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Topic #8395181
cindytexas - Chelsia comes in and sees how many eggs Nat has done...makes a comment. Nat says, "Oh you can do some if you want." 0 Replies #8395181 8:20PM 23/03/2008
Chelsia comments that there are others who haven't done any. Nat half-heartedly says she didn't know who else wanted to do any.
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Topic #8395196
cindytexas - Sharon comes in and says, "I want to do one." Nat is hovering over, telling her how to do it. NT 0 Replies #8395196 8:21PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395206
sunflower721 - josh in Bathroom with sheila,sheila cleaning ,josh telling her we need tro get rid of some of these toothbrushes,because there are 15 brushes and 7ppl 0 Replies #8395206 8:22PM 23/03/2008
chels went to KT and looks at eggs and says holy Fng eggs.leaves for a moment comes back and nat Tells chels you can do some if ya want!!!! chels says how many are left and nat says like only one more carton?chels is now dying some sharon just standing watching,asks nat what they are doing with toothbrushes in Bathroom nat tells her getting rid of the old onee, that there are to many.sharon does not understand why the past HGS wouldnt take their toothbrushes when they left like they would not need them home or in Seq. she says,josh finds Matties Toothbrush there (bathroom).
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Topic #8395355
sunflower721 - ry and adam still working out In backyard,nat,chels,james in KT,josh now throwing stuff out from old HGS . NT 0 Replies #8395355 8:34PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395394
Brendabythebay - Josh comes to KT and tells Nat he wants her to make some candy, make those suckers 0 Replies #8395394 8:37PM 23/03/2008
and then keep em and sell em on ebay. nat goes on about how people pay crazy money for stupid stuff on ebay.

Josh then goes to bedroom and chatting with James saying he was busting her balls telling her to make suckers and sell them on ebay and she actually thinks she can.
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Topic #8395418
Brendabythebay - Josh & James in SR hiding booze but leaving some to make it look like correct variety. Deciding what to hide for chels. NT 0 Replies #8395418 8:39PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395419
sunflower721 - josh and james in SR hiding some of the beer that was given to them by BB. NT 0 Replies #8395419 8:39PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395434
Brendabythebay - Josh says seems like we get 2 bottles wine & 4 beers or 1 bottle and 8 beers (something like that Ed LOL!) NT 0 Replies #8395434 8:41PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395570
sunflower721 - sheila just dumped some of her red wine on table ,gets some on sharon and apoligizes sharon says its ok several times. NT 1 Replies #8395570 8:51PM 23/03/2008
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Brendabythebay - Sheila said she's not used to stem glasses anymore, at home she has the stemless glasses. NT #8395701 9:01PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395746
ks5472 - Everyone in kitchen. Adam and Ryan laughing at Chelsia's egg 0 Replies #8395746 9:05PM 23/03/2008
Sheila walks into the kitchen and James tops her glass of wine off. Sheila says Natalie can have the rest of the red bottle of wine.
Josh starts doing a dance infront of the mirror.
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Topic #8395758
Brendabythebay - Ryan is concentrating really hard on decorating his egg with nail polish . (Ed lol its kinda cute) NT 0 Replies #8395758 9:06PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395771
Brendabythebay - Josh: If you go to a gay guys house and he has a collection of faberge eggs, leave immediately. NT 0 Replies #8395771 9:08PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395787
ks5472 - Ryan and Chelsia carefully painting their eggs 0 Replies #8395787 9:09PM 23/03/2008
Everyone sitting around the table talking and painting eggs.
Josh wants to start participating and painting his own egg.
Sheila doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone that collects things.
Nat says she collects pictures. Sheila says no, i didn't mean pictures but if you're a pack rat then she doesn't want to be with you. Sheila says if she hasn't used something for a year she throws it out.
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Topic #8395808
Brendabythebay - Conv turns to people collecting stuff and Americans have problems with keeping so many possessions 0 Replies #8395808 9:11PM 23/03/2008
And Sheila says thats why she loves James so much cuz he takes his little bag and goes on his bike and thats all needs.
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Topic #8395836
Brendabythebay - James has joined in finally in decorating an egg, painting it with nail polish. NT 0 Replies #8395836 9:14PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8395848
ks5472 - Nat draws a beaver on her egg using nailpolish 0 Replies #8395848 9:15PM 23/03/2008
Sharon says "good times, we're drinking and painting eggs"
Chelsia says "ya, happy f**king easter!" then begins singing a hymn.
Sheila says her family (catholics) go to church at midnight for easter.
Sheila starts joking about being Kimberley and Adam says he loves Kimberley but wants nothing to do with Sheila.
They all want their outfits back from the challenge where the girls had to dress up as naughty nurse, dominatrix, etc.
They all talk about that competition and what the questions were.
