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Topic #8237659
WVpdles - James gonna blow sheila out on her saying she was told night b4 she couldn't tell him how she was voting. 0 Replies #8237659 3:25AM 13/03/2008
Chel - yeah we can talk about it until we go in and do it that was this morning not last night!
chel - bet you make her cry at noms.
james - said she cried in HT when she was talking about he would have let her keep the $10g.
james - sorry sheila not mustering a tear for you. wants sheila to think about what she did. his mom is single mom too. it's a game but you got busted for playing too hard.
chel - she has to know how she's being portrayed on the show. she can't think her and dick would be best friends.
james - gonna tell everyone sheila's an informant for the other side. ryan you're the one who f*d me. and sheila still has to take it (being nomed) in the unitard.
chel - you think there's something with matt/nat. sometimes yes sometimes no. going on about the clip from PoV of them kissing, but then they did show clip of sheila.

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Topic #8237660
LunaC - James and Chelsia pondering yet again if Matt and Natalie are a real-life couple. Still undecided, sometimes think they are, sometimes not sure. NT 0 Replies #8237660 3:26AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237666
WVpdles - Chel - watched few episodes of S3, and 8. thinks it's cool america votes. 0 Replies #8237666 3:29AM 13/03/2008
wonders if America would vote something for matt. wondering what next twist will be.
james still can't believe they voted him back, what were they thinking.
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Topic #8237674
WVpdles - chel - even if it was someone else who was evicted, she'd still bring them back over someone who'd been gone. 0 Replies #8237674 3:32AM 13/03/2008
james - but it's still stupid to bring back someone who'd they just evicted!
chel telling matt said it could be parker my boy.(they're pretty sure it wasn't adam who was 3rd for mystery) sheila said but what if it's someone who didn't get to play.
james - maybe this can breakup the matt/adam thing, if matt lets adam get blamed.
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Topic #8237682
WVpdles - James is still wired 0 Replies #8237682 3:35AM 13/03/2008
chel - stoked
james said part of his nom speech is gonna be he's more of a man than ryan because he runs the risk of ryan coming off the block. oh btw the man with the pink toe nails beat everyone today.
chel - it was the socks.
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Topic #8237683
katco - james- the guy with the pink toenails beat everyone today NT 0 Replies #8237683 3:35AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237703
WVpdles - James - the guy with the pink hair intimidates all the guys in the house, he doesn't get that NT 0 Replies #8237703 3:39AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237726
WVpdles - Jame/Chel kissing, he told her she could stay up there tonight, she said nah. More kissing. Chel turns off light and leaves HoH. NT 0 Replies #8237726 3:48AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237729
WVpdles - Chel crawls into her bed/couch downstairs, josh - Chel. Chel - what?'. josh - goodnight. chel - goodnight. NT 0 Replies #8237729 3:50AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8237764
jblig - Rough transcript of DR leak with Chelsia from earlier (long) 0 Replies #8237764 4:09AM 13/03/2008
DR What went through mind when James was leaving
C Was happy that Joshua voted that way (so not to put a target on himself)
Really hard watching James walk out the door

DR Like losing a friend and partner or what?
C We were partners in this game. Working on your own is hard. It hit me Iím on my own and canít trust anyone. Wanted to hold in emotions and got up and walked away so others wouldnít see me get teary.

It is harder with James in because she worries about him too
Mad at people that broke their word to James. Singles out Matt, Sheila, and Natalie for lying.

DR What did you think when you heard the siren?
C That damn siren again, got excited, head was spinning, Thought it might be back to couples maybe paired up with Baller or Matty and that would have sucked.
Saw the ? box, worried about someone that might come back after seeing the show, so she pitched James coming back when she knew it was a possiblility.

DR When you told the others James wouldnít hold a grudge, were you telling the truth?
C Ryan may be the one that he would
Nat has a sweet side, Shelia is playing with her eyes closed.

So nervous looking at the box. Didnít want to look in it. Horrified. Then saw a little pink hair and started crying again. Everybody was like yeah and he said screw you all. It shows he deserved to be in the game. Funny that they voted him out and voted him right back in. Everybody was scared of who the ? might be.

DR Tell me about the backyard
C Saw disco balls everywhere and thin saucers we would be standing on. Looked cool, looked difficult.

DR Are there sides in the game?
C Huge line! Ryan, Nat, Matt, Sheila and Adam (on one side)
James, me, Josh, and Sharon (on the other)
Very split

DR Is it War?
C Its WWIII in the BB house. Sh*t will be hitting the fan.
DR Can you say it without the sh*t?
C Everybody should be on edge because the stuff is hitting the fan.
Wanted HOH herself, but was fighting for James too.

DR When it was down to Nat you Sharon and James?
It was really funny looking at each other. It was (us 3) against Nat
Nat was putting up a fight.

Sharon dropped, got nervous, her feet were numb and hard to hang on. Sucked because they (James and Nat) are in for the long hall.

