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Topic #8262765
camera12 - Matt and Natalie KISSING! the other boys know what is up, it was their idea. NT 0 Replies #8262765 1:59AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262767
dontjudgeme - James is staring at the memory wall. NT 0 Replies #8262767 2:00AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262776
camera12 - ...and down Nat goes for the BJ NT 0 Replies #8262776 2:01AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262799
dontjudgeme - James painfully runs up the stairs to the HOH room where his bed is still unmade. NT 0 Replies #8262799 2:03AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262818
dontjudgeme - The cameras are loud so james keeps looking at them follow him. 0 Replies #8262818 2:04AM 15/03/2008
He throws a few things in the trash and gets in bed to listen to some music.
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Topic #8262831
camera12 - Ryan and Baller laughing at Nat and Matt.....busted! NT 0 Replies #8262831 2:06AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262832
Gorf - Nat and matt end there BJ and matt and adam immediatly start talking again and matt gives them the code that he just got a BJ 0 Replies #8262832 2:07AM 15/03/2008
"2 - 3 minutes" ( how long matt has to make out with nat before she blows him)
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Topic #8262851
dontjudgeme - Matt says baller is going to make love to sheila whenthis is over. 0 Replies #8262851 2:09AM 15/03/2008
This is right after matt tells natalie to do a reach around.

Now ryan, adam, matt and nat are talking about sheila letting loose in sequester because her son wont be able to see.

They talk about not being able to say nutsack. Blow job? NOPE, not even BJ. You cant say felatio or good head, but nat wants to know if you can ssay vajayjay.

They are talking about dreams and adam says he cant take this place anymore. Theres some kind of light down on the floor by ryan.

James is playing air guitar in bed.

Adam says this place is the worst.
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Topic #8262864
dontjudgeme - Nat says morning sex is the best. (adult) 0 Replies #8262864 2:12AM 15/03/2008
She knows they requested sexual healing for her in the AM. She needs the extra energy all day tomorrow.

Natalie is afraid of the hood (adams uncircumsized). Ryan says you might not want to go back. She says it sounds like too much work. Like peeling a banana. Adam offers her a tutorial. She asks whats a tutorial? (I think its hard for her to understand his accent).

Nat says you donthave the head? They say theres a head you just have to peel it back. Its like a convertible. Nat says its like a giant worm? Adam says like a water weenie.
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Topic #8262867
dontjudgeme - They say they should get the keys and lock sheila in her room. Adam gets up. 0 Replies #8262867 2:14AM 15/03/2008
I guess they decide it wouldnt work and he lays back down. When she gets up in the morning they will lock her out of her room so she cant get back in. Matt tells her to simmer down and she apologizes.
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Topic #8262873
Gorf - couple min ago Nat says morning sex gives her energy, Now Matt tells her to go to sleep, she says she cant she just got a burst of energy :P NT 0 Replies #8262873 2:15AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262914
Gorf - Nat says she hasnt given a BJ in a while, Ryan asks her when she last did it (as he looks at matt with a smile on his face) she says she cant 0 Replies #8262914 2:25AM 15/03/2008

Adam asks if she does TCIM (to completion in the mouth)

They all laugh at his acronym

Nat says yes she swallows :P
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Topic #8262969
bigjaniefan - all hgs. settling down to sleep now NT 0 Replies #8262969 2:46AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8262988
camera12 - James in HoH alone, drinkin' a beer, listening to tunes, biting his nails. NT 0 Replies #8262988 2:56AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263160
CruiseCritic - Ryan or Adam is snoring very, very loud in Pink BR (Think it is Ryan), Nat and Matt are 0 Replies #8263160 5:52AM 15/03/2008
tossing and turning. Natalie just put a pillow over her head.

Adam just rolled over as well.

No cams on HOH room

(A little while ago someone posted in discussions that Natalie threw a pillow at Ryan around half hour ago due to snoring and he stopped - but he is now snoring away again)
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Topic #8263178
CruiseCritic - Adam lifts up and rolls over again and Natalie just lifted her head up, looked around and back under covers NT 0 Replies #8263178 6:00AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263278
CruiseCritic - Adam tossing and turning to Ryans snoring, scratch, scratch and covers up head and rolls over NT 0 Replies #8263278 6:38AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263331
CruiseCritic - Matt just leaned over the bed and cant tell, but he may have nudged Ryan. Ryan has stopped snoring(for now) NT 0 Replies #8263331 6:56AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263517
BamaDaisy - All feeds still show HGs soundly sleeping NT 0 Replies #8263517 8:00AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263596
CruiseCritic - One cam quickly went to GP cage (cute) Everyone sleeping NT 0 Replies #8263596 8:20AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263621
Lisette21 - Natalie just got up from bed.... went to the bathroom 1 Replies #8263621 8:25AM 15/03/2008
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Heavenly - She goes straight to bed, NEVER washed her hands NT #8263636 8:28AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263631
Lisette21 - Natalie back in bed now. NT 0 Replies #8263631 8:27AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263716
ariel1981 - matt up and in WC NT 0 Replies #8263716 8:57AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8263729
ariel1981 - matt out of bathroom - stops to brush teeth and then goes back to bed 0 Replies #8263729 9:01AM 15/03/2008
btw - he never actually washed his hands (ewwwww)
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Topic #8263770
cambik - Adam up to WC comes out and does not wash hands. Now back to bed NT 0 Replies #8263770 9:14AM 15/03/2008
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