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IanK BB: Joshua, please go to the DR NT 0 10:54PM 27/03/2008
IanK James talking to Sharon in BR. 0 10:58PM 27/03/2008
IanK Sharon: Its not good, im not gonna lie. James: Sheila's discusting 0 11:03PM 27/03/2008
IanK James: give me a break, give me a week off, James in deep thought NT 0 11:05PM 27/03/2008
IanK James to Adam: I understand why Chelsia blew up, every one said your ok, dont worry. 0 11:10PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction BB: James plz go to the DR NT 0 11:15PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction Adam gets up in front of the camera in F1 and waves (in the surf room) NT 0 11:17PM 27/03/2008
IanK BB Ryan Stop that...................Thank you 0 11:18PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction Nat and Sheila in BY by pool table talking about Chelsia 0 11:24PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction Nat: James was jealous that Matty could get Chelsia and so he had to get him out NT 0 11:27PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction Adam joins Nat and Sheila in BY. 0 11:30PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction She: I just pissed him off and I am done. Do you have any idea how much stuff they 0 11:31PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction Sheila: Guess what? Being a nice person does not work in this game 0 11:33PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction F1 and 2 on Adam, Josh and Sharon in surf room. Josh pulling his pants down in the back ( pretty sure adam smacked his butt) 0 11:35PM 27/03/2008
cannotsleep James says he is going to make Kimberly's life a living f'ing hell for the next 5 days, and for the seven days after that if he stays in the house NT 0 11:35PM 27/03/2008
JanJan James going OFF on Sheila in the BY. (ed: Yikes!) NT 0 11:37PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction James is going outside to confront Sheila 0 11:38PM 27/03/2008
JanJan After a heated exchange...James went inside, Sheila in BY doing laundry. 0 11:39PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction James (loudly): "Hey Adam. Your stupid c--t is looking for you" NT 0 11:40PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction James tells Sharon that he wanted to punch Sheila. NT 0 11:41PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction Sheila is sitting in the BY alone on F3 and 4 NT 0 11:42PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction Nat comes out of DR and comes into surf room 0 11:45PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction James says "F--k you Sheila you f---ing c--nt. Go s--t your dome!" NT 0 11:50PM 27/03/2008
Tikkanen James continues to melt down to Nat/Ryan, crying that he is alone in the game, etc. Nat points out he has Josh/Sharon, who watch silently. NT 0 11:52PM 27/03/2008
BB_Addiction Adam and James now getting into an argument. Adam says "F--k you then brother!" NT 1 11:53PM 27/03/2008
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