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FrouFrou Sheila talking about James calling her shebot. He can program me and make me do what he wants. Your word means poo in this game. NT 0 4:49PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Sheila saying I don't think he will protect me (re Ryan). He smokes. He was sweating. NT 0 4:50PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Sheila saying Ryan can't save you in this game. He can't even save himself. NT 0 4:51PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Sheila saying my survival I can't take it anymore. Josh is vile and horrible. Sheila saying his parents are ashamed of him. NT 0 4:52PM 18/03/2008
kandio C/S/N Sheila telling C to think game plan..Both Sheila/Nat trashing Josh to C..flames 0 4:54PM 18/03/2008
camera12 Josh joking to Adam, Shar, James that Sheila is the puppetmaster of the house! NT 0 4:54PM 18/03/2008
Thinkin J/J/A bashing Sheila and calling her the mastermind and the house-flipper. NT 0 4:54PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying he is going to say STFU to Sheila. That is the deadly knock out blow especially with adding the c word. Adam saying everyone gets 0 4:56PM 18/03/2008
camera12 Adam to DR. NT 2 4:57PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying I haven't promised either of them anything (which he has to both). NT 0 4:57PM 18/03/2008
lakeview N/C/Sheila in spa room 0 4:57PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying all I tell them is one of you two is going home. NT 0 4:58PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying you get her going. She thinks that someone made fun of her son. Did someone? They all say no. James saying in his blog he tells Sheila 0 4:59PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh saying that Sheila believes you (A) have her back and still asks him questions. Adam says I hate her. NT 0 5:00PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh saying Sheila wants you to be her support. Adam saying like James said it is hard to forgive and forget. The same people are doing the same 0 5:01PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying he is a free player. NT 0 5:02PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying I gave her 10k. Josh says you wanted the motorcycle. LOL. NT 0 5:03PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Adam trying to encourage Josh for the drama. Josh says go ahead. Not me this time. NT 0 5:03PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh says you are on babysitting duty with one of them no matter what to Adam. Adam saying which one bothers me the most. James says again well what 0 5:04PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh saying everyone is trying to get me to work sheila all up, and I am not. Everyone should do it themselves. NT 0 5:05PM 18/03/2008
kandio A/J/J/Sharon Adam saying he wants Mattie there who cannot win hoh. 0 5:06PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Adam saying I sucked this up big time for the 1st four weeks. NT 0 5:08PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Making fun of Sheila's breath again. Then Josh says it comes from a 5 day decaying tampon. Ick. NT 0 5:09PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying how they love to throw each other the bus talking about Ryan and Matt. NT 0 5:10PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh and Sharon quizzing who won HOH, POV etc. and the games. NT 0 5:14PM 18/03/2008
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