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Topic #8396115
Brendabythebay - Josh's DUI story as told to James, Ryan, Chels and Sharon 0 Replies #8396115 9:44PM 23/03/2008
OK so 2 weeks before Josh got on BB, he left a wedding driving in a car with girls he knew from high school. He was drunk. Got pulled over for DUI. Pulled into parking lot of wafflehouse thinking that is private property.

He got out the car and did the whole crying thing, saying he was gonna be on BB and his whole life led up to this and he cant lose this now and BAWL.

Cop was all a BB fan and like, ok, if the girls in the car back up your story, we'll pretend this never happened. Josh was like OMG girls back me up and they did . So he got off.
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Topic #8396143
JanJan - Chel comes into KT and kinda scolds Nat drinking her wine too slow. Nat says she's just enjoying it, it's her 2nd glass. 0 Replies #8396143 9:48PM 23/03/2008
Nat tells a story of a guy coming up to the coffee house she works at that was 'jerkin it' (ed: in a car @ drive thru). Chel tells a similar story that happened to a friend of hers at work. Sheila also tells of a guy she saw in a car pleasuring himself near a school.
Lockdown is over.
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Topic #8396145
KennyN - Lockdown is over. NT 0 Replies #8396145 9:48PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8396151
ks5472 - Nat, Sheila, Adam in KT - Chelsia heads in the kitchen and starts to paint her egg (ADULT) 0 Replies #8396151 9:49PM 23/03/2008
Chelsia asks Nat why she says some her sayings (ex: git er dun, d-u-n, etc.). Nat says it's from Starsky and Hutch.
Nat tells a story about a man that was pleasuring himself in a car.
Chelsia tells a story about her friend that caught someone that started pleasuring himself in a Christian bookstore.
Nat saying "that's sick". She's saying she hasn't been that turned on since she's been in the house (except when Matty was there but not enough to do that)
Sheila tells a story of catching someone masturbating.
BB tells houseguests that the lockdown is over.
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Topic #8396154
Brendabythebay - Sharon was complaining about lockdown (josh too) and then BB announces its over and they dont move from bed. NT 0 Replies #8396154 9:49PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8396160
JanJan - Ry/Adam go to BY to play pool. NT 0 Replies #8396160 9:50PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8396174
ks5472 - Adam and Ryan talking in BY 0 Replies #8396174 9:53PM 23/03/2008
A/R talk about how they have a 2 in 7 chance at $500,000.
They say this HOH is crucial and then they laugh about how they say that every HOH is crucial.
Both talk about
Adam saying he hates James. Ryan asking why is he so weird?
Adam telling Ryan that James said that if Adam is on the block next week he is the one that decides if it's 2 to 2. Adam says he was basically trying to threaten him but he says he will flip out on James. Ryan laughs and says he wants to see him flip out.
Adam says with Jimmy out our chances double.
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Topic #8396194
ks5472 - A/R still talking and playing pool in BY 0 Replies #8396194 9:55PM 23/03/2008
A/R making fun of James saying he has scabies and that's probably why Ryan's foot is itchy. He says he probably has athlete's foot.
Adam keeps repeating that Jimmy needs to go home. Ryan says Jimmy needs to go back to home-less.
Adam heads in to go to the bathroom quickly before they start another game of pool. Ryan sets up a new game and starts rapping to himself.
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Topic #8396217
Brendabythebay - Chels just told a story to James/Josh/Sharon about partying with friend and 0 Replies #8396217 9:58PM 23/03/2008
James said, I really think you have a drinking problem.

Josh told some story and then Chels said to James, so you reallyh think I have a drinking problem?

James just wants to know her. Rolls over I'm going to bed. Chels: no you're not.
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Topic #8396237
ks5472 - Adam returns outside to BY 0 Replies #8396237 10:00PM 23/03/2008
Ryan saying Kimberley is frisky tonight. Adam says if Ryan wins HOH he will try to have sex with Sheila everyday during his HOH reign.
James, Chelsia, Josh and Sharon in their beds. James wants Chelsia to hurry up and get wasted. She asks him if it's because he wants her to have sex with him and he says no.
Chelsia says that she wants to get drunk on her flight to new york (after she gets evicted). James says she's going to sleep with her handler. She says it will probably be a girl because they have to follow you into the bathroom.
They all talk about the wrap party. Josh, Sharon and Chelsia think that all of their parents will come at their own cost.
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Topic #8396240
JanJan - J/C and J/S back to laying around in their respective beds. S reading bible. The rest just talking. 0 Replies #8396240 10:00PM 23/03/2008
Chelsea asks James if he really thinks she has a drinking problem...he replies he doesn't even know the "real Chelsea" outside of the BB house so he doesn't know. Then he adds that she doesn't know what he's like either outside of the house (hint, hint) and she says "I know!!". =)
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Topic #8396269
ks5472 - Adam, Sheila, Nat in KT - Nat saying the big brother house is haunted 0 Replies #8396269 10:04PM 23/03/2008
Adam telling a story about how his dad has a haunted house because the man who lived there died in it.
