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Topic #8262250
BBFanChelle - Shelia and Sharon in bathroom. NT 0 Replies #8262250 12:00AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262292
CSIGrissom - Sheila came and apologized to Adam for treating him like she's his mother. (about the dishes) NT 1 Replies #8262292 12:09AM 15/03/2008
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scandalous - Also, Adam replied that his mother doesn't even treat him that way & that he didn't accept her apology; wanted to sleep on it NT #8263956 9:56AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262315
BBFanChelle - James is up out of HOH NT 0 Replies #8262315 12:13AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262489
Snarf123 - James, Adam and Ryan in BY playing Pool. Talking mostly about Sheila at first and rehashing the events of 0 Replies #8262489 12:46AM 15/03/2008
the evening for James.

James is amused, still very sore from the PoV comp.

They move into the Kitchen and talk turns to why Matty won't take Natalie up on her BJ offers. (ed. Apparently she offered Matt 50 -- not sure when.)

Matt joins them and they ask him directly. He keeps saying he doesn't know why he doesn't want that. They encourage him to take her up on it, and that she really looks hot on camera.

They tease Matt that he's really with Joshua and that's the secret of the house. They say they are just trying to get him hooked up.

Matt does admit to the BJ on Day 2 now to all of them.
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Topic #8262498
Gorf - Matt/Ryan/James/Adam in kitchen trying to get Matt to accept the BJ nat is offering, matt informs them that she already gave him 0 Replies #8262498 12:46AM 15/03/2008
a "few" early in the game and that she was good.

Matt is now afraid if he goes further she will threaten to move in with him outside the house
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Topic #8262508
Snarf123 - Matt doesn't think the BJ's were shown on TV. (LOL) NT 0 Replies #8262508 12:48AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262519
Snarf123 - Now talking about STD's. Matt says he's surprised he hasn't caught one yet. Adam says he caught his first one around 0 Replies #8262519 12:50AM 15/03/2008
age 24 or 25, so Matty's getting close.

Matty says thanks.
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Topic #8262566
Snarf123 - Adam, James and Ryan trying to convince Matt to have sex with Natalie. 0 Replies #8262566 1:00AM 15/03/2008
They say it's the only way to get her off of him. More talk about the specifics of the BJ's. Did she swallow, Ryan asks? Yes, Matt says. NICE! No cleanup, Dude Adam says! (More talk along this line.)
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Topic #8262599
Snarf123 - Just lots of chit chat on topics from sex to the PoV competition to the perceived rivalry between James and Matt. 0 Replies #8262599 1:12AM 15/03/2008
Ryan does take an opportunity to make it clear to James that Sheila was totally responsible for James going up last week, so there is a little campaigning.
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Topic #8262604
LunaC - Matt/Adam/James/Ryan talking about fears that people will want to beat the crap out of them when they get out of the house. NT 0 Replies #8262604 1:17AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262632
dontjudgeme - The boys are requesting that BB play Sexual Healing in the morning for Matt NT 0 Replies #8262632 1:26AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262635
dontjudgeme - James sits down to eat his dinner that he slept through 0 Replies #8262635 1:30AM 15/03/2008
They talk about BB being cheap. Everything is the same since season 6 it just has a layer over it.
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Topic #8262643
dontjudgeme - They say Monday and Tuesday are the most boring but have the most drama 0 Replies #8262643 1:32AM 15/03/2008
Adam wants to get sheila started again.

Ryan is eating steak (I think) and we can hear the chewing.

Matt actually compliments Nat and says her cooking is good and she does his laundry.

Adam and Ryan are going to bed. James asks matt if he wants to play chess. Ryan and matt say tomorrow.
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Topic #8262648
dontjudgeme - Matt tells Ryan he plays the same chess game every time so he knows all his moves. 0 Replies #8262648 1:34AM 15/03/2008
James is an aggressive player. Allison was defensive but she was really good.
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Topic #8262658
dontjudgeme - Matt goes to bed and Ryan stays out with James 0 Replies #8262658 1:37AM 15/03/2008
Ryan and James talk about the nicotine patch. James isnt on it, he doesnt need it, he just likes it. Ryan is OK without it but he is on the patch. Ryan says hes bored so much he wants to smoke but at home its cold and he doesnt want to go outside.

