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streetsense Josh saying Nat thinks shes gonna sell her 92 prelude after BB for 10,000 cuz she signs it NT 0 9:09PM 18/03/2008
realitydoll Matt comes back in kt and tells shelia she is all set. he talked to him(josh) and josh said he is done NT 0 9:09PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Josh saying people watching are saying How dumb Nat is- NT 0 9:10PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Sharon laughing at Josh's rant on Sheila and Nat NT 0 9:11PM 18/03/2008
lakeview Matt/Sheila in kitchen then Matt/Sharon/Josh outside 0 9:12PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Sharon listening to Josh rant--twisting her blankie NT 0 9:19PM 18/03/2008
WVpdles Nat/Sheila in sauna - N- God has been waiting for week 7 for josh to go. They're talking about Sharon/josh going up. 0 9:22PM 18/03/2008
BBFanChelle Sheila and Natalie in sauna. NT 1 9:25PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace Josh and Sharon in BY talking about going off on Shelia and Natalie NT 0 9:26PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Josh saying its all going down on the commercial breaks tomorrow NT 0 9:28PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace Josh saying Himself, Shar, Chels, or Ryan needs to get HOH NT 0 9:29PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Josh wants order next out to be Ryan, Adam, then Sheila NT 0 9:29PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace Josh saying Shelia has no one in the house NT 0 9:29PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace Josh says "it;s that simple, i need to win HOH' NT 0 9:30PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Josh thinks Ryan will go over to their side after tomorrow NT 0 9:30PM 18/03/2008
WVpdles Sharon just said Josh has sheila so freaked she's in a 140degree sauna in full clothes NT 0 9:34PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Josh talking about his favorite preacher Joel Osteen NT 0 9:35PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace Sharon says she prays before everything and telling Josh to pray before each question in HOH NT 0 9:36PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace More of Josh trashing Shelia NT 0 9:37PM 18/03/2008
realitydoll Josh is STARING DOWN Shelia, from the HT into the Sauna. He is doing it in hopes she will see him. He is trying to intimidate her. She isn't even 0 9:38PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace Josh can't wait for tomorrow. Expecting it to go 3-3. Josh will let loose after eviction (during commercial breaks) Sharon says after live is done. 0 9:43PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Josh saying hes not like this out of the house NT 0 9:43PM 18/03/2008
WVpdles Nat - God wants to prove to America that he exists, and the way he can prove that is through his people. So we can get rid of the atheist NT 0 9:44PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace Josh says he is not like this outside of the house. Says he is nice, and caring. He would give a dollar to someone on the corner. But, since he is 0 9:46PM 18/03/2008
KarTrace Josh saying Allison's attempt to go after him was weak and not well planned out. NT 0 9:49PM 18/03/2008
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