Nat telling a ghost story about her mom seeing ghostly things occurring in their home and then packing up and moving.
A/S/N all say they believe in ghosts. Nat thinks God sends spirits down to help people (angels). Nat says her grandmother had a friendly ghost who she would have tea with everyday.
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Topic #8396330
ks5472 - J/J/S/C in their beds. Josh asks how far Vegas is from L.A. 0 Replies #8396330 10:10PM 23/03/2008
James replies 4 hours. Josh begins telling a story of when he was in Vegas. A bartender hits on him and takes him in his car to this party. The party turns out to be an orgy. Josh tells the guy he's ready to go and the guy says no. Josh walks out of the house to call a cab and the guy says good luck. Josh says he was lost and had no idea where he was. It turns out he was 20-30 min off of the strip. He says it took him hours to get back to the strip and it was embarassing.
Josh begins telling a story about auditioning for a reality tv show while being drunk. He stripped down to his cowboy boots and underwear and says "this is what Texas is made of". James says he's done this too. Josh says you have to be different because they want to see something different.
James says he was picked out of line at the BB auditions because everyone looked like Alex and he looks different. Josh says you can't try out for a reality show and be yourself - you need to bring out the crazy side/sexual side, etc.
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Topic #8396388
ks5472 - Chelsia brings her egg to show J/J/S - Chelsia and James have a quick make out 0 Replies #8396388 10:16PM 23/03/2008
Chelsia seems to be a little bit tipsy. Chelsia made Josh an egg and Josh says thank you.
Chelsia begins telling a story about how she rolled her car last year on Easter Sunday. She says she went back to the car to find the easter eggs she made and only the egg with her name on it didn't break out of all the other eggs.
Josh makes fun of Natalie saying she's illiterate. Chelsia telling James he needs to buzz his hair and he can't go to bed because he slept all day. James starts telling a story about being pulled over for speeding and that he was so wasted.
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Topic #8396422
ks5472 - Josh tells J/C/S how Adam is sad because he's not with his family on Easter 0 Replies #8396422 10:20PM 23/03/2008
Chelsia seems to be mocking Adam and saying "aww". Josh and Chelsia talk about how Nat is obsessed with Matt - she took his loufa, his razor, his toothbrush, etc.
They are all making fun of Sheila and Nat's convo. James says he's going to bed and for Chelsia to wake him up when she's drunk. She pulls his hair and says "wake up", he says "oww!" and turns over to go to sleep. Chelsia tells Josh that James doesn't like her egg. He says he does. She says he wants her evicted, he says "yep one less person in my way and I get the bed to myself". They are clearly joking. Josh says A/R/S/N are "4 of the dorkiest ppl ever"
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Topic #8396474
ks5472 - Sheila, Nat, Adam in KT - Nat saying she hates the peeps candy, Sheila says "me too!" 0 Replies #8396474 10:26PM 23/03/2008
Nat begins to freak out because she can't find her wine. Sheila shows her where it is and says to calm down.
Nat still painting an egg with nailpolish. Sharon walks into KT and says hi to Adam. Nat wants her bible back from Adam. Ryan comes into KT and Adam wants him to play pool. They go outside to play pool.
Sheila says BB shouldn't give them alcohol because Adam is starting to look really good. Nat agrees and says Adam is starting to look good. Sheila says that alcohol messes you up and makes you do things you would never do if you were sober. Sheila talks about what a good person Adam is on the inside and what a good guy he is. Sheila says she has to pretend not to like him but she does.
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Topic #8396541
ks5472 - Ryan walks in and Sheila tells him that she really wanted Ryan or Alex to be her partner 0 Replies #8396541 10:32PM 23/03/2008
Ryan says if he and Sheila were partners "bad things would've happened". Feeds switch to outside Ryan and Adam playing pool and Sharon with her feet in the hot tub.
Sharon asks Adam if when he first got to the show if there was anyone he thought he was gonna hook up with. Adam says no.
Sharon saying he didn't want Adam to be stressed out which is why she offered to go on the block.
Sharon then asks Baller what his type of girl is. He says nice girls that you can have a convo with.
Sharon then asks Ryan what kind of girl he goes for. Ryan basically says Sharon is his type.
They ask Sharon what her type is. She says she likes guys with good hearts who are nice. She wants someone to appreciate her spoiling and not take advantage of it. They tell her that being a spoiler is a good quality to have.
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Topic #8396577
ks5472 - Josh comes outside to BY - says Sheila is very giddy and frisky 0 Replies #8396577 10:35PM 23/03/2008
Josh says "Kimberley is getting loose - she is aged meat". Ryan and Adam notice that Nat is staring at a picture of Matty on the memory wall drinking her wine. Josh runs to see and says that she is "pathetic, psycho, stalkerish".