Matt comes out and shows themhis leg where he tripped on something. Sharon is up and so is Natty. I guess he tripped on the divider in the room.

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Topic #8262659
Gorf - Matt went to join Nat and Adam in bed, tripped over the divider in the bedroom and hurt his leg :P 0 Replies #8262659 1:37AM 15/03/2008
Adam asked if he should hit the panic button, Matt went to walk it off and tell James and ryan in the kitchen the story
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Topic #8262685
dontjudgeme - Ryan wants to be able to get up tomorrow and enjoy the day. Matt says they slept all day today. 0 Replies #8262685 1:45AM 15/03/2008
Matt goes to bed. I can hear natalie talking to adam and matt on another feed.

Ryan asks what James had in his basket. They are talking about BB. James doesnt watch all that much and didnt even know what HOH was. Ryan says jen helped him a lot. They think Jen got ***** by not getting to really play the game. Ryan says "you know" about 17 times in a seentence. Ryan doesnt think her coming back wouldve been good for him, you know. He would have had a target, you know, know...

James thinks what ***** him last week was the pickles. It went to show waht kind of person he is (according to sheila and the girls). james is glad he has a second chance. Ryan hopes he doesnt try to swing the house. Although he backdoored him and ***** him, he hopes James gives him a fair shot. James says they both equally ***** him and he doesnt owe either of them anything. Hopefully if ryan stays this will be the end of the *****. James thinks ryan is in the same boat as james was last week. James says take peoples words with little to know effect. Ryan is talking about how Sheila is starting all the drama. She isnt honest. James said when he came back he told chelsia...something I couldnt hear it

If ryan survives this week and gets HOH he will surprise people to prove a point and james says we'll work it out. James just doesnt want to be lied to. Ryan knew when james came back that he was going straight for him. Ryan has nothing against him and if he survives this week, its squashed. James wants to show that 5 people ***** him. He wants to show that the only thing they have in the house is their word.

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Topic #8262699
folieadeux8381 - James confirmed to Ryan that he's not going to use the Veto NT 0 Replies #8262699 1:47AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262714
dontjudgeme - James saying he broke his word with matt but it was the smart thing to do. 0 Replies #8262714 1:49AM 15/03/2008
James says again that ryan is where he was last week. Ryan thinks hes in a better place. James says its hard to comete against someone. Ryan, you know, if it goes either way, you know, ....James said if its a split vote he cant say. James tells ryan "you did backdoor me. SUCCESSFULLY."

Ryan says he wishes it wouldve been split so he couldve shown james that he wouldve kept him (LIAR) but it didnt happen. (his you knows are killing me.)

James says both of them are from the same side and they both equally burned him and wherever it falls it fine with him. Ryan says he wants to prove that hes playing an individual game, you know,and things will be different, you know, if he can survive this week, you know?

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Topic #8262715
Gorf - Adam leaves and as soon as he does, some curious movments appear under the covers in Matt and Natts bed :P NT 0 Replies #8262715 1:50AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262729
dontjudgeme - James said chelsia took ehrself off and he went up. 0 Replies #8262729 1:52AM 15/03/2008
She shouldve thought ahead to that.

Ryan wants to know what wouldve happened if sheila won and took herself off? James says he wasnt going to let that happen (?). Ryan talking about last weeks POV when he gave the pov to chelsia because she earned it.

James explains this is from the perspective of the evicted guy.

Ryan says he did a good job of campaining (james did). James says he sees how people play and he knows who he can trust which is only chelsia,but you cant rely on that because youre going to have to...

and Ryan goes to bed.
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Topic #8262734
Gorf - Adam comes back and he and Matt talk as Natalie continues to give Matt a hand favour :) NT 0 Replies #8262734 1:53AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262750
dontjudgeme - James goes in and cuddles up to chelsia NT 0 Replies #8262750 1:55AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262753
camera12 - Matt keeps pushing on the top of Nat's head for her to "go down" lol NT 0 Replies #8262753 1:55AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262758
dontjudgeme - James kisses her shoulder and gets up. NT 0 Replies #8262758 1:57AM 15/03/2008
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