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Topic #8460758
FrouFrou - Sheila saying we want Joshua to stay. Nat still not outside, so this could be noms. NT 0 Replies #8460758 4:39PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8460783
ILuvMySoldier - **TRIVIA** NT 0 Replies #8460783 4:41PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8460808
FrouFrou - Still on trivia. NT 0 Replies #8460808 4:43PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461208
Oak1984 - Still flames..(ED.nominations) NT 0 Replies #8461208 5:15PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461565
FrouFrou - We are back NT 0 Replies #8461565 5:34PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461570
Gorf - Feeds Nack Nat/Adam/Sheila in kicthen, Nat asking if her speech was ok NT 0 Replies #8461570 5:35PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461571
FrouFrou - Nat was saying was it mean. Nat says I can't be mean. NT 0 Replies #8461571 5:35PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461576
Brendabythebay - nat put Adam's key first in cuz he put hers in first last time. NT 0 Replies #8461576 5:36PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461584
FrouFrou - Adam telling Ryan to enjoy it. Nat saying I got them good. Talking about the POV. And Sharon can't get it. NT 0 Replies #8461584 5:36PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461591
FrouFrou - Nat and Sheila saying Sharon will keep it the same. So it is James and Josh up. NT 0 Replies #8461591 5:37PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461604
FrouFrou - Adam eating something. Ryan asking if Sheila is scared. She says no. NT 0 Replies #8461604 5:37PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461611
FrouFrou - Nat saying sorry Josh. Nat saying you have to win. It's do or die. NT 0 Replies #8461611 5:38PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461617
FrouFrou - James laying down quiet and calm. NT 0 Replies #8461617 5:38PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461624
FrouFrou - Ryan saying it's dinner time. Time for a protein shake. Adam saying you have no one to blame but yourself. NT 0 Replies #8461624 5:39PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461674
FrouFrou - Josh shaving his legs. Sharon saying it was good that it was so quick, because it didn't give him time to talk to Nat. Sharon says and I just pray 0 Replies #8461674 5:41PM 27/03/2008
that I win POV.
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Topic #8461688
FrouFrou - N/R/S/A being very loud and boisterious. Josh asks what James is doing now. Sharon says he just walked into the sauna. NT 0 Replies #8461688 5:42PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461705
FrouFrou - Josh shaving his feet now with the electric hair trimmer. NT 1 Replies #8461705 5:43PM 27/03/2008
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FrouFrou - I'm out someone take over. NT #8461767 5:45PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8461902
Shannon72 - Nat/Sheila/Adam/Ryan sitting around kitchen counter - Nat asking what they can do. (Adult) 0 Replies #8461902 5:52PM 27/03/2008
R - Nothing
A - There's nothing to do. It's getting more boring in here.
N - We've talked about everything. What's left to talk about?

Ryan said that Adam is becoming more sexy and asks Sheila if she agrees. She hesitates but says that as she has gotten to know him he has become more sexy. Adam is just smiling and laughing. Sheila says she didn't like Adam from Day 1 but now that it's Day 50 she still doesn't like him but she's tried. Sheila saying deep down she likes him. Adam said, "God da*m, I should have voted you the F out" -- jokingly. Then Adam gets behind Sheila and starts humping her like a dog.

The group now talking about how long they have gone without sex. Sheila and Ryan asking Nat why her and Adam don't have sex. Nat saying that she likes Adam but she hasn't even had sex with Matt. (ed. uh huh - OK Bill Clinton).
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Topic #8461908
sexylexie1 - Josh now shaving his bush. Sharon says it's going to be girls against the boys next week. Do you think we can turn you into a girl. NT 1 Replies #8461908 5:52PM 27/03/2008

*edited to add NT to the subject line
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SuzyHomemaker - Josh didn't say a word. NT #8461953 5:54PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8462067
Shannon72 - Kitchen crew talking about POV comp tomorrow and all think that it's going to be a monumental and epic one. 0 Replies #8462067 6:00PM 27/03/2008
Adam is continuing to dry hump Sheila from behind. Sheila telling him he's gross and needs to go choke the monkey. Sheila telling Adam that he and Chels should have hooked up.

Sheila leaves and Sharon enters.

Adam and Ryan are tossing around a balled up papertowel. Ryan had bent over to pick up the papertowel ball and his pants split.

Sharon saying she wants to go to bed because she can't sit around and be hungry (because she's on slop).

James just came into kitchen to get something to drink. Not saying anything to Nat or Sharon. Nat trying to make small talk with him.
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Topic #8462149
Shannon72 - James and Natalie in SR -- Nat telling James that if she wins POV maybe they can work something out. 0 Replies #8462149 6:05PM 27/03/2008
Nat coming and going from sauna room and James is sitting in sauna deep in thought.
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Topic #8462218
Shannon72 - Sheila, Sharon and Josh in BR. Sheila saying how they are not going to get any alcohol because they can't have any since they are on slop. 0 Replies #8462218 6:08PM 27/03/2008
Sheila plucking her whiskers and eyebrows with tweezers.

Sharon and Josh leave bathroom. Josh is not talking much and pouting because he's on the block.

Back to Sheila plucking away. She said to Josh, "they really know how to tear a girl down. Slop... that time of the month... what else?". Josh says nothing.
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Topic #8462244
sunflower721 - james is hanging out i nthe sauna.sheilas in the WC tweezing her brows,josh just out of the shower.sharon washing hands.Out BY nat/a/ry/ playing w/ 0 Replies #8462244 6:11PM 27/03/2008
basketball and hoop from the swimming pool.( a game they call Pigskin.)
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Topic #8462294
Shannon72 - Nat, Ryan and Adam playing BB's version of basketball in backyard 0 Replies #8462294 6:15PM 27/03/2008
Adam and Ryan talking about how Josh is pissy because he's on the block now and upset that it is now official.

No game talk. Just the three of them now playing basketball having fun.

Nat is a short white skirt with knee socks. Adam in those grey nasty sweatpants. Ryan is his split-down-the-crack pants.

Sharon and Josh now out there sitting around the hottub. Nat talking to them about the POV and how she believes it's going to be physical. Sharon wants it to be a puzzle. Nat saying maybe it'll be a physical puzzle. (ed. riveting convo)

Sheila now outside with bunch. James MIA - still in SR.
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Topic #8462298
sunflower721 - now sheila josh and sharon are out by HT dipping feet it.sheila is talking about chels (hard to hear.).. NT 0 Replies #8462298 6:15PM 27/03/2008
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