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TheMike Sharon cutting up cantaloupe for GPs. Matt and Ryan in boat room talking about votes and how it might go 4-2 and they don't really know. 0 9:27AM 18/03/2008
TheMike Sharon and Josh whispering in KT (can't really make it out) Josh said something about "you have to vote to keep him" and sharon says "mmmmhummmmm" 1 9:31AM 18/03/2008
TheMike Ryan and Josh whispering in couch room to eachother. Josh is being very animated with his hands and pointing lots of places 0 9:34AM 18/03/2008
TheMike Chelsia awake and in WC with Sharon and Nat doing hair and makeup. Matt was laying on bed staring at Adam for a while then ent to KT 0 9:47AM 18/03/2008
acat Sheila wants to win HOH to get new eyeshadow. NT 0 9:47AM 18/03/2008
acat Matt and Ryan eating breakfast wondeing why Josh is grumpy this AM NT 0 9:53AM 18/03/2008
acat Josh goes outside NT 0 9:54AM 18/03/2008
TheMike Adam awake and in KT. Matt and Ryan eating cereal. Sheila and Nat talking about PoV 0 9:55AM 18/03/2008
acat Baller is up and chatty with Nat and Sheila in WC - now brushing his teeth NT 0 9:55AM 18/03/2008
TheMike Matt to Ryan: "Are you gonna chill with me today or do you need a day to campaign?" Ryan: "Naw I'll chill dude" 0 9:56AM 18/03/2008
acat Matt lies to Ryan and said that CHelsia said that she was not voting to keep Matt at all NT 0 9:58AM 18/03/2008
acat Matt asks Ryan why Josh is so paranoid this morning... NT 0 9:59AM 18/03/2008
TheMike Adam and Josh outside talking about how matt thinks he has 4 votes "CONFIRMED" and how Adam is supposed to be one of his votes NT 0 9:59AM 18/03/2008
acat Matt telling Chel that Sheila will vote to keep Matt. NT 0 10:03AM 18/03/2008
WVpdles Sheila told Matt she had to tell Ryan she wasn't voting to keep him, she couldn't lie to him NT 0 10:07AM 18/03/2008
acat Nat was confused about a debate - she didnt know that a debate was 2 people NT 0 10:09AM 18/03/2008
acat Josh tells Ryan that the only way he will stay in the house is if he wins HOH NT 1 10:14AM 18/03/2008
acat Ryan telling Josh that Sheila wants Matt gone. NT 0 10:14AM 18/03/2008
acat Sheila is talking to Ryan outside - telling him that she is now on the fence who she will vote for NT 0 10:34AM 18/03/2008
erin33520 Ryan thinks J/C want to join up with M/N NT 0 10:38AM 18/03/2008
acat Matt to Adam "yesterday I was hopeless and today I have hope." NT 0 10:39AM 18/03/2008
Suzan Matt telling Adam that they've figure out Natalie is a Cheerleader for the Seattle Seahwaks. That she can't talk about 0 10:47AM 18/03/2008
erin33520 Matt tells Adam Nat said shes a Seattle Seahawks cheerleader 0 10:49AM 18/03/2008
Suzan Matt's not going to campaign today. He thinks the votes will go 4-2 two in his favor. He glances outside to 1 10:50AM 18/03/2008
realitydoll Josh is in a pizsy mood. He tells Matt from what he hears, he has the votes to stay. Matt asked if he would vote for him.. 0 10:51AM 18/03/2008
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