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Chelsia comes in and sees how many eggs Nat has done...makes a comment. Nat says, "Oh you can do some if you want." - cindytexas
8:20PM 23/03/2008

Sharon comes in and says, "I want to do one." Nat is hovering over, telling her how to do it. NT - cindytexas
8:21PM 23/03/2008

josh in Bathroom with sheila,sheila cleaning ,josh telling her we need tro get rid of some of these toothbrushes,because there are 15 brushes and 7ppl - sunflower721
8:22PM 23/03/2008

ry and adam still working out In backyard,nat,chels,james in KT,josh now throwing stuff out from old HGS . NT - sunflower721
8:34PM 23/03/2008

Josh comes to KT and tells Nat he wants her to make some candy, make those suckers - Brendabythebay
8:37PM 23/03/2008

Josh & James in SR hiding booze but leaving some to make it look like correct variety. Deciding what to hide for chels. NT - Brendabythebay
8:39PM 23/03/2008

josh and james in SR hiding some of the beer that was given to them by BB. NT - sunflower721
8:39PM 23/03/2008

Josh says seems like we get 2 bottles wine & 4 beers or 1 bottle and 8 beers (something like that Ed LOL!) NT - Brendabythebay
8:41PM 23/03/2008

sheila just dumped some of her red wine on table ,gets some on sharon and apoligizes sharon says its ok several times. NT - sunflower721
8:51PM 23/03/2008
Sheila said she's not used to stem glasses anymore, at home she has the stemless glasses. NT - Brendabythebay
9:01PM 23/03/2008

Everyone in kitchen. Adam and Ryan laughing at Chelsia's egg - ks5472
9:05PM 23/03/2008

Ryan is concentrating really hard on decorating his egg with nail polish . (Ed lol its kinda cute) NT - Brendabythebay
9:06PM 23/03/2008

Josh: If you go to a gay guys house and he has a collection of faberge eggs, leave immediately. NT - Brendabythebay
9:08PM 23/03/2008

Ryan and Chelsia carefully painting their eggs - ks5472
9:09PM 23/03/2008

Conv turns to people collecting stuff and Americans have problems with keeping so many possessions - Brendabythebay
9:11PM 23/03/2008

James has joined in finally in decorating an egg, painting it with nail polish. NT - Brendabythebay
9:14PM 23/03/2008

Nat draws a beaver on her egg using nailpolish - ks5472
9:15PM 23/03/2008

Sheila talking to Nat about how Matt thought Nat was a rocker in the first couples competition but she's really more atheletic - ks5472
9:19PM 23/03/2008

James says "I hope you guys are proud of yourselves that you wasted 3 cartons of eggs" - ks5472
9:23PM 23/03/2008

James and Adam talking in BY - ks5472
9:27PM 23/03/2008

No talking between Adam and Sharon in the BY - ks5472
9:30PM 23/03/2008

Lockdown inside cuz a camera fell off a post in the backyard NT - Brendabythebay
9:32PM 23/03/2008

Indoor lockdown because the outdoor camera fell off the post and was hanging - ks5472
9:34PM 23/03/2008

James, Josh, Chelsia and Sharon talking about how Adam is a little b**ch - ks5472
9:39PM 23/03/2008

In red BR, James in green chair, J/S in thier pullout bed, C/Ry in other bed. - JanJan
9:43PM 23/03/2008

Josh telling a story about getting a DUI two weeks before coming on the show.. - ks5472
9:44PM 23/03/2008

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