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echo josh now showering, sheila done with hers, ryan lays back in his bed, all else resting or sleeping NT 0 9:01AM 27/03/2008
echo josh and sheila discuss her starting a fan club called the bush is back NT 1 9:05AM 27/03/2008
echo ryan says you realize how many people have left when you only see a few battery packs in sr 1 9:08AM 27/03/2008
echo sheila says shes glad chels is gone and that shes wearing horns and spittin out venom, josh in bathroom chair NT 0 9:13AM 27/03/2008
echo sheila and josh think james will go out the same way chels did, shows lack of respect and maturity NT 0 9:14AM 27/03/2008
echo ryan making bed, adam is awake singing ..flames NT 0 9:17AM 27/03/2008
echo ryan is jokinly tellin adam sheila went down on nat till 4 am NT 0 9:18AM 27/03/2008
tracinicole and we get flames NT 0 9:18AM 27/03/2008
echo adam in wc, josh shaving, sheila puttin on makeup, ryan on bathrrom couch NT 0 9:21AM 27/03/2008
echo adam sayin a womans period is "unclean time" NT 1 9:22AM 27/03/2008
genx FLAMES from Sheila/Adam/Josh talking about DR NT 0 9:24AM 27/03/2008
echo sheila still confused what rode hard sayin came from NT 1 9:25AM 27/03/2008
echo sharon off to change batteries, adam washing face and yeeling rode hard and laughing NT 0 9:26AM 27/03/2008
echo sheila sayin chels was jealous dick gave sheila all his attention NT 0 9:27AM 27/03/2008
genx Back from FLAMES. Adam keeps saying to Sheila "Rode hard". Sheila reminds Adam that Chelsia called him "spineless". 0 9:28AM 27/03/2008
echo josh tells sharon i only want to give the people paying to watch what they want, dont hate me 0 9:31AM 27/03/2008
genx Sharon is putting dishes away in KT. Sheila/Adam/Ryan still in the WC. Josh joins Sharon in the KT. 0 9:31AM 27/03/2008
genx Few seconds ago, Josh tells Sharon that they need to smash the "house is divided" thing. NT 0 9:32AM 27/03/2008
genx Adam is yelling "rode hard" through the house. Sheila is now laughing about Chelsia's comment. NT 0 9:33AM 27/03/2008
echo sheila sayin rode hard will end up on talk soup, ryan tellin her shes a legend NT 0 9:34AM 27/03/2008
echo josh thinks viewers love when ther old person in the house kicks the young kids ass thats why dick was popular NT 0 9:35AM 27/03/2008
genx You can hear Adam saying "Good morning, Natalie" really loud. 0 9:35AM 27/03/2008
echo adam talkin to nat whos in shower shes hung over had too much wine NT 0 9:37AM 27/03/2008
echo josh says hes the best looking gay guy to ever be on bb NT 0 9:48AM 27/03/2008
echo josh says it would have been funny if they tazered chels on her way out, sheila asks if you can say anything to julie on the couch, shes appalled NT 0 9:55AM 27/03/2008
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