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James gonna blow sheila out on her saying she was told night b4 she couldn't tell him how she was voting. - WVpdles
3:25AM 13/03/2008

James and Chelsia pondering yet again if Matt and Natalie are a real-life couple. Still undecided, sometimes think they are, sometimes not sure. NT - LunaC
3:26AM 13/03/2008

Chel - watched few episodes of S3, and 8. thinks it's cool america votes. - WVpdles
3:29AM 13/03/2008

chel - even if it was someone else who was evicted, she'd still bring them back over someone who'd been gone. - WVpdles
3:32AM 13/03/2008

James is still wired - WVpdles
3:35AM 13/03/2008

james- the guy with the pink toenails beat everyone today NT - katco
3:35AM 13/03/2008

James - the guy with the pink hair intimidates all the guys in the house, he doesn't get that NT - WVpdles
3:39AM 13/03/2008

Jame/Chel kissing, he told her she could stay up there tonight, she said nah. More kissing. Chel turns off light and leaves HoH. NT - WVpdles
3:48AM 13/03/2008

Chel crawls into her bed/couch downstairs, josh - Chel. Chel - what?'. josh - goodnight. chel - goodnight. NT - WVpdles
3:50AM 13/03/2008

Rough transcript of DR leak with Chelsia from earlier (long) - jblig
4:09AM 13/03/2008

James is restless in bed, he played with the spycam remote for a minute now he's trying to go to sleep NT - Dreamer
4:09AM 13/03/2008

All HGs asleep NT - WVpdles
7:48AM 13/03/2008

Flames NT - WVpdles
8:22AM 13/03/2008
Maybe Nominations???? - Sherri7416
1:22PM 13/03/2008
Back to sleeping HGs, no idea why FLAMES NT - WVpdles
8:22AM 13/03/2008
FLAMES again for a few seconds then back to sleeping HGs NT - WVpdles
8:24AM 13/03/2008

All feeds on sleeping houseguests NT - lakeview
9:19AM 13/03/2008

Back from FLAMES, to josh wandering around kitchen then outside NT - WVpdles
9:50AM 13/03/2008
Sheila is also up making coffee. Josh comes back inside. Tells sharon/Chel - WVpdles
9:51AM 13/03/2008

Sheila: "I'm feeling GOOD today, ah yeah, ah yeah! Sure enuf!" NT - Sue
9:53AM 13/03/2008

Josh jumps back into bed with Sharon. Chelsia is still in bed NT - Sue
9:55AM 13/03/2008

Sheila: "It feels so goooooooood to have food! Let's see how long it will last" She laughs NT - Sue
9:56AM 13/03/2008

Sheila & Ryan in KT: Sheila says she woke up at 6:00 and had a dream. Ryan said he had a dream too NT - Sue
9:57AM 13/03/2008

Sheila said she had a dream last night, and discovered about herself and she needs to tell Nat - WVpdles
10:01AM 13/03/2008

Josh is spying on what Sheila and Ryan are talking about in the kitchen. NT - VanWinkle
10:11AM 13/03/2008

Basically, Sheila just summarized to Ryan that watching Natalie - Sue
10:14AM 13/03/2008

Sheila wanted Alex back because he was "pleasant to be around" he did dishes, cooked for everyone... - Sue
10:17AM 13/03/2008

James up. Sheila says "Good Morning" James says nothing, coming down stairs NT - Sue
10:19AM 13/03/2008

James goes back for a box of cereal, comes out and asks "No food comp today?" NT - Sue
10:20AM 13/03/2008

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