Adam says he thinks Nat is hot then says he's joking. Ryan asks Josh if he should shave his arms, Josh says he likes men who shave their arms and he would look better, his muscles would pop out more.
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Topic #8396619
ks5472 - Josh telling Adam how he should seduce Sheila 0 Replies #8396619 10:39PM 23/03/2008
Adam says he wants to go a couple of rounds with "Kimmy". Josh says you are HOH you should try to get it now. Adam says he's not attracted to her. R/A talking about how skilled Sheila would be in bed.
Josh talking about how she has a landing strip and all agree that she is nasty. Adam says they're not going to convince him to do stuff with her.
A saying Sheila is worked up and Ryan and Josh are instigating.
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Topic #8396672
ks5472 - Sheila and Nat inside looking at memory wall 0 Replies #8396672 10:45PM 23/03/2008
Sheila wondering if they touch up the pictures, Nat says no it's real, it's just the good lighting. Nat tells Sheila that she's having fun pretending she's a Seahawks cheerleader. Sheila talking about all the stories that people in the house have made up about who they are. Sheila and Nat inspecting Nat's picture and Sheila saying don't change your hair, it looks good. Sheila wants to do her nails. Nat reminds Sheila that they have to finish cleaning the bathroom. Nat goes through the candy bowl and eats some and both head to the bathroom. Sheila wipes down the shower doors. Nat looking for sponge to clean sink.
Chelsia is called to DR.
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Topic #8396717
ks5472 - Adam, Josh, Ryan, Sharon in BY talking about how Sheila is wild 0 Replies #8396717 10:51PM 23/03/2008
They are saying she probably likes hair pulling, biting, etc. All think that Alex would've gotten some from Sheila if he was still in the house but he probably wouldn't have known how to handle her.
Adam and Ryan saying that Natalie did give Matt a BJ and that she is lying about saying that they just kissed.
Josh saying that it's probably on youtube (he's right)and says everyone's jerk off sessions are also on youtube. J tells them that internet feeds are on all the time and not edited so anyone on live feeds can save it and put it on youtube.
Sharon says she feels sorry for Nat if she truly thinks that Matt likes her.
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Topic #8396759
ks5472 - J/R/A/Sharon making fun of Sheila - she brags about all of the celebrities she's met 0 Replies #8396759 10:55PM 23/03/2008
Ryan, Josh think that Matt will have sex with Nat in sequester. R/J agree that Matt will have sex with anything.
Ryan thinks there was some secret with Matt on the show but he's not sure what it is.
Adam says if he was with Allison there would have been a lot of action in the house because she is a swinger.
Ryan says Adam would've married her. Adam says he liked her attitude but hated her outfits. He says she's a con-artist and that is cool.
Josh says he had to take her out of the game because she was too dangerous. Ryan says Allison didn't help him in partners. Adam says Sheila didn't help him in partners either.
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Topic #8396803
ks5472 - Josh/A/R/Sharon talk about what was shown on the show on Sunday night 0 Replies #8396803 11:00PM 23/03/2008
Nat is in bathroom fixing her hair and weighing herself. She takes out the blowdryer and starts blowdrying her shirt (maybe she spilled something on it?)
James and Chelsia hot and heavy making out in their bed. Feeds change as soon as Chelsia starts moaning - feeds change to Nat walking outside.
Adam and Ryan making fun of her for staring at Matt's picture on the memory wall. As soon as Nat sits on the edge of the hot tub, she is called to DR.
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Topic #8396847
ks5472 - Josh is inside kitchen telling Sheila to yell outside to Adam and pretend she likes him 0 Replies #8396847 11:06PM 23/03/2008
Sheila opens the door and yells out to Adam that he should stop grabbing himself because he looks way too hot! Adam tells Sheila to come up to his HOH at 12:15am tonight. She says "ok yea whatever" then asks who killed the chocolate bunny (the chocolate easter bunny is all squished in tiny pieces all over the kitchen table). Someone says it was Chelsia. Sheila says "chelsia is an angry b**ch!" Ryan comes inside and is sitting at dining room table. Josh and Ryan say they wonder what everyones dirty little secret is. Josh says his is that he is gay and that bylaw you have to have 1 gay person for every 10 people in a house.
The convo turns to lesbians. Sheila thinks lesbians are hot. Ryan says he's never seen a hot lesbian. Ryan tells Sheila maybe you're a lesbian, Sheila says she wants to be on the show "The L Word". Ryan is getting paranoid because Sheila, Nat, Sharon always get called in one after the other. He asks if they're in some kind of alliance (Girls Club). Nat tells Ry not to be paranoid.
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Topic #8396875
right2erin - adam is petting matt's picture 0 Replies #8396875 11:08PM 23/03/2008
sheila asked nat if she wants matt's loofah. natalie is saying no, she and mattie just kissed a little. she doesn't need his loofah, she doesn't need his razor to shave his body with. but she will wear his t-shirt.
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