DR What did it feel like?
C Wanted it so bad, wanted to give it to James. Surprised it went on so long

DR You thing the other side is using Nat?
C She wasnít fighting for herself they make fun of her behind her back and she was fighting for them. If Nat fell, they would have just used her. Matt uses her but she says she understands.

DR Tell me about when you fell
Mentally was hanging on, swung forward and absolutely lost it, Did not want to give up.
Felt really good with Nat and James. Wanted James or herself to win.

DR Tell me about the resurrected person versus the stripper
C Got myself together, James playing for half the house and Nat playing for half the house. Nat was not giving up, using stripper holds and looking hot. James footwork was off and not smooth, If he fell they were screwed.

James wanted to redeem himself. Tried (to encourage) him but he wanted to stay focused (and didnít want her to talk to him).

DR Tell me about the Deals?
Nat would put up Ryan and someone else. I said no no donít.
Nat was getting fidgety and for her to make a deal, something was going on.
She wanted a deal for her and Mattie, no way Mattie would have cut a deal for her (in that position)

DR When Natalie dropped?
Nat was losing color in her face, could tell she was having trouble.
When she dropped I ran to James in excitement, then checked on Nat cause she was not doing well. Felt for her. It was really hard, amazing she held on that long. Confused why Nat wanted it so bad. Saw her on the ground vomiting, knew she went as far as she could.

DR Will be a wonderful week?
C Wanted it for James so he could have his victory walk

DR Where are you sleeping?
People saw the emotions and know we are strong. We need someone on both sides. She will be sleeping by herself downstairs. Ryan canít have her bed. Ryan gets the cursed bed. James said in front of others he didnít want her sleeping there and made it look good.

DR HOH room?
C Funny obnoxious pictures. Hooray for him from evicted to ruling the house. Sad because she wanted a letter. He has a fan club across the country, family loves him no matter what he looks like and thatís amazing

DR Remember there are condoms downstairs, donít forget you microphone.
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Topic #8237766
Dreamer - James is restless in bed, he played with the spycam remote for a minute now he's trying to go to sleep NT 0 Replies #8237766 4:09AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8239029
WVpdles - All HGs asleep NT 0 Replies #8239029 7:48AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8239429
WVpdles - Flames NT 3 Replies #8239429 8:22AM 13/03/2008
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Sherri7416 - Maybe Nominations???? #8242926 1:22PM 13/03/2008
Maybe Nominations???!!!!!
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WVpdles - Back to sleeping HGs, no idea why FLAMES NT #8239439 8:22AM 13/03/2008
cam1 - sheila
cam2 - josh/sharon
cam3/4 james
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WVpdles - FLAMES again for a few seconds then back to sleeping HGs NT #8239456 8:24AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240116
lakeview - All feeds on sleeping houseguests NT 0 Replies #8240116 9:19AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240530
WVpdles - Back from FLAMES, to josh wandering around kitchen then outside NT 1 Replies #8240530 9:50AM 13/03/2008
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WVpdles - Sheila is also up making coffee. Josh comes back inside. Tells sharon/Chel #8240551 9:51AM 13/03/2008
there's no food comp, the BY is open, nothing set up.
Girls say they are sore.
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Topic #8240579
Sue - Sheila: "I'm feeling GOOD today, ah yeah, ah yeah! Sure enuf!" NT 0 Replies #8240579 9:53AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240617
Sue - Josh jumps back into bed with Sharon. Chelsia is still in bed NT 0 Replies #8240617 9:55AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240628
Sue - Sheila: "It feels so goooooooood to have food! Let's see how long it will last" She laughs NT 0 Replies #8240628 9:56AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240649
Sue - Sheila & Ryan in KT: Sheila says she woke up at 6:00 and had a dream. Ryan said he had a dream too NT 0 Replies #8240649 9:57AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240704
WVpdles - Sheila said she had a dream last night, and discovered about herself and she needs to tell Nat 0 Replies #8240704 10:01AM 13/03/2008
She's telling Ryan now, she's done this her whole life. Piggybacked off people.
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Topic #8240801
VanWinkle - Josh is spying on what Sheila and Ryan are talking about in the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #8240801 10:11AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240835
Sue - Basically, Sheila just summarized to Ryan that watching Natalie 0 Replies #8240835 10:14AM 13/03/2008
last night made her realize she has been "piggybacking" on people since she became famous. She would let others "give or do" things for her. And she realized that relying on Natalie last night to win the contest, she was doing it again. Meanwhile, Josh is crouched down near entry eavesdropping on their conversation. Ryan is just "uh huh" and "mmmm mmmming" through it all.
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Topic #8240864
Sue - Sheila wanted Alex back because he was "pleasant to be around" he did dishes, cooked for everyone... 0 Replies #8240864 10:17AM 13/03/2008
Josh & Sharon continuing to listen in
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Topic #8240885
Sue - James up. Sheila says "Good Morning" James says nothing, coming down stairs NT 0 Replies #8240885 10:19AM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8240901
Sue - James goes back for a box of cereal, comes out and asks "No food comp today?" NT 0 Replies #8240901 10:20AM 13/03/2008
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