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sheila is on her bed sewing james' jacket ,sharon in chair by sheilas bed talking game. all 4 feeds on them. NT - sunflower721
11:14AM 25/03/2008

Sheila talls Shar that she has no desire to take James out...says he's not a threat to her. - SouthernBelladonna
11:14AM 25/03/2008

Sheila is telling Shar that he wants everyone to get something out of the game and would like for them all to win money. - SouthernBelladonna
11:16AM 25/03/2008

Nat joins Shar/Sheila. Sheila jokes that they were talking trash about her. NT - SouthernBelladonna
11:16AM 25/03/2008

nat now in room with sheila sharon ,sheila and nat busting on each other,talking about how they are greedy with the wine.cause they get so little NT - sunflower721
11:17AM 25/03/2008

adam and ry out back playing pool.9 ball NT - sunflower721
11:18AM 25/03/2008

adam telling ryan that she (sheila) is covering her azz,ryan agrees,adam says he cant blame her though.he would do the same. NT - sunflower721
11:19AM 25/03/2008

ry says especially since he (james) took her off the block last week,they then talk pool shots. NT - sunflower721
11:20AM 25/03/2008

Adam says Sheila is covering her a** and they can't blame her. Ryan is worried that she's telling the others... - SouthernBelladonna
11:20AM 25/03/2008

all feeds on Adam and Ryan playing pool NT - kamzer
11:22AM 25/03/2008

Ryan says he has a plan if he wins HOH...says he's going to stir sh*t up. - SouthernBelladonna
11:22AM 25/03/2008

Ryan says he is winning HOH and big Shite is gonna go down he wants this one bad NT - kamzer
11:23AM 25/03/2008

ryan says if he wins HOH to wait until he(adam) see the sh*t he is goona start,saying that sh*t is gonna go down,adam says he wants to hand ry the key - sunflower721
11:23AM 25/03/2008

Adam and Ry told Chelsia her boobs looked full NT - kamzer
11:24AM 25/03/2008

nat and sheila josh shar all in boat room talking about their (HGS) quirks,sharon brings up the GPS and they way she talks to them.( Ya think. ed.) NT - sunflower721
11:26AM 25/03/2008

Nat talking to Shebot & Sharon about her paintings of mermaids etc NT - kamzer
11:28AM 25/03/2008

all feeds on boat room nat talking about her art at her work and what pieces she is allowed to sell,something about not being able to show some of - sunflower721
11:29AM 25/03/2008

sheila telling nat that she does amazing paintings of faces,sharon agrees.nat says she uses her cuteness and her art in life.nat called to SR to chang - sunflower721
11:34AM 25/03/2008

Natalie bigging up her painting abilities - kamzer
11:35AM 25/03/2008

sheila just called to DR,sharon says to do her goodbyes. NT - sunflower721
11:35AM 25/03/2008

james and chels out BY talking about HOH what HGS will do what,james tells chels that he called sheila out on the matt thing (being related) chels - sunflower721
11:36AM 25/03/2008

Josh, james and chels in BY staring at a huge moth on the window NT - BB_Addiction
11:37AM 25/03/2008

J/C/J found a huge moth outside... they wanna throw it on Adam because he hates bugs NT - kamzer
11:38AM 25/03/2008

Josh asking James if Sheila is turning on her side NT - kamzer
11:39AM 25/03/2008

James said Evel Dick whispered in his ear.... - SouthernBelladonna
11:42AM 25/03/2008

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