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Topic #8464645
keekeet - James inside, wrapped up in blankets on bed, sleeping NT 0 Replies #8464645 8:55PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464650
ILuvMySoldier - Josh talking about his wake up dance-wig, gloves, bonnet-ready to go prop wise NT 0 Replies #8464650 8:55PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464712
ILuvMySoldier - Nat still talking about sending James to Matt as a bday present NT 0 Replies #8464712 8:59PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464744
ILuvMySoldier - Sheila talking about a convo with James regarding Chels.. She wanted to confront Chels 0 Replies #8464744 9:00PM 27/03/2008
but James said don't.. Chels just wanted to rile She before HOH Comp. James said it would have made situation worse. Sharon is going up to HOH to listen to Nat's Cd

(going to get ice cream... bbl)
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Topic #8464793
ILuvMySoldier - Talking about the breastfeeding comment-double sworded msg in there.. NT 0 Replies #8464793 9:03PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464794
keekeet - Ryan wandering around the house 0 Replies #8464794 9:03PM 27/03/2008
Ended up in pink bedroom. Sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes, appeared to be thinking. Gets up, goes to blue boat room. Looking around. Called to DR.
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Topic #8464829
keekeet - Sharon up in HOH 0 Replies #8464829 9:05PM 27/03/2008
Alone, put on the headphones, sitting on the bed.
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Topic #8464851
ILuvMySoldier - Sheila thought the breast feedding comment was in regards to Nat being able to squirt milk out.. it was.. but also towards Sheila too NT 0 Replies #8464851 9:06PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464887
ILuvMySoldier - Sheila going on and on about Chels will get it once Chels sees the goodbye messages.. (didn't show Sheila's though...) NT 0 Replies #8464887 9:08PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8464904
keekeet - Sheila talking about needing to win the POV, Chelsia discussion - 0 Replies #8464904 9:09PM 27/03/2008
Natalie saying how ungrateful Chelsia was.
Sheila says she didn't get it. Natalie: Chelsia was jealous. Both are saying they got the last laugh in their goodbye messages.
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Topic #8464934
sunflower721 - Ryan is sitting in the cottage BR on his bed (he looks very down),sharon out by HT,asked nat if she can listen to her Yellowcard CD up in HOH,nat ... 0 Replies #8464934 9:10PM 27/03/2008
says sure go ahead and to listen to track 4.

sheila/adam/nat/josh all by/in HT.

Sheila still talking about chels antics last night on the live show.Now she is talking about how james scares her.

Nat says that he doesnt scare her.

Sheila says she needs to step up her game because everyone thinks she is a floater,adam pipes up a breastfeeder (LOL ed.) sheila thought chels meant about natalie lactating.They said no that chels meant about her feeding off of the other houseguests.

sheila said she so did not get that.
sheila says that chels so trashed me and I didn't even know it,I've been breastfeeding and I didnt even know it (LOL ed.)

nat: how did you not get it.

sheila:I so thought she was talking about natalie.

Nat:Don't worry she (chels) will look back on this five or six years ago from now and regret it.

Sheila:She was so smart,who knew she was so smart.I didnt have a clue.

James is in bed sleeping (as usual LOL ed.)

Ryan is in the Dr.

Convo by the BY HT crew is all about chels ( been most of the day by sheila especially).

Sheila says we all got the last laugh and we are not even allowed to talk about it.

Josh saying how when he was HOH HGs wanted him to have a nuclear explosion when he was HOH.

Sheila asks Adam that since he has all the BB seasons on DVD if he ever saw an exit like Chels nat and josh say no,adam not saying much.
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Topic #8465082
sunflower721 - sheila said she got a sign from james ,something james told her gave her insight that she will win POV she will not tell the other HGs because she 0 Replies #8465082 9:19PM 27/03/2008
thinks it will jinx her in the POV they are all begging to hear what james told her,she keep refusing,but promises to tell them after.she says but if I dont win I'll feel bad.

She finally tells them James told sheila when he was evicted he told Julie chen that he thought sheila was the biggest threat in the house.

Sheila:do u believe it?

Nat Nods and says yes.

Josh:Yes he has said that before.

Sheila I want to win tomorrow because I dont like what he (james)and she(chels) did to you (natalie),matty,adam and myself.

sheila goes inside and adam says I hope she does get it (pov)

nat:says sheila is due.

Sheila called to Dr.

Ryan is out of DR in boat room getting dressed.

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Topic #8465103
sunflower721 - ryan now in WC taking a shower. NT 0 Replies #8465103 9:21PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8465189
sunflower721 - N/JO/Ad talking about getting various BB tattoos on them after they are out of house.Nat wants a mermaid with BB9 somewhere ,josh wants a 9 on his ... 0 Replies #8465189 9:30PM 27/03/2008
chest,adam just kind of listening to them talking.

Sharon out with the HT crew.

