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Topic #8393521
ariel1981 - josh/james/ryan/sharon/chels in BY talking about nat's cooking NT 0 Replies #8393521 6:48PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8393534
ariel1981 - ryan heading into kt calling to nat NT 0 Replies #8393534 6:48PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8393584
ariel1981 - james says he will cook for them later 2 Replies #8393584 6:50PM 23/03/2008
apparently nat is only cooking for herself/ryan/adam/sheila!
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genx - I think it's more that they don't like her cooking since all of J/J/S/C are complaining about her cooking NT #8393627 6:52PM 23/03/2008
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ariel1981 - they were talking about not liking her cooking and then chels said #8393730 6:56PM 23/03/2008
something about nat only cooking four steaks anyways - "cooking for her boys again" (i think that was the comment)
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Topic #8393615
ariel1981 - flames in and out cuz josh/chels talking about dr 0 Replies #8393615 6:51PM 23/03/2008
josh saying something about not pre-planning ways to attack other hg's because then the dr will know and they will get warnings
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Topic #8393692
ariel1981 - chels begging them to evict nat/adam next week 0 Replies #8393692 6:55PM 23/03/2008
talking about who would put who on the block next week. josh thinks ryan would put sheila up. james is hoping he will get to play in the veto just in case. they think josh or sharon will win hoh next week.
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Topic #8393837
ariel1981 - only j/j in ht now. talking about possibility of double evictions. 0 Replies #8393837 7:01PM 23/03/2008
saying they need to win hoh both times that week.
josh talking about one of his ex's being on wheel of fortune and not winning anything.
now he's talking about all of the tv-time they get being on BB
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Topic #8393875
KarTrace - Sharon feeding her "beebies" again. Talking to them in a high pitched voice, as usual. NT 0 Replies #8393875 7:02PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8394206
cindytexas - Josh talking to James, talking about he and James in final 2, that he thinks James would win. James disagrees. 0 Replies #8394206 7:17PM 23/03/2008
Josh encouraging James, says they only have 5 more people to get out.
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Topic #8394216
cindytexas - Sharon comes out, offers to bring Josh and James food. When she leaves Josh says she's like their assistant. 0 Replies #8394216 7:18PM 23/03/2008
James says she's super nice. Josh agrees. James says he thinks she has a super dark side too though. Josh agrees.
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Topic #8394366
sunflower721 - nat just yelled to adam to come eat some supper, all Hgs in KT eating , cooking,chels now at GP cage says they are like licking the bottom, 0 Replies #8394366 7:27PM 23/03/2008
(whatever sharon fed them they liked)nat asked chels if there was still baby food left? chels says yeah. (Fed to GPS maybe? ed.)
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Topic #8394385
sunflower721 - lol adam getting tips from BB voice about his microphone slipping and where he should place it. NT 0 Replies #8394385 7:28PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8394488
sunflower721 - sheila to josh wheres your bowl he is passing through and says I am not eating,sheila Your not,josh says no I already had mac and cheese ,sheila asks 0 Replies #8394488 7:34PM 23/03/2008
if he will try some of her mashed potatoes he says yes he will,ry says potatoes are good,sheila says I have to give martha stwert credit for it ,its her recipe.

chels working on the dye for the eggs,

sharon is doing the dishes
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Topic #8394564
sunflower721 - now nat is working on getting cups for dye lining them up filling them with water vinegar etc. josh asking what colors are there,chels just slammed 0 Replies #8394564 7:39PM 23/03/2008
her finger in a kitchen drawer saying a stream of profanities

sheila tells chels to try the potatoes,chels did and likes them.

nat asking chels how to do the dye for the eggs asking about the water for cups.

Ryan done eating clearing plate in garbage.

josh near chels and nat dancing around.
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Topic #8394753
sunflower721 - josh telling sheila about what his family is doing now camping and that they got for a few diff. holidays each year,Adam and ry out back adam smoking 0 Replies #8394753 7:50PM 23/03/2008
asks ry, Yo dude did I miss anything? (while he was sleeping, ed.) ry no dude you didn't miss anything,ry telling adam to get his workout gear on,bouncing dribbing orange ball in BY.

ry opens screen door and to josh do you want to do triceps later,josh says that he does.

sharom requesting music from BB for josh tina turner ,and another band or musician ( ed. sorry hard to hear over water in sink)

josh to nat how many dyes are you gonna do there. she is still working on the cups the red dye not working wondering why it isnt,saying the reds are pretty (eggs).

chels eating again.looks like veggies.

josh in Kt saiys he is making a camo egg for his dad, sharon thought he was making fun of her, because of her and the marines, chels asks what his dad hunts he says anything in the woods they all laugh,he says squirrel,hog,deer.Pretty much anything.

