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Josh's DUI story as told to James, Ryan, Chels and Sharon - Brendabythebay
9:44PM 23/03/2008

Chel comes into KT and kinda scolds Nat drinking her wine too slow. Nat says she's just enjoying it, it's her 2nd glass. - JanJan
9:48PM 23/03/2008

Lockdown is over. NT - KennyN
9:48PM 23/03/2008

Nat, Sheila, Adam in KT - Chelsia heads in the kitchen and starts to paint her egg (ADULT) - ks5472
9:49PM 23/03/2008

Sharon was complaining about lockdown (josh too) and then BB announces its over and they dont move from bed. NT - Brendabythebay
9:49PM 23/03/2008

Ry/Adam go to BY to play pool. NT - JanJan
9:50PM 23/03/2008

Adam and Ryan talking in BY - ks5472
9:53PM 23/03/2008

A/R still talking and playing pool in BY - ks5472
9:55PM 23/03/2008

Chels just told a story to James/Josh/Sharon about partying with friend and - Brendabythebay
9:58PM 23/03/2008

Adam returns outside to BY - ks5472
10:00PM 23/03/2008

J/C and J/S back to laying around in their respective beds. S reading bible. The rest just talking. - JanJan
10:00PM 23/03/2008

Adam, Sheila, Nat in KT - Nat saying the big brother house is haunted - ks5472
10:04PM 23/03/2008

J/J/S/C in their beds. Josh asks how far Vegas is from L.A. - ks5472
10:10PM 23/03/2008

Chelsia brings her egg to show J/J/S - Chelsia and James have a quick make out - ks5472
10:16PM 23/03/2008

Josh tells J/C/S how Adam is sad because he's not with his family on Easter - ks5472
10:20PM 23/03/2008

Sheila, Nat, Adam in KT - Nat saying she hates the peeps candy, Sheila says "me too!" - ks5472
10:26PM 23/03/2008

Ryan walks in and Sheila tells him that she really wanted Ryan or Alex to be her partner - ks5472
10:32PM 23/03/2008

Josh comes outside to BY - says Sheila is very giddy and frisky - ks5472
10:35PM 23/03/2008

Josh telling Adam how he should seduce Sheila - ks5472
10:39PM 23/03/2008

Sheila and Nat inside looking at memory wall - ks5472
10:45PM 23/03/2008

Adam, Josh, Ryan, Sharon in BY talking about how Sheila is wild - ks5472
10:51PM 23/03/2008

J/R/A/Sharon making fun of Sheila - she brags about all of the celebrities she's met - ks5472
10:55PM 23/03/2008

Josh/A/R/Sharon talk about what was shown on the show on Sunday night - ks5472
11:00PM 23/03/2008

Josh is inside kitchen telling Sheila to yell outside to Adam and pretend she likes him - ks5472
11:06PM 23/03/2008

adam is petting matt's picture - right2erin
11:08PM 23/03/2008

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