Sharon tell nat that everything happens for a reason and you won HOH to take him (james) out.

Nats saying its going to happen I know it.

Nats going upstairs to hang out,then changes mind and tells josh and sharon she is going to go in the sauna.

Sharon telling josh if HOH comes down to her and Josh she would throw it for josh to have it if its mental she tells josh to let her have it.if its mental she will drop out.

Sharons telling josh that Nat and them are gunning for James to be out.

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Topic #8465200
sunflower721 - Nat and ryan now staring at the memory wall talking numbers and POV. NT 0 Replies #8465200 9:32PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8465227
sunflower721 - Josh out BY on the couch talking to sharon telling her if he wins POV he will take himself off,if you (sharon)wins POV keep it the same. 0 Replies #8465227 9:34PM 27/03/2008
Josh is saying he is not a block person,sharon agrees with him.Josh feels physical comp coming up,sharon thinks so too says she is ready.

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Topic #8465277
sunflower721 - josh saying we can knock these F*ckers out.Sharon said James needs to go.Josh agrees.Both saying its going to be physcial.Sharon saying that people 0 Replies #8465277 9:38PM 27/03/2008
are scared fo Natalie.Saying they (josh and SHaron) need to knock her out of the game down the road.Telling josh they can drag sheila to end because she will vote nat out.Josh agrees.
Josh asks if James is sleeping,sharon doesnt know,josh says he heard that james is in a fetal position in his bed.(he is ed.).Sharon says he doesnt have that many places to go in the house.

Sharon saying sheila doesnt have nats back,she does for the time being.

Adam and Ryan in cottage room.
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Topic #8465304
sunflower721 - Nat in sauna smiling and praying to God,(hard to hear her)says something about its D-U- triple N LOL,and she is giggling. NT 0 Replies #8465304 9:41PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8465392
sunflower721 - sheila out of Dr and IN BY now talking said she asked for Midol for her cramps .Adam says you are a pill fiend.Sheila says 0 Replies #8465392 9:47PM 27/03/2008
no she gets really bad cramps.JOsh talking about POV he is freaking out,ryan says all the energy is on their side,Sheila tells Josh he needs a a pep talk and she is going to give him one.

He says he is having a hard time because of being on block and this is first day of slop for him.
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Topic #8465427
sunflower721 - ryan talking about the billions of parties they have missed since they have been in BB house.Sharon assures Josh they got POV in the bag.Ryan says it 0 Replies #8465427 9:50PM 27/03/2008
comp just for him like a gay comp because BB likes him (josh).

Josh goes in house with sharon to get some BBQ sauce (yuck ed.)

Ryan in now washing his glass out and getting some H2O
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Topic #8465475
sunflower721 - Sharon is talking to her babiiieeesss.Ryan asks her why she didnt use her slop pass,she said she didnt want to use it when everyone was on it.... 0 Replies #8465475 9:54PM 27/03/2008
sharon now cutting up strawberries for the GPs.

Sharon telling Josh and ryan that the slop really didnt affect her when she was on it before.

ryan saying how GPs jump when they hear sharon and run to the side of cage when they see her coming(with food). (cute ed.)
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Topic #8465742
sunflower721 - James in laying in his bed,awake but not moving.Adam josh sheila and nat in KT talking and joking around.Sheila tells them she has ADD. NT 0 Replies #8465742 10:23PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8465907
sunflower721 - James wants to leave the house now,he said he has been laying in bed thinking about it,every fng week he has to put up with the Hgs. 0 Replies #8465907 10:35PM 27/03/2008
sheila is telling him that james is scared too.telling james how she has been giving josh a pep talk.

James:I have a 1 in 6 chance of winning.

Sheila He does too (Referring to josh)

James:dont give me a pep talk.

Sheila:I'm nor because of your little g/f (chels)

James:I am guilty by association.Telling sheila to please shut up he just woke up.

Sheila telling him how he kicked ass when he came back into the house.

james:tells sheila to stop being and saying sorry,that he is the annoying houseguest that woke leave,he is aggravated how he had to lay there and listen to everyone talk out him.

James:I am not mad at you sheila.

he is mad at the house in general.

Adam saying how sheila thinks he is a nice guy.

James says how we should get after ryan about jen,because they are getting marrried.

Sheila says she knows then brings up chels again how sheils has done nothing to her and she felt need to take it out on her.

James: then take it out on me.

james just wants to be left alone for a bit.

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Topic #8466104
IanK - james: Does Nat think shes winning this Josh: yes she thinks she winning it NT 0 Replies #8466104 10:48PM 27/03/2008
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Topic #8466204
IanK - Josh: I will be next week, then Sharon the week after. 0 Replies #8466204 10:53PM 27/03/2008
Sharon back from DR.

BB: Nat please go to the DR

Josh: The Chelsia thing isnt going over to well
Josh: the numbers arent on my Side
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