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Shar, Nat, talking about NO WAY james would get the money... sharon agreeing NT - beccaluvswll
5:31PM 25/03/2008

Sheila saying we won't give him 1/2 a mill to piss away while his mom has a home. NT - FrouFrou
5:31PM 25/03/2008

She doesn't want to give any 21 yo the money NT - ghostman
5:31PM 25/03/2008

S/S/N in SR Shelia talking about who deserves money - Smartster
5:32PM 25/03/2008

Sharon saying God has it all mapped out (oh no. Not another). NT - FrouFrou
5:32PM 25/03/2008

Sheila/Nat/Sharon in SR - Shannon72
5:33PM 25/03/2008

Sharon God brought me back into this game for a reason. NT - FrouFrou
5:33PM 25/03/2008

Sharon telling Nat/She that she will throw the HOH comp if it is physical. She telling Shar that she is safe with them (her and Nat) NT - Shannon72
5:35PM 25/03/2008

James laying with eyes closed. Chel and Josh laying on beds not saying anything NT - ghostman
5:39PM 25/03/2008

While Shelia/Nat continue to bombard Sharon, Josh/James/Chelsia not conversing much. NT - mrmac
5:40PM 25/03/2008

More and More of the Girls in SR - Shannon72
5:43PM 25/03/2008

Lockdown is over Nat leaves Sauna room to get drink Sheila makes sharon promise not to say anything about votes to Josh - raindrop110475
5:47PM 25/03/2008

Sheila saying that when she gets fired up she starts cussing. - Shannon72
5:53PM 25/03/2008

Nat calling James a con artist. Leave it to her, say's she'll get him out tomorrow when she wins HOH. - Jacsb
5:58PM 25/03/2008

Chels joined S/S in SR. Sharon saying she is looking for her black shorts. Sheila filing her nails - grating on my nerves. - Shannon72
5:59PM 25/03/2008

Ry heading up to HOH to see Adam - Jacsb
6:00PM 25/03/2008

Nat looking at her butt. She burned it. Going to get some cream (lol). NT - Jacsb
6:02PM 25/03/2008

Chels asking Sheila about the votes - Shannon72
6:04PM 25/03/2008

Sharon crying to Josh saying im done im just done NT - DanaRose
6:12PM 25/03/2008

Ut oh -- Sharon and Josh in BY (a Sharon breakdown!) - Shannon72
6:12PM 25/03/2008

Nat/Ry in KT- Saying they must be dumb if she think she will be the swing vote NT - ShannonLK
6:14PM 25/03/2008

Sharon venting venting venting to Josh - Shannon72
6:22PM 25/03/2008

Sharon still crying, saying to Josh shes so sick of everyone lying, Everyones pulling her in diff directions,,, - DanaRose
6:23PM 25/03/2008

Shar/Jos in BY talking - ShannonLK
6:27PM 25/03/2008

Ry/Nat still in KT talking game: - ShannonLK
6:33PM 25/03/2008

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