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Topic #8237173
cannotsleep - James, Josh and Chelsia sitting in the kitchen talking about the comp, Chel just got out of the shower, she said showered, shaved and sh#t. All are 1 Replies #8237173 2:06AM 13/03/2008
glad that Ryan and Sheila are going on the block. Discussing how Josh was about to call out Sheila right before James told everyone to be quiet.
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WVpdles - josh said he did go up to sheila and whisper in her ear "dont you ever f*in try to turn my partner against me again or i'll come dont you #8237184 2:08AM 13/03/2008
ever f*in try dont you ever f*in try to turn my partner against me or i'll come after you and your son
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Topic #8237182
katco - matt ryan and adam in bed NT 0 Replies #8237182 2:08AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237187
katco - just heard someone say they sharted!!! lmao NT 2 Replies #8237187 2:09AM 13/03/2008
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katco - have flames but can hear..J.J.C are laughing about something NT #8237198 2:10AM 13/03/2008
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Gorf - A Producer came over the speaker asking for Josh to go to the DR and it scared him real bad :) NT #8237191 2:10AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237220
katco - JC in kitchen kanoodling..J just said 2maro is ides of march and he gets to f* ryan NT 0 Replies #8237220 2:15AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237231
katco - C is mad at josh for giving up hoh comp and not putting up a fight NT 0 Replies #8237231 2:18AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237246
LunaC - James and Chelsia are discussing if/how to develop stronger ties to Matt & Natalie. NT 0 Replies #8237246 2:21AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237252
katco - JC makeout session in kitchen. J heading to bed. talk about not trusting matt or nat because they screwed james over b4. both head up to HOH (hmmm) NT 0 Replies #8237252 2:22AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237267
katco - chels pops huge zit on james back NT 0 Replies #8237267 2:25AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237270
LunaC - Audio over flames; producer asking James to cover his tattoos (edit; with bandaids, the usual ones) NT 1 Replies #8237270 2:25AM 13/03/2008
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WVpdles - No bandaids in HoH bathroom, so Chel running downstairs to get some. James re-reading his letter NT #8237276 2:26AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237294
katco - going over letter looking for "codes" in it.."dropped the price" and "relaxed" are key words they think NT 0 Replies #8237294 2:29AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237308
milliesmom - James and Chelsia were getting ready to do it and the feeds changed. NT 0 Replies #8237308 2:30AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237313
katco - got flames just as james was on top of chels and heading "down there". heard giggling and feeds now on sleeping hgs NT 0 Replies #8237313 2:30AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237319
helena - James and Chelsia in HOH room. He starts to go down on her and then ...feed switch NT 0 Replies #8237319 2:31AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237351
katco - must be zit night. josh in mirror getting the little buggers now NT 0 Replies #8237351 2:35AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237392
katco - chels downstairs now NT 1 Replies #8237392 2:45AM 13/03/2008
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WVpdles - Chel in DR. can hear convo. producer asking her how she felt when vote 5-1 #8237409 2:49AM 13/03/2008
Chel - was hard awkward.
producer - asking how it felt, and what she felt like she was losing.
chel - it sucked, we're partners, other half cuz we were partners. hard last week even though broken up i still had him here. when he walked out the door i was all alone.
chel talking about being emotional, tried not to cry.
producer - you mad at the people who evicted james
chel - mad at people who broke word. matt been walking around all day giving her thumbs up, saying it will work out. and sheila lied having fun with messing with peoples emotions.
producer - you're standing at door and what do you hear.
chel - getting ready for HoH and i hear siren. she tries not to get excited, no idea what is going to happen. thought they were gonna recouple and she was gonna end up with adam or matt.
but when julie can on screen, and found out could bring someone back from past. that was not good, didn't know what they knew, but then they could bring back james, she worked to get them to bring him back.
only person james gonna hold grudge is against ryan, and ryan knows that.
chel - sheila playing game with eyes closed. she screwed james 3 times.
producer - so you were obviously gonna vote james back in, when you saw the box what were you thinking,
chel - was afraid it was ali because america might like the drama, or jen because of the romance with ryan, but then saw pink hair and knew it was james. james good person and does deserve to be in this game.
thinks it funny that everyone voted to evict him then some brought him back, were worried who it could be and very scary. question mark or james, james best bet.
producer - now out in the backyard you see the HoH comp.
chel - horrified when she saw the setup, but excited.
producer - are their sides, 2 different groups playing against each other.
chel - there are definitely 2 sides. (lists the sides)
producer - is it war.
chel - thinks BB house has declared WW3, everyone should be on edge because stuff will be hitting fan.
producer - how bad did you want HoH
chel - she was fighting for james, she wanted to see him get HoH, her strategy was to stay til was only her and james then give it to him so he could have his dignity back.
producer - down to finale 4 in HoH.
chel - knew nat was putting up fight, ryan/matt sick hoping she won't give up. got nervous when sharon fell off, was so hard to hang on. hoped they started shaking it more. knew james/nat were in for long haul.
producer - what did it feel like
chel - arms/legs giving out, got nauseous a few times, surprised it went on for so long.
producer - think the guys were using nat at that point.
chel - we're all playing on our own, they talk bad about her all the time yet she was holding on for them.
producer - why'd ya fall
chel - disappointed, mentally was still hanging on, not sure what happened. disguestd when fell, did not want to give up. disappointed james and herself.
producer - so now you've fallen, battle of the resurrected person and the stripper (laugh)
chel - was really upset with myself, james holds 1/2 the house, nat holds 1/2 the house, it was WW3 right there. all of sudden nat pulling out stripper holds, she was looking hot up there made her nervous, james looked unsteady sometimes, she got nervous cuz if james fell we were screwed.
producer - why was james up there
chel - when he came out of box, he had look on his face, he was in for long haul to redeem himself.
producer - talk about deals.
chel - deal for james to give up if nat put ryan up. chel was nervous. but then she saw nat's facial expressions. no way matt would cut a deal to save nat, but nat was hanging up there for matt. disgusting the way he treats her. was excited when nat feel, but concerned nat was sick.
producer - did you feel for nat
chel - did for nat, they had me beat by 2 hrs and for her to hang on that long is amazing. she was fighting cuz she wanted james wanted to kick ass. nat's body held on for as long as her body would let her.
producer - gonna be good week.
chel - gonna be good week james can have his victory walk around the house.
producer - where you sleeping tonight.
chel - (laugh) we have to think about how the house sees us. need to start working with ppl on other side. house can turn next week. will be sleeping downstairs in her bed while james had HoH to himself.
producer - you ok with that
chel - i don't ryan to have my bed, he can have cursed be. ok with sleeping in different bed.
producer - who's idea to sleep in different bed.
chel - made her happy james said no in front of other people made james look good.
talking about james HoH pics, full head of hair, mustache, he totally deserves this, he was evicted hours b4. chel would like a letter. after everyone left hoh james said he wanted to get emotional when reading letter, and that shows to her he's more of a man who can show his emotions.
that's it.. producer mentions condoms and chel says shut up.
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Topic #8237408
katco - C and josh talking about her feeling akward when votes were read. Ja been her other half in game and it hit her she was on her own without him NT 1 Replies #8237408 2:49AM 13/03/2008
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katco - in diary room..sorry. can hear them ask questions and answers NT #8237415 2:51AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237432
katco - tells DR that only person james will hold grudge against is ryan NT 1 Replies #8237432 2:53AM 13/03/2008
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katco - and sheila NT #8237437 2:54AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237474
katco - still talking to DR 0 Replies #8237474 2:58AM 13/03/2008
chels: it was funny that people voted him out then voted to bring him back.
people were more scared of unknown.

