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Sharon, Nat, Sheila messing with Josh in the ht for hoh cam. NT - FrouFrou
3:42PM 25/03/2008

Sharon squeeling over the pics. NT - FrouFrou
3:45PM 25/03/2008

Josh chuckling at Nat. Sheila telling Josh that Chelsia wanted to get Nat's vote. Sheila saying I have a feeling that Chelsia is going to stay. - FrouFrou
3:49PM 25/03/2008

Josh and Sheila bsing about Nat. Josh saying the only vagina we have seen is Nat's. Sheila saying she would never put Sharon up. NT - FrouFrou
3:51PM 25/03/2008

Sheila saying she will do something with her life whether she wins or not. NT - FrouFrou
3:51PM 25/03/2008

Sheila saying maybe Chelsia is saying something about you, but it doesn't matter. She has to try to stay. It's a game. Sheila says lighten up. NT - FrouFrou
3:52PM 25/03/2008
(this is being said to Sharon in regards to Nat saying that Chelsia is campaigning against her. NT - FrouFrou
3:53PM 25/03/2008

Sheila saying people want to target me. NT - FrouFrou
3:53PM 25/03/2008

Sheila saying I know Ryan wants me out of here. Josh saying he hasn't told me that (lie). Sheila saying I haven't done anything to him. NT - FrouFrou
3:54PM 25/03/2008

Josh just asked what the master plan is. Sheila says James, Josh and then Sharon. Josh saying I heard you would put me and Ryan on the block. NT - FrouFrou
3:55PM 25/03/2008

Adam comes over because Nat stole the camera. Josh saying he likes Kimberly more. Adam agrees. NT - FrouFrou
3:56PM 25/03/2008

Sheila talking about herself in the 3rd person. NT - FrouFrou
3:56PM 25/03/2008

Looking at the HOH pics so far. Nat saying I am very good photographer. Making fun of how many there are of Nat. NT - FrouFrou
3:57PM 25/03/2008

Josh asking if Chelsia is still in the DR. She is. NT - FrouFrou
3:58PM 25/03/2008

Adam saying he looks horrible in pictures. NT - FrouFrou
3:58PM 25/03/2008

Sharon saying fun times. Good times. Again. NT - FrouFrou
3:59PM 25/03/2008

Josh making fun of Nat having a picture of Nat holding a picture of herself. Two nats in one photo. NT - FrouFrou
4:01PM 25/03/2008

Sheila asking how many pics they use. Josh says 15. NT - FrouFrou
4:01PM 25/03/2008

Sheila saying she is just joking about Kimberly. She is just bored. Josh saying he is working on Sebastian. NT - FrouFrou
4:02PM 25/03/2008

Adam saying Ryan Phillipe looks good in person. Good looking dude. NT - FrouFrou
4:03PM 25/03/2008

Talking about Reese and Jake. Now talking about Heath. NT - FrouFrou
4:03PM 25/03/2008

Still soaking in the ht. NT - FrouFrou
4:05PM 25/03/2008

Josh checking to see if Chelsia is out of DR so they can take hoh pics of her. NT - FrouFrou
4:07PM 25/03/2008

Sharon and Sheila chatting. Can't hear over ht. Def strat. NT - FrouFrou
4:08PM 25/03/2008

Nat saying do you feel a storm coming on (an attack on her)? Sheila says if they dole out alcohol possibly. NT - FrouFrou
4:09PM 25/03/2008

Still all 4 feeds outside. NT - FrouFrou
4:09PM 25/03/2008

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