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Suzan Feeds switch to Sheila and Ryan. Sheila telling Ryan that she's not going to tell him she is or she isn't - 0 10:54AM 18/03/2008
cannotsleep Sheila to Ryan: My gut wants to keep Matty NT 0 10:58AM 18/03/2008
Suzan Natalie telling Sharon that she's sad that Matt is going to leave that they were just starting to connect - 0 11:11AM 18/03/2008
Suzan Adam comes in from outside and Sheila and him go off to the spa room to talk - 0 11:18AM 18/03/2008
Suzan Adam heads outside but the feeds don't go there. Feeds are on S/S/N in the kitchen talking about life NT 0 11:18AM 18/03/2008
WVpdles Matt's outside working Josh, saying he and nat are 2 votes for Josh in jury, and he can control who nat puts up and if josh keeps M J/S won't go up NT 0 11:23AM 18/03/2008
Suzan Diary Room good-byes are being taped so the feeds only have two cameras working and they 0 11:50AM 18/03/2008
kandio J/A BY chatting..Talking about the show. How many peeps BB 0 11:53AM 18/03/2008
Suzan Sheila goes up to J/James to tell James how she is going to vote - says she is going to 0 11:57AM 18/03/2008
kandio J/J/Sheila saying she is going to vote for Ryan because she promised 0 12:09PM 18/03/2008
kimber1 Sheila and Ry converse in spa room 0 12:11PM 18/03/2008
TheMike James to Matt: "You have the votes where it stands right now." NT 0 12:13PM 18/03/2008
kimber1 Matt tries to make deal with James and Josh outside 0 12:14PM 18/03/2008
kimber1 Matt says he has never broken a deal in this house, his "credit score is pretty good on that" NT 0 12:16PM 18/03/2008
kimber1 Josh tells Nat that Matt says she does whatever he says. Nat and Matt agree to that LOL NT 0 12:16PM 18/03/2008
kandio M/J/N Saying he told C to go w/her feelings. That shows he does not care about the vote 0 12:17PM 18/03/2008
kimber1 JOsh says he is going to trade his hot coffee for a nice cool beverage then return to get skin cancer so he will be nice and tan when he is 0 12:19PM 18/03/2008
kimber1 All 4 feeds on N/M in backyard talking about tanning. NT 0 12:20PM 18/03/2008
kimber1 J/J in red bed room laughing about their plan. Scheming but whispering very hard to hear, evil giggling from James NT 0 12:21PM 18/03/2008
cannotsleep Josh to James about Sheila: You're a pathetic middle aged b!tch and should be killed NT 0 12:24PM 18/03/2008
kimber1 Sheila outside telling Nat she is p*ssed now. Sheila says whether Mat stays or goes Nat can win. 0 12:26PM 18/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Sheila is fired up in the BY. She's talking to Nat, then Matt joins them. 0 12:28PM 18/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Sheila: What is James trying to do? Is he trying to catch me in a lie? 0 12:32PM 18/03/2008
SouthernBelladonna Nat/Sheila fighting. Nat gets mad and walks off. Matt trying to calm Sheila down. NT 0 12:33PM 18/03/2008
kandio J/J/S talking about M/N offering the same deal to Sheila. Laughing about the Sheila breakdown 0 12:35PM 18/03/2008
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