DR: you walk in BY and see set up. what did u think?

C: i see bottles and disco that looked fun but difficult

DR: were there sides in house today

Chels: yes sheila ryan and matt on one side. us on other. very split and knew where we were standing in game

DR: is it war

Chels: BB house has delcared WW3 and ***** will be hitting the fans

(hard to keep up. just trying to give ya a taste of DR)
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Topic #8237499
katco - Chels tells DR that it was disgusting that nat was fighting for the boys and not herself 0 Replies #8237499 3:02AM 13/03/2008
after they talk bad about her.

says everyone in house has tried to tell her that matty talks bad about her and treats her like crap but nat says they are just friends and she understands.
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Topic #8237583
katco - more DR with chels 0 Replies #8237583 3:11AM 13/03/2008
C - nats body gave out on her. felt bad for her
think james and i need to think about how we are playing game. house knows how we feel about each other and know we are strong. i will be sleeping in my bed while james has hoh.
i didn't want ryan to have my bed. he can have the cursed bed. did not wnat to give ryan satisfaction of having a bed. pulled james aside and told him about the bed deal. james told her he didnt want her sleeping up there too. he won't allow it.
laughing about his pics in hoh with mustache and hair on his head.

and thats it...
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Topic #8237598
katco - chels talking to james 0 Replies #8237598 3:13AM 13/03/2008
says DR wanted her to know there was condoms downstairs and to remind her she has a promise to her dad.
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Topic #8237606
WVpdles - all 4cams on josh/sharon in bed, but can hear chel back up in HoH. 0 Replies #8237606 3:13AM 13/03/2008
she tells james about the condom comment.
James said he was just listening to music and almost cried, he was evicted today but still here.
chel - gonna be like a noodle tomorrow.
cam3/4 back in HoH
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Topic #8237628
WVpdles - Chel - talking about how sheila throws in comments about the comps. she lasted 45mins, longer than chel thought she would. 0 Replies #8237628 3:17AM 13/03/2008
talking about how she laid there dramatically after she fell.
Chel - disappointed in josh, it's all mental, if you tell yourself you can hang on you can hang on. james - to a point. chel - longer than til the live show if over, then fall. (josh didn't want to be 1st off in case 1st person was evicted). james - adam didn't want it. James - nat hit her breaking point, 5hrs with no water/food is her breaking point, good to know.
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Topic #8237647
WVpdles - James talking about more people than just camera people out their (BB house). Michael overseer. 0 Replies #8237647 3:21AM 13/03/2008
james doing a dance in the bed 'i got evicted'
chel - you're now a BB legend.
Talking about sheila and jen (BB8) in the unitard.
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Topic #8237651
katco - j talking about nom sheila and listing off what shes done to him NT 0 Replies #8237651 3:23AM 13/03/2008
mad about her using being a single mom. how sheila thinks her and ED would be friends but he would tear her to shreds.
also talking about nom ryan for doing something shady and drawing the line.

James: sheilas gonna take it in the unitard (lol)
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