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Topic #8394759
erin33520 - Josh says he wants to dye a camo egg for his dad, because he deer hunts 0 Replies #8394759 7:50PM 23/03/2008
Sharon thought he was making fun of her and he says no, his dad deer hunts and would think it was very masculine (LOL) and then says his dad deer hunts and hunts anything with four legs in the woods
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Topic #8394807
sunflower721 - sheila over to nat and all the dye cups she says to nat and josh do you have enough dye here or what,nat says they have a wide array of colors,all 1 Replies #8394807 7:53PM 23/03/2008
laughing,josh says with me here we have the rainbow covered (ed. LOL),

sharon over to egg dying process wow are they all different colors referring to the 20 or so cups of dye nat no some are doubles (WOW ed.)!

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Brendabythebay - nat's been working on mixing the colors for a long time (seems like an hour) and she has made #8394899 7:58PM 23/03/2008
blue, blue green, green blue, yellow green, green yellow (oops thought she used up all the yellow but found another that looks kind of orange, orange, the red doesnt work, the purple turned into blue when she put vinegar in, she poured all the multiple oranges into one cup of orange, and I think that pretty much sums it up.

She says there's like a thousand colors but without red, that eliminates um, a lot.
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Topic #8394876
sunflower721 - chels asking if its ok to eat dyed eggs. they think you can't,joshing saying it would change your sh*t to different colors.Josh says they (bb) went to 0 Replies #8394876 7:56PM 23/03/2008
joanns to get all this stuff.(easter stuff)
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Topic #8394905
sunflower721 - LOL josh now saying he does not want ANYONE to leave the house he wants the game to go on ( in a sinister voice ) FOORREVERR!!!! (We all wish ed.) NT 0 Replies #8394905 7:58PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8394958
sunflower721 - sharon asks if they are gonna hide them tommorow,nat says yeah lets hide em tommorrow,they agree to decorate tonight and hunt tomorrow! NT 0 Replies #8394958 8:01PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395029
cindytexas - Chelsia had gotten the dye ready and as soon as Nat finished eating, she ran over and started mixing dyes together to make new colors, changing things 0 Replies #8395029 8:06PM 23/03/2008
up. Chelsia basically backed off and eventually left.
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Topic #8395060
cindytexas - Now Josh has left, goes in to Chelsia. James make a comment that Chelsia has decided not to dye eggs. 0 Replies #8395060 8:09PM 23/03/2008
Chelsia (sarcastically) says, "No, I'm just waiting for her to experiment and then she can show me how to do it." Josh says she always has to take over everything, he can't stand her.

Chelsia asks if he heard her call Nat out about her eating, that she devours her food like someone is standing over her yelling for her to eat it all in one minute or something.
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Topic #8395063
sunflower721 - ry in KT now to egg proccess asking how long it takes to dye each egg,tell him not long nat thrilled with the two pink eggs she dyed.josh & ryan 0 Replies #8395063 8:09PM 23/03/2008
are there dying eggs too.

james/chels in their bed snuggling making small talk.james chels to stop, she says fricking natalie took over ,james tells chels come on go out there you wasted MY eggs.

James to chels well are you deciding whether or not to go out to KT to do eggs,chels something about natalite telling her how to dye eggs. (she seems very upset that nat took over eggs ed.)

josh in room with james, chels now chit chatting with them and singing.
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Topic #8395102
sunflower721 - sheila comes over to where eggs are drying and is telling them how beautiful the eggs are coming out 0 Replies #8395102 8:12PM 23/03/2008
tells adam he did a really good job on his egg(s)
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Topic #8395128
sunflower721 - sharon now in her bed reading bible, says she is not dying eggs now ,josh said they will do them later cause nat basically took over. 0 Replies #8395128 8:15PM 23/03/2008
he is dancing around in front of their beds (josh and sharons bed).he is now in KT talking to sheila.
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Topic #8395143
sunflower721 - adam lifting weights out back ryan is with him. NT 0 Replies #8395143 8:16PM 23/03/2008
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