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Nat is telling Sheila about her convo with James earlier about looking out for each other. She's spilling everything. NT - cindytexas
12:03AM 23/03/2008

Nat is telling Sheila she would like to put up Sharon and Josh next week and backdoor James. NT - cindytexas
12:05AM 23/03/2008

Nat talking about Matty, saying she misses him, poor Matty, he didn't do anything, didn't deserve what he got. NT - cindytexas
12:09AM 23/03/2008

C at HOH. C telling Adam she wanted to give him her trip. She cant. But she can - kandio
12:09AM 23/03/2008

Sheila says she is done with Adam, wouldn't mind seeing him go. NT - cindytexas
12:11AM 23/03/2008

Nat telling Sheila about her lie of a Seahawks Cheerleader NT - EvelDickthebest
12:11AM 23/03/2008

Nat and Sheila chatting. Nat thinks they should make up another story to tell the others, just to mess with them. - cindytexas
12:13AM 23/03/2008

Sheila says she doesn't trust Ryan or Adam. Nat says we can trust them for three more weeks (laughs) NT - cindytexas
12:15AM 23/03/2008

Nat is telling Sheila that the others think she is dumb but she's not, she just pretends to be. NT - cindytexas
12:19AM 23/03/2008

Feeds 1&2 Ryan and Nat in bedroom, Nat reading Bible, Ryan thinking. Feeds 3&4 Jam and Chel in HT-random chit chat NT - Rachaelisa
12:35AM 23/03/2008

Chelsia told James that Natalie needs to go because she's just there trying to be famous, and she (Chelsia) doesn't like that (said in a bratty voice) - Shar
12:39AM 23/03/2008

Chelsia and James sitting on couches in BY chatting about some rich man she knows - ks5472
12:49AM 23/03/2008

James telling Chelsia obviously Adam is working with the other side - ks5472
12:51AM 23/03/2008

Adam/Ryan where playing Pool and Adam brings up Chelsia's deal - sunflower05
12:53AM 23/03/2008

Adam and Ryan done playing pool and come into Kitchen - ks5472
12:54AM 23/03/2008

J/C getting it on Sex maybe ? NT - EvelDickthebest
12:56AM 23/03/2008

James and Chelsia hardcore making out in Sauna Room - ks5472
12:58AM 23/03/2008

OMG James and Chelsia are planning where to have sex. James says we need a blanket NT - KingMac
12:59AM 23/03/2008

Now james asks her want to go in the bathroom there is no feed in the bathroom. NT - KingMac
1:01AM 23/03/2008

Chelsia says she does not want to do it tonight... James says she is so confusing. NT - KingMac
1:03AM 23/03/2008

James puts his shorts back on and the find a better place to do it NT - KingMac
1:07AM 23/03/2008

Now all feeds off them NT - EvelDickthebest
1:07AM 23/03/2008

now there on the couch in the bathroom dry f*&*^ NT - KingMac
1:08AM 23/03/2008

Now all Feeds off everything NT - EvelDickthebest
1:09AM 23/03/2008

From sex to Adam reading the bible NT - EvelDickthebest
1:10AM 23/03/2008

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