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Topic #8242506
kandio - S/N chatting 0 Replies #8242506 12:48PM 13/03/2008
N saying bb cant shoe josh talking about her mom or abortions,he could be sued.
Sheila said peoples true colors come out.
Nat : 1 sip a water i would have been fine.
Sheila: i could have stayed longer, my tummy gave out.

Sheila it was a hard comp
Sheila: you deserve to win.
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Topic #8242516
maryjanegirl - Sharon , Matt and James out back talking about truth and trust. 1 Replies #8242516 12:48PM 13/03/2008
James talking about nominations and will make a big speech at POV and he will someone close to him if he has to. Saying he doesn't want POV used want no backdoors this time. Know's who he wants out, the house will be split. Putting up those who lied to him the most. He's talking about Ryan, not sure the other person.
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bb9tramps - other person is Sheila NT #8242697 1:03PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8242537
maryjanegirl - Chelsia and Matt talking about Jessica, she looked better on the show then real life NT 0 Replies #8242537 12:50PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8242558
maryjanegirl - Ryan to DR Matt, Adam, James talking about March Madness NT 0 Replies #8242558 12:52PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8242592
maryjanegirl - James, Matt Sharon and Adam talking about James biking around the world mostly about New York City NT 0 Replies #8242592 12:54PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8242631
kandio - S/N 0 Replies #8242631 12:57PM 13/03/2008
Sheila wants to know if bb will show how long he lasted in comp
saying bb will show the holy roller & the Atheist
Talkng about bb showing Nat throwing up, saying bb wont show it

S: says will i become like these people
S: saying Ryan is ok he won the 10 g's
N: saying we will need mattie
Sheila saying it was all Ryan fault..i will be a pawn.
Sheila saying i have been honest w/u
Sheila saying please dont listen to anything the say
S: saying Josh wants to turn u against me, Nat saying i will pretend.
Nat saying she is 1 hell of a good actress
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Topic #8242669
Suzan - Sheila and Ryan speculating about what "could" happen this week. Sheila thinks that they are not done with the siren just 0 Replies #8242669 1:02PM 13/03/2008
yet. Natalie joins them and she too believes they'll hear the siren again this week. Speculating on whether someone else will come back. Talking about the twists on Big Brother.
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Topic #8242809
Suzan - Backyard is two groups. Sheila/Nat/Ryan at the loungers talking about general chit chat, BB schedule, food. Other 0 Replies #8242809 1:12PM 13/03/2008
group is Matt, James, Adam, Sharon, Chelsia - Matt is discussing his job, girlfriends, life in general. No game talk.
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Topic #8242905
Suzan - Adam/James sharing a cigarette. James saying in all generality there is only one person 0 Replies #8242905 1:20PM 13/03/2008
who f'd me over the most and he's inside he knows it. And now I'm back. Adam saying "he" is pis*ed, James saying he'll get over it. (Ryan is who they are talking about).

They are done with the cigarette and go sit back down with Sharon/Chelsia/Matt.
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Topic #8242923
kandio - A/Jam/M 1 Replies #8242923 1:22PM 13/03/2008
A:telling about ome guy who works or J Z.
James saying he misses home
talking about people seeing them & cant talk to them
J/said he misses {?} they have done more for him than family
Matt would like to talk to his mom.
Matt saying he took his fam for granted.
Matt wondering if he will go back to the party life.
Matt saying his GF dad got him the job as a roofer so he would stop serving girls.?

roofing talk

Nat/She talking about last bb
cant understand how ED won by beating Z
S: saying why did Jam stay. N: sh did not win anything & they kept her..hmm
S:hoping no food comp
Ryan: i got to go have lunch
S:as of today i'am going to start playing my game
N/ when J said 7 hours i was like ohh my god
S: really wants to know how long she lasted
S: dont worry you got to make a deal
N: glad God let me tay long enough to make a deal
Talking about S going off again
Sheila agreeing w/everything Nat is saying

Sheila saying i told Josh nobody has my back
Sheila working Nat
Nat saying people cant sway me, and tat tese people belong in a ment instat.
Saying Nat is a forse, the rest not so much
Sheila wanting protection from Adam, said he said u dont need mine
Sheila i'am doing this on my own
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Suzan - Sheila not "working" Nat. Nat and Sheila having a conversation about the game. Natalie told Sheila she can't leave she's her therapy in the house NT #8243149 1:41PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8243160
Suzan - Sheila in the pool, plate of food on the side of the pool that she's eating from. She has the unitard wrapped around her head like a turbin. Matt & 0 Replies #8243160 1:42PM 13/03/2008
Adam are sitting on the porch eating talking about the house - Adam, says the house suck and Matt agrees. James and Chelsia laying in the lounger - no conversation.
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Topic #8243194
Suzan - House very mellow today, feeds only showing Matt & Adam on the porch counting time in the game, Chelsia and James on the lounger still no 2 Replies #8243194 1:45PM 13/03/2008
conversation. No one else shown on the feeds. Well out comes Ryan and lays down on one of the sofas.