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Topic #8395895
ks5472 - Sheila talking to Nat about how Matt thought Nat was a rocker in the first couples competition but she's really more atheletic 0 Replies #8395895 9:19PM 23/03/2008
Sheila really loved the naughty nurse outfit and wanted to keep it. She says Kimberley really wanted the outfit. Adam and Chelsia both tell Sheila she looked hot in the naughty nurse outfit.
James and Chelsia tell everyone that Parker and Jen threw that HOH competition because they had just won the Power Couple competition a couple of days earlier.
Everyone can't wait to watch BB on tv when they get out. They say not a lot of their diary convos end up in the actual show (Chel: it probably comes out to 2 min a show)
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Topic #8395950
ks5472 - James says "I hope you guys are proud of yourselves that you wasted 3 cartons of eggs" 0 Replies #8395950 9:23PM 23/03/2008
Nat says it's not a waste. James wants to throw the eggs at people.
Josh warns James that throwing an egg at someone might get you the "5 Foot" restraining order.
Sheila saying Adam is a "big boy" because she saw his hooded warrior when he was showing Chelsia.
James and Adam head outside to the BY.
Sheila begins talking about her favourite competitions (The pool table one, the vegas one)
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Topic #8395987
ks5472 - James and Adam talking in BY 0 Replies #8395987 9:27PM 23/03/2008
Adam telling James it sucks for him that he has to win every competition or he will put up on the block because he's strong.
James and Adam agree that the last two weeks that they both won weren't a good strategic week to win HOH.
They also agree that being HOH sucks - the positives don't outweigh the negative.
James says he hopes Ryan or Natalie win HOH. He says he's fine with just winning POV's. James heads inside - says he has to poop.
Sharon comes to BY and puts her feet in the hot tub saying she hasn't been outside all day.
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Topic #8396012
ks5472 - No talking between Adam and Sharon in the BY 0 Replies #8396012 9:30PM 23/03/2008
Nat, Ryan, Sheila, James in Kitchen talking about their favourite competitions.
Nat says it was the dress up one. James says his was the disco ball one where he beat Natalie. Natalie says her favourite was the dress up one because her and Matt didn't like eachother initially but after that comp, they began to like each other because they realized even though they are different they can still almost win - they only lost that comp by one point.
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Topic #8396025
Brendabythebay - Lockdown inside cuz a camera fell off a post in the backyard NT 0 Replies #8396025 9:32PM 23/03/2008
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Topic #8396040
ks5472 - Indoor lockdown because the outdoor camera fell off the post and was hanging 0 Replies #8396040 9:34PM 23/03/2008
Nat says "why can't we see the maintenance guy what's the big deal?"
Sheila says because we're not supposed to see anybody.
Sheila hugs Adam and tell him Kimberley is getting a little bit frisky.
Ryan tells them to go up to HOH.
James, Chelsia, Sharon and Josh in pullout bedroom and James is telling Chelsia to pound down the beers that they've hidden away for her (they hid away 4 of the 8 beers they got and told the rest of the HG's that they only got 4 beers and 2 bottles of wine)
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Topic #8396080
ks5472 - James, Josh, Chelsia and Sharon talking about how Adam is a little b**ch 0 Replies #8396080 9:39PM 23/03/2008
They all say they hate "them" (adam, ryan, sheila and nat). Josh says who cares about talking about past competitions.
Ryan walks into the room and says he's trying to talk to Sheila and Nat but he can't get a word in.
Josh says Adam is gonna head in soon and leave Sheila and Nat talking by themselves.
James asks Ryan to play chess - Ryan says later after he showers.
Ryan says he really did just learn to play chess in the house. James doesn't believe him and says "you can tell me the truth in sequester". Ryan says his story is not gonna change - what would be the point of lying about not knowing how to play chess?
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Topic #8396099
JanJan - In red BR, James in green chair, J/S in thier pullout bed, C/Ry in other bed. 0 Replies #8396099 9:43PM 23/03/2008
C/Ry joke about rival schools. Chelsea tells story about partying/being wasted. Group talking and laughing.
N/A/She in KT, drinking and girls talking game - not so much strategy, more theories and talking about how they (She/Nat) work so well together. Adam mostly listening.
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Topic #8396105
ks5472 - Josh telling a story about getting a DUI two weeks before coming on the show.. 0 Replies #8396105 9:44PM 23/03/2008
Josh is driving drunk and sees a police siren and heads into the parking lot of a waffle house. He says he started to cry and tells the officer he's sorry but he can't get a DUI because he's about to be a reality superstar because Big Brother is starting next week. He tells the officer he can't have a record if he gets on BB. The officer verifies the story with Josh's friends who were in the car and warns Josh that if he doesn't see him on Big Brother he will hunt him down, find him, and give him a ticket. Everyone thinks it's crazy that he happened to be pulled over by a cop that watches Big Brother.
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