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EricBB10 C/J/J/S comparing regional grocery stores. Chels- "Hyvee and Wal*Mart" Shar- "Price Chopper, w/the Chopper Shopper Card!"... 0 7:27PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat and Sheila are just ripping them to shred. Josh said it was 10 days since I last exploded. It is going to be bad. Depends on which one rubs me 0 7:27PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt saying can I talk you out of it. I want a peaceful last night. It could be my last night. NT 0 7:28PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt saying wait until after I am gone or Ryan is gone. Shake on it. Josh saying it is going to be require a restraining order outside the hosue. 0 7:30PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh saying you know I am joking. I am just joking. I am just working them up and making them freak out. Swear on my mother. I wouldn't do this to 0 7:31PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Backyard talking about Josh brewing. Sheila saying that Josh is scared of Mattie. NT 1 7:34PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying she trusts Chelsia. Nat saying she doesn't lie to your face. NT 0 7:35PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat and Sheila saying seek vengeance. Because revenge isn't good in the bible. Just vengeance. We worship the temple of God. So God will protect 0 7:37PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Sheila and Nat listing all the people who will Josh's behind. I am sicilian. Sheila says. NT 0 7:38PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh says I don't share any information or give them anything to work with to attack me. NT 0 7:39PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh says I am not going to say anything. NT 0 7:39PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Nat just asked Sheila if she thinks Chelsia told Josh ---Sheila said it doesnt matter--well know tomorrow anyways NT 0 7:40PM 18/03/2008
realitydoll Josh is freaking out. Threatening to attack "bring" this person (I think shelia) down right after the live eviction b4 HOH. He is going off. Adam calm 0 7:41PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Josh asking Chelsia if he should say which is more important winning HOH or having your family embarassed. It's live & I will say something after. NT 0 7:41PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Nat and Sheila telling m, j,a , r they ready for Josh tomorrow and its gonna be funny , BB history, on talk soupNT 0 7:43PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Chelsia saying I will not suck up to anyone. Josh saying liars are bad moms. Nat and Sheila you embarass yourselves and the house. NT 0 7:43PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Nat saying Josh is brewing cuz he caught wind of matt staying so hes mad cuz things not going is way NT 0 7:44PM 18/03/2008
WVpdles Nat thinks josh will vote to keep matt, that's part of the reason he's brewing cuz he's worried about the votes. 0 7:45PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Sheila telling Nat to stick by her side and w/ the boys so Josh wont go off--now saying Josh is scared of her and what she would say NT 0 7:45PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou 4 Feeds. 2 of Nat and Sheila. 2 of Josh and Chelsia. Matt saying I would liek to see you go off. Josh does a demon dance towards the outside door. NT 0 7:45PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Sheila saying Josh is going on block, has skated long enough and people tired of carrying him--hes a coward, scared of men but loves men-- NT 0 7:47PM 18/03/2008
FrouFrou Chelsia tackles James but says no. He says but you don't like me and aren't attracted to me. They are joking and laughing. NT 0 7:47PM 18/03/2008
WVpdles Josh is gonna tell She/N before HoH comp, you decide which is more important, you winning the comp or me ripping your son/mother apart on live tv NT 0 7:47PM 18/03/2008
streetsense Nat telling boys Josh's new nickname is Nancy --matt upset wants them to calm down NT 0 7:48PM 18/03/2008
WVpdles Sheila wants someone to sleep on the floor in her bedroom, cuz if josh comes near her she's gonna go off on him NT 0 7:48PM 18/03/2008
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