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sharon asked about bb8 eric and jess,chels says jess is going to school and erics doing sh*t. NT - sunflower721
12:45PM 25/03/2008

sheila is talking but too low to make out.she put on her mic,talking about west side(?) people that are there. NT - sunflower721
12:47PM 25/03/2008

banner flying overhead NT - DanaRose
12:48PM 25/03/2008

airplane going over house josh,says is it a banner yes they all look up to see,they read it but nothing to do with house a movie banner. NT - sunflower721
12:48PM 25/03/2008

Banner says Run Fat Boy promotion lol NT - DanaRose
12:48PM 25/03/2008

Sheila says its a scorcher out here, Nat agrees and they both go in the pool where Josh and James are NT - DanaRose
12:53PM 25/03/2008

james and josh talking about CBS set,josh says they are on soundstage 18.josh hopes he looks like a native american when he gets out of house so he - sunflower721
12:54PM 25/03/2008

now james josh nat talking about when they got in house discussing dates and days in house. NT - sunflower721
12:55PM 25/03/2008

josh is asking sheila about CA and where best places to go to find homosexuals.Sheila tells them west wood,josh asking about best gay bar around there - sunflower721
12:57PM 25/03/2008

Josh asks where he can get the best margherita around there, Sheila and James say... - DanaRose
12:57PM 25/03/2008

LOL Ryan asks are guys allowed in lesbian bars? James says Yes,hes been to one NT - DanaRose
12:58PM 25/03/2008

sheila telling them about a good lesbian bar in westwood and that when she and her girlfriend were there chers daughter was there too. NT - sunflower721
12:58PM 25/03/2008

james and sheila are talking about movie party monster and when the guy gets out of jail (in real life) NT - sunflower721
1:00PM 25/03/2008

Sheila saying she used to go to the Limelight (in NYC) and knew the DJ Jellybean ...(more) - DanaRose
1:01PM 25/03/2008

chels in red BR gathering clothes/towels up. to throw in the washer NT - sunflower721
1:02PM 25/03/2008

james talking to josh sheila about raves he has been too.sheila says they are an ugly seen and how young the kids are going to them.says she is glad - sunflower721
1:05PM 25/03/2008

now they (james/josh/sheila) talking about meth.,james said he tried once and didn't like it,sheila said she would never do that. NT - sunflower721
1:07PM 25/03/2008

james and sheila talking about james' bike riding.where he will go and has been. NT - sunflower721
1:09PM 25/03/2008

BY crew in pool talking about computers,hard to hear as planes keep flying over head. NT - sunflower721
1:13PM 25/03/2008

sharon and josh in KT sharon making food.Nat and sheila still laying out. NT - sunflower721
1:56PM 25/03/2008

chelsia and nat in kitchen alone and chels asks how she can redeem herself with nat - echo
2:17PM 25/03/2008

nat and chels in KT eating chels asks nat if there is anyway to redeem herself with nat,asks what she has to do,nat says I don't know,then tells chels - sunflower721
2:17PM 25/03/2008

nat tells chels that stuff she said about her didnt bother her ,it was the stuff about matty,chels tells nat that he did try to do stuff with her. - sunflower721
2:20PM 25/03/2008

Nat/Chels in Kitchen - ShannonLK
2:21PM 25/03/2008

Chel/Nat talking about the times Matt kissed Chel. - SouthernBelladonna
2:22PM 25/03/2008
Chel was thrown on the bed by Matt, right after the couples split. NT - WVpdles
2:29PM 25/03/2008

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