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Topic #8387148
cindytexas - Nat is telling Sheila about her convo with James earlier about looking out for each other. She's spilling everything. NT 0 Replies #8387148 12:03AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387167
cindytexas - Nat is telling Sheila she would like to put up Sharon and Josh next week and backdoor James. NT 0 Replies #8387167 12:05AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387200
cindytexas - Nat talking about Matty, saying she misses him, poor Matty, he didn't do anything, didn't deserve what he got. NT 0 Replies #8387200 12:09AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387202
kandio - C at HOH. C telling Adam she wanted to give him her trip. She cant. But she can 0 Replies #8387202 12:09AM 23/03/2008
take him w/her. Adam saying how can i do that. You need votes.
C saying you would be fine if you put up Sheila or Nat. Adam saying they are his s. blankets.
Adam telling her its nothing against her. C saying J/J/S wont come after him. C saying how will you get Nat out. Adam: i can beat her at anything
Adam saying your guys will get Nat out for me.
Adam telling C she has been cool w/it.
Telling Adam he could bring a friend on the trip

C saying its not good for James game to vote to keep her.
C saying Sheila says she will put Adam up if she gets HOH.
C saying you will be good w/me. Adam saying I know you would.
Adam saying you have to get the votes.
Lot more just could not get it all

Adam saying he does not want to be HOH ever again..Meeting over

Nat Sheila whispering about their upcomming HOH win putting Josh Sharon up

Talking about C again.
Whispering LOW. But Nats head going from side to side..Sheilas finger going from side to side.
Nat misses Mattie. Talking about Matt. Sheila telling her she might get to send Matt a B-Day message.
Matt wanted to be here. Sheila saying he was not upset w/you ...
Nat misses poor Mattie. Sheila said he was nice. Nat saying he was kicked out because he was good looking..
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Topic #8387211
cindytexas - Sheila says she is done with Adam, wouldn't mind seeing him go. NT 0 Replies #8387211 12:11AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387212
EvelDickthebest - Nat telling Sheila about her lie of a Seahawks Cheerleader NT 0 Replies #8387212 12:11AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387233
cindytexas - Nat and Sheila chatting. Nat thinks they should make up another story to tell the others, just to mess with them. 0 Replies #8387233 12:13AM 23/03/2008
Sheila knows Nat made up the cheerleader story. Nat says it was fun. Nat and Sheila agreeing they are all each other has, they can talk to each other.
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Topic #8387249
cindytexas - Sheila says she doesn't trust Ryan or Adam. Nat says we can trust them for three more weeks (laughs) NT 0 Replies #8387249 12:15AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387280
cindytexas - Nat is telling Sheila that the others think she is dumb but she's not, she just pretends to be. NT 0 Replies #8387280 12:19AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387417
Rachaelisa - Feeds 1&2 Ryan and Nat in bedroom, Nat reading Bible, Ryan thinking. Feeds 3&4 Jam and Chel in HT-random chit chat NT 0 Replies #8387417 12:35AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387455
Shar - Chelsia told James that Natalie needs to go because she's just there trying to be famous, and she (Chelsia) doesn't like that (said in a bratty voice) 0 Replies #8387455 12:39AM 23/03/2008
James asked, "I don't care if she wants to be famous. Aren't we all a little out there?"
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Topic #8387550
ks5472 - Chelsia and James sitting on couches in BY chatting about some rich man she knows 0 Replies #8387550 12:49AM 23/03/2008
Chelsia asking James why he has to eat his toe nail skin (he's picking it off his toes and eating it (eeww)
Ryan and Adam come out to BY and are playing pool
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Topic #8387560
ks5472 - James telling Chelsia obviously Adam is working with the other side 0 Replies #8387560 12:51AM 23/03/2008
Chelsia says that Adam is probably going to tell Sheila and Nat about her offer to take Adam to Vegas
Chelsia and James head inside to the bathroom
James is making funny poses in the mirror while Chelsia is brushing her teeth
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Topic #8387580
sunflower05 - Adam/Ryan where playing Pool and Adam brings up Chelsia's deal 0 Replies #8387580 12:53AM 23/03/2008
about keeping her in the house. He told Ryan he wasn't going to take the deal. He doesn't trust that she would actually keep the deal, especially if he voted her out later.
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Topic #8387594
ks5472 - Adam and Ryan done playing pool and come into Kitchen 0 Replies #8387594 12:54AM 23/03/2008
Ryan and Adam joking about taking a trip
Adam and Ryan say goodnight and Adam heads upstairs to HOH
James and Chelsia talking in bathroom - James says chelsia can't compete with him. He says in physical competitions she sucks, but in mental she's good.
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Topic #8387608
EvelDickthebest - J/C getting it on Sex maybe ? NT 0 Replies #8387608 12:56AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387632
ks5472 - James and Chelsia hardcore making out in Sauna Room 0 Replies #8387632 12:58AM 23/03/2008
James asking Chelsia if she wants him to go get a blanket to cover them up.
He says they can do it in their bed but they can't be vocal, but if they do it in the sauna room they can go all out.
Chelsia keeps saying no when James says he wants to go get a blanket, seems like she's not sure if she wants to do more.
Chelsia says she doesn't want to do it out in the open because it's weird and could come back to haunt you with the live feeds.
James says there's no live feeds in the sauna room (lol)
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Topic #8387644
KingMac - OMG James and Chelsia are planning where to have sex. James says we need a blanket NT 0 Replies #8387644 12:59AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387663
KingMac - Now james asks her want to go in the bathroom there is no feed in the bathroom. NT 0 Replies #8387663 1:01AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387681
KingMac - Chelsia says she does not want to do it tonight... James says she is so confusing. NT 0 Replies #8387681 1:03AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387713
KingMac - James puts his shorts back on and the find a better place to do it NT 0 Replies #8387713 1:07AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387718
EvelDickthebest - Now all feeds off them NT 0 Replies #8387718 1:07AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387732
KingMac - now there on the couch in the bathroom dry f*&*^ NT 0 Replies #8387732 1:08AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387734
EvelDickthebest - Now all Feeds off everything NT 0 Replies #8387734 1:09AM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8387754
EvelDickthebest - From sex to Adam reading the bible NT 0 Replies #8387754 1:10AM 23/03/2008
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