/J/J/C chatting about comp.. 0 Replies #8236982 1:34AM 13/03/2008
A/R/M Still on about who's going up..[Nothing happing]
M: reading bible found out what passover is
talking Moses... Adam said everyone of those fu**ers died
Matt wants to know how many 10 commandment's have been broken.
he said the only one we have not broken is murder & that because they would lose their money.

Ryan cant wait to win pov.
ready to take james out in pov and win hoh & fu** james to his face
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Topic #8237164
WVpdles - Everyone's in bed but James, Josh and Chel in kitchen. Chel just had a shower. Nat's in DR 0 Replies #8237164 2:04AM 13/03/2008
Sheila has been in there for a long time.
Josh and James filled each other in on all the stuff Sheila has been doing.
Josh and James are rehashing the HoH comp, and that they have the votes. Ryan's the target and they'd like to keep Sheila as the pawn and to torture her.
They discuss Matt and Nat and Josh says leave them to me - i'll get you my pretty and your little dog too
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Topic #8237168
katco - J/C/J at table talking. C tells James its ok if he has hoh by himself so he can JO. lol NT 0 Replies #8237168 2:04AM 13/03/2008
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