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S/N chatting - kandio
12:48PM 13/03/2008

Sharon , Matt and James out back talking about truth and trust. - maryjanegirl
12:48PM 13/03/2008
other person is Sheila NT - bb9tramps
1:03PM 13/03/2008

Chelsia and Matt talking about Jessica, she looked better on the show then real life NT - maryjanegirl
12:50PM 13/03/2008

Ryan to DR Matt, Adam, James talking about March Madness NT - maryjanegirl
12:52PM 13/03/2008

James, Matt Sharon and Adam talking about James biking around the world mostly about New York City NT - maryjanegirl
12:54PM 13/03/2008

S/N - kandio
12:57PM 13/03/2008

Sheila and Ryan speculating about what "could" happen this week. Sheila thinks that they are not done with the siren just - Suzan
1:02PM 13/03/2008

Backyard is two groups. Sheila/Nat/Ryan at the loungers talking about general chit chat, BB schedule, food. Other - Suzan
1:12PM 13/03/2008

Adam/James sharing a cigarette. James saying in all generality there is only one person - Suzan
1:20PM 13/03/2008

A/Jam/M - kandio
1:22PM 13/03/2008
Sheila not "working" Nat. Nat and Sheila having a conversation about the game. Natalie told Sheila she can't leave she's her therapy in the house NT - Suzan
1:41PM 13/03/2008

Sheila in the pool, plate of food on the side of the pool that she's eating from. She has the unitard wrapped around her head like a turbin. Matt & - Suzan
1:42PM 13/03/2008

House very mellow today, feeds only showing Matt & Adam on the porch counting time in the game, Chelsia and James on the lounger still no - Suzan
1:45PM 13/03/2008
James and Chelsia come over to the patio area. James is laying on the concrete with a few pillows. Conversation - Suzan
1:50PM 13/03/2008
Matt saying every day in the house gets a little bit harder, Ryan saying there is nothing to look forward to in the house. Matt saying the - Suzan
1:47PM 13/03/2008

Josh came out, is laying on the ground next to Sharon who's on a lounger. They are - Suzan
1:55PM 13/03/2008

f1 f2 sharon and nat inside talking about nothing f3 f4 -matt ryan playing b-ball not talking except about sheila/ryan 10kNT - streetsense
3:02PM 13/03/2008

Flames and lots of Beeeeps. NT - Snarf123
3:05PM 13/03/2008

f1 f2 -- sharon walking around f3 -f4 james sleeping NT - streetsense
3:08PM 13/03/2008

Sharon says to Nat, there are 15 minutes...(i think til the nominations) NT - DanaRose
3:09PM 13/03/2008

ryan adam matt outside talking about noms- ryan hoping its him vs. sheila not adam --saying sucks we had him(james) out of here NT - streetsense
3:13PM 13/03/2008

ryan adam matt--talking about sheila/josh blow-up that didnt happen--adam saying sheila stands up to him(adam)-she could stand up to josh- NT - streetsense
3:16PM 13/03/2008

Ryan told Adam he hopes that he (Adam) wins POV and asked him - CruiseCritic
3:21PM 13/03/2008

Ryan asked Adam if he was nervous and Adam says yes. Ryan says he isnt - CruiseCritic
3:22PM 13/03/2008

Adam wondering if Julie watches the show and they think she must watch some of it - CruiseCritic
3:23PM 13/03/2008

Ryan says he is ready for POV. Josh in bed. Chels with towel on her head (and my feeds just froze) NT - CruiseCritic
3:24PM 13/03/2008

Chels talking about her nueva-ring and she didnt want to keep it in when she was banging herself - CruiseCritic
3:27PM 13/03/2008

Chels telling them she couldnt sleep and woke Josh up at one point. Sharon is - CruiseCritic
3:30PM 13/03/2008

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