Some game talk starts.
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Suzan - James and Chelsia come over to the patio area. James is laying on the concrete with a few pillows. Conversation #8243251 1:50PM 13/03/2008
still about time in the house. Adam asks "Jimmy" where the worst place is he's slept. James says in a dumpster, that it was raining. Adam asks if he has a sleeping bag and James said nope. James said he doesn't like sleeping in Wal-Marts dumpsters because they pour bleach all over their trash so that people can't dumpster dive. He found it out the hard way and ended up with bleach all over his clothes.

James/Ryan saying they spend extra money to get the bleach to pour on them (then laugh). Adam wondering why they don't donate the clothes to homeless shelters instead of throwing it away.

James says its more paperwork to donate it then to throw it away.
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Suzan - Matt saying every day in the house gets a little bit harder, Ryan saying there is nothing to look forward to in the house. Matt saying the #8243215 1:47PM 13/03/2008
highlight of his day is playing Chess with Ryan, working out everyday, getting some pool time. Ryan says that's about it, that takes about 3 or 4 hours and then nothing else.

Matt saying he envies James and Chelsia, that he wished they'd have hooked him up with someone. Ryan saying it makes the time go by faster and Matt says "Yea, if you had Jen in here would would even give a f*ck".

Now they are counting time left in the game.
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Topic #8243318
Suzan - Josh came out, is laying on the ground next to Sharon who's on a lounger. They are 0 Replies #8243318 1:55PM 13/03/2008
away from the group taking a nap. The conversation in the group is general chit chat, no game talk.
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Topic #8243955
streetsense - f1 f2 sharon and nat inside talking about nothing f3 f4 -matt ryan playing b-ball not talking except about sheila/ryan 10kNT 0 Replies #8243955 3:02PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8243997
Snarf123 - Flames and lots of Beeeeps. NT 0 Replies #8243997 3:05PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244051
streetsense - f1 f2 -- sharon walking around f3 -f4 james sleeping NT 0 Replies #8244051 3:08PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244063
DanaRose - Sharon says to Nat, there are 15 minutes...(i think til the nominations) NT 0 Replies #8244063 3:09PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244108
streetsense - ryan adam matt outside talking about noms- ryan hoping its him vs. sheila not adam --saying sucks we had him(james) out of here NT 0 Replies #8244108 3:13PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244146
streetsense - ryan adam matt--talking about sheila/josh blow-up that didnt happen--adam saying sheila stands up to him(adam)-she could stand up to josh- NT 0 Replies #8244146 3:16PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244197
CruiseCritic - Ryan told Adam he hopes that he (Adam) wins POV and asked him 0 Replies #8244197 3:21PM 13/03/2008
if he would take him off.

Adam says I think so. Ryan says I gave you the bike and we could call it even - or if it stays the same, at least give me your vote

Earlier Ryan had said if the vote is 3-3, he thinks he can get someone from the other side and either Matt or Adam asked WHO, but Ryan didnt say
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Topic #8244216
CruiseCritic - Ryan asked Adam if he was nervous and Adam says yes. Ryan says he isnt 0 Replies #8244216 3:22PM 13/03/2008
nervous because all of his time has been on the block.

Matt was called to DR a minute ago and after that we heard BB say HGS you are NOT ALLOWED to talk about your DR sessions.

Adam says they are scheming
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Topic #8244227
CruiseCritic - Adam wondering if Julie watches the show and they think she must watch some of it 0 Replies #8244227 3:23PM 13/03/2008
so she knows what is going on. Ryan says I am sure she is pretty busy.
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Topic #8244239
CruiseCritic - Ryan says he is ready for POV. Josh in bed. Chels with towel on her head (and my feeds just froze) NT 0 Replies #8244239 3:24PM 13/03/2008
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Topic #8244267
CruiseCritic - Chels talking about her nueva-ring and she didnt want to keep it in when she was banging herself 0 Replies #8244267 3:27PM 13/03/2008
she is talking to Josh who is in bed all covered up. Chels walks thru the kitchen and outside in grey dress?

Natalie is in the shower and Sharon picking up towels in the WC.

Ryan just tells Chels - we may need to wash that crotch...just kidding. She is sitting out there now with Ryan and Adam...her hair is all wet. and now she is talking about putting tampons in and it hurts because she is dry and says the cotton like pulls out her insides.

Ryan asks if she can lube it, she said no. Ryan asks Adam if he is glad he doesnt have a vagina.
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Topic #8244294
CruiseCritic - Chels telling them she couldnt sleep and woke Josh up at one point. Sharon is 0 Replies #8244294 3:30PM 13/03/2008
bringing bag of laundry to the washer. Ryan talking about not believing it when it was 2am.

Chels has stuff in dryer and told Sharon she will let her know when it is done so she can do her sh!t.

Chels says nominations are at 5

Ryan says he needs to go in.

Adam says he needs a nap.

Chels seeing if she can get the vacuum from stuff in BY being dragged in the house. She says all her clothes are in the laundry.

Chels and Ryan go in as Adam lays on the couch outside.
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