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FLAMES, must be waking them up!! NT - ghostman
9:16AM 25/03/2008

(sighs) still flames!!!!! NT - sunflower721
9:23AM 25/03/2008

Flames so LONG the songs must be Free Bird and some Opera Concerto, LOL NT - ghostman
9:31AM 25/03/2008

Adam, She, and Josh in KT drinking coffee NT - ghostman
9:37AM 25/03/2008

HGS are up josh sheila adam in KT having drinks of coffee and milk,adam wishes he could get his balls waxed, ryan in bathroom mirror cleaning face. - sunflower721
9:39AM 25/03/2008

Nat, Ry, She, Jos, Sha, Ada in KT - ghostman
9:40AM 25/03/2008

****Flames**** NT - sunflower721
9:40AM 25/03/2008

sharon in KT chopping food for GPS,josh,sheila.nat in bathroom getting showers,washed up for the day,ry and adam in KT talking about sharon wearing - sunflower721
9:43AM 25/03/2008

Josh and Nat are in the shower. The curtain is between them and Natalie is talking about different things. Josh on the other side of the curtain is - Suzan
9:47AM 25/03/2008
As Josh gets out of the shower, he rips the curtain aside and screams at Nat, who screams back. They are both laughing about him scaring her. NT - Suzan
9:49AM 25/03/2008

Josh and Nat in shower separated by curtain. Every time Nat speaks, he mimicks her, mouthing words and making faces at the curtain...(more).... - DanaRose
9:50AM 25/03/2008

Sheila enters bathrm, asks if theres still hot water, S/N say yes, Nat says im almost done, she gets out, Sheila gets in NT - DanaRose
9:52AM 25/03/2008

Chel finally up and in the WR. Adam made a bagel and put about 3 heaping knifefulls on only one half. LOL NT - ghostman
9:53AM 25/03/2008

Josh crazy dancing in bathrm mirror then flames NT - DanaRose
9:53AM 25/03/2008

chels up in bathroom nat josh showered now sheila and sharon showering.adam eating bagel in KT. NT - sunflower721
9:54AM 25/03/2008

Back, Nat Josh in mirror, Sheila asks nat to hand her a razor, Chelsia washing hands and brushing hair NT - DanaRose
9:54AM 25/03/2008

Adam went outside, Ryan laying out on the dbl. lounger, Nat and Josh - ghostman
9:56AM 25/03/2008

adam in BY and ryan there too,talking about sharon in her shorts. ry said he has never seen her in anything that revealing,they are like booty shorts. - sunflower721
9:57AM 25/03/2008

James and Chel in bed facing each other very close talking. - ghostman
9:58AM 25/03/2008

chels in bed with james he is coaxing her to take off robe so he can play with her b**bies NT - sunflower721
9:58AM 25/03/2008

Ryaqn and Adam in BY, Ryan on lounger, Adam playing 'basketball', Ryan says hes going on the block... - DanaRose
9:58AM 25/03/2008

Sheila telling Sharon that Alli was too smart for this game. (LOL!) NT - DanaRose
9:59AM 25/03/2008

Ryan and Adam talkig about the last comp, where food was coming out of their noses NT - DanaRose
10:00AM 25/03/2008

nat in bathroom mirror popping various zits and applying her makeup,sheila and sharon talking about alli in competitions how she would have done (ali) - sunflower721
10:00AM 25/03/2008

Adam and Ryan AGAIN mentioning Sharon's booty shorts, Adam says but we cant see her .... - DanaRose
10:02AM 25/03/2008

Ryan says hes been having weird feelings that hes gonna win this sh!t man, Adam says you're due, you havent won anything in a while. Ryan says we - DanaRose
10:03AM 25/03/2008

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