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IanK All the hamsters are sleeping now NT 0 2:26AM 27/03/2008
IanK James is up and going to the BY for a smoke NT 0 2:45AM 27/03/2008
IanK James changed his mind and is now in the BR didnt wash his hands, now back outside standing with his arms crossed looking lost NT 0 2:47AM 27/03/2008
IanK Now hes playing a game of pool. NT 0 2:52AM 27/03/2008
icant James is talking to himself, " How bad do you really want the money? If you didn't want the money, you should have used the veto on Chelsia." NT 0 2:59AM 27/03/2008
icant After covering up pool table and HT, James goes inside to KT, gets candy and sits at counter. NT 0 3:09AM 27/03/2008
icant He keeps staring at Chelsia's picture on the memory wall, makes swimming motions with what looks like Swedish Fish candy, eats them, looks at C's pic 0 3:19AM 27/03/2008
icant James walks over to memory wall, looks at a pic (maybe Matt's?) and says, "****in' goon," then looks at C's pic (I'm guessing; can only see 0 3:27AM 27/03/2008
icant Adam came out a few minutes ago and complained about some lights in the middle of the room bothering him, went back to bed. J still playing chess. NT 0 3:36AM 27/03/2008
icant James back to bed...all other HG's seem to be sleeping. NT 0 3:41AM 27/03/2008
emy All HGs are sleeping NT 0 4:59AM 27/03/2008
urban_treasure All HGs are still sleeping. NT 0 6:09AM 27/03/2008
cdnshannon All HGs still sleeping. NT 0 7:53AM 27/03/2008
echo flames NT 0 8:22AM 27/03/2008
emy Flames! NT 0 8:23AM 27/03/2008
tracinicole 8:42 BBT - We still have FLAMES! NT 0 8:42AM 27/03/2008
echo josh in sr in undies chaging batteries, then ryan, sharon still in bed groggy NT 0 8:45AM 27/03/2008
echo sheila in wc josh discussing the wake up songs NT 0 8:46AM 27/03/2008
echo josh says hes on the same cycle as the rest of the girls to sheila a ryan 0 8:48AM 27/03/2008
echo rayn brushing teeth, sheila getting in shower, josh still makin coffee noone else seems to be up NT 0 8:50AM 27/03/2008
echo josh tells sharon its only 845 very early, complains he was tossing and turning, james buried beneath blanket 0 8:52AM 27/03/2008
tracinicole Not much going on. Sheila in the shower. Ryan at bar in KT reading a box NT 0 8:55AM 27/03/2008
echo ryan and josh in kitchen ryan tells him hes gonna be ok, rayn will give josh his vote NT 0 8:56AM 27/03/2008
echo ryan complains they dont give them enough oj, josh says one gallon a week, NT 0 8:58AM 27/03/2008
echo bb voice good morning houseguests you have one hr till the food comp NT 0 8:58AM 27/03/2008
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