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josh/james/ryan/sharon/chels in BY talking about nat's cooking NT - ariel1981
6:48PM 23/03/2008

ryan heading into kt calling to nat NT - ariel1981
6:48PM 23/03/2008

james says he will cook for them later - ariel1981
6:50PM 23/03/2008
I think it's more that they don't like her cooking since all of J/J/S/C are complaining about her cooking NT - genx
6:52PM 23/03/2008
they were talking about not liking her cooking and then chels said - ariel1981
6:56PM 23/03/2008

flames in and out cuz josh/chels talking about dr - ariel1981
6:51PM 23/03/2008

chels begging them to evict nat/adam next week - ariel1981
6:55PM 23/03/2008

only j/j in ht now. talking about possibility of double evictions. - ariel1981
7:01PM 23/03/2008

Sharon feeding her "beebies" again. Talking to them in a high pitched voice, as usual. NT - KarTrace
7:02PM 23/03/2008

Josh talking to James, talking about he and James in final 2, that he thinks James would win. James disagrees. - cindytexas
7:17PM 23/03/2008

Sharon comes out, offers to bring Josh and James food. When she leaves Josh says she's like their assistant. - cindytexas
7:18PM 23/03/2008

nat just yelled to adam to come eat some supper, all Hgs in KT eating , cooking,chels now at GP cage says they are like licking the bottom, - sunflower721
7:27PM 23/03/2008

lol adam getting tips from BB voice about his microphone slipping and where he should place it. NT - sunflower721
7:28PM 23/03/2008

sheila to josh wheres your bowl he is passing through and says I am not eating,sheila Your not,josh says no I already had mac and cheese ,sheila asks - sunflower721
7:34PM 23/03/2008

now nat is working on getting cups for dye lining them up filling them with water vinegar etc. josh asking what colors are there,chels just slammed - sunflower721
7:39PM 23/03/2008

josh telling sheila about what his family is doing now camping and that they got for a few diff. holidays each year,Adam and ry out back adam smoking - sunflower721
7:50PM 23/03/2008

Josh says he wants to dye a camo egg for his dad, because he deer hunts - erin33520
7:50PM 23/03/2008

sheila over to nat and all the dye cups she says to nat and josh do you have enough dye here or what,nat says they have a wide array of colors,all - sunflower721
7:53PM 23/03/2008
nat's been working on mixing the colors for a long time (seems like an hour) and she has made - Brendabythebay
7:58PM 23/03/2008

chels asking if its ok to eat dyed eggs. they think you can't,joshing saying it would change your sh*t to different colors.Josh says they (bb) went to - sunflower721
7:56PM 23/03/2008

LOL josh now saying he does not want ANYONE to leave the house he wants the game to go on ( in a sinister voice ) FOORREVERR!!!! (We all wish ed.) NT - sunflower721
7:58PM 23/03/2008

sharon asks if they are gonna hide them tommorow,nat says yeah lets hide em tommorrow,they agree to decorate tonight and hunt tomorrow! NT - sunflower721
8:01PM 23/03/2008

Chelsia had gotten the dye ready and as soon as Nat finished eating, she ran over and started mixing dyes together to make new colors, changing things - cindytexas
8:06PM 23/03/2008

Now Josh has left, goes in to Chelsia. James make a comment that Chelsia has decided not to dye eggs. - cindytexas
8:09PM 23/03/2008

ry in KT now to egg proccess asking how long it takes to dye each egg,tell him not long nat thrilled with the two pink eggs she dyed.josh & ryan - sunflower721
8:09PM 23/03/2008

sheila comes over to where eggs are drying and is telling them how beautiful the eggs are coming out - sunflower721
8:12PM 23/03/2008

sharon now in her bed reading bible, says she is not dying eggs now ,josh said they will do them later cause nat basically took over. - sunflower721
8:15PM 23/03/2008

adam lifting weights out back ryan is with him. NT - sunflower721
8:16PM 23/03/2008

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