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IanK Nat saying Iam sending Matty his birthday present, James is that present NT 0 1:04AM 27/03/2008
IanK Sheila and nat talking about how nasty Cheslia was when she was leaving. Josh just lying there thinking NT 0 1:10AM 27/03/2008
IanK Sheila telling Josh that James is trying to psych him out so he will go off on Nat and Sheila and gets evicted instead of James NT 0 1:12AM 27/03/2008
IanK Nat keeps repeating James is going home, I'm the tie breaker James is going home NT 0 1:14AM 27/03/2008
IanK Josh is worried because James won 2 POV's and 2 HOH's NT 0 1:17AM 27/03/2008
IanK Josh feels the last POV was tailored to James, Nat says she will do anything to get rid of James. Now nat going on about the number 7 NT 0 1:22AM 27/03/2008
IanK nat: dont mess with a girl who believes in God NT 0 1:26AM 27/03/2008
IanK nat saying Chelsia was cast for the hardcore b*tch Chelsia asked how she can redeem herself to Nat, and she said you cant 0 1:30AM 27/03/2008
mkeep Josh is totally throwing James "under the bus" NT 0 1:31AM 27/03/2008
IanK Nat saying people think im dumb, I may look dumb because I have big ***s but im not dumb NT 0 1:36AM 27/03/2008
Woofie For the last 1/2 hr or so, Adam and Ryan laying in bed talking as guys do... 0 1:36AM 27/03/2008
IanK Nat denying giving Matt a BJ, we just kissed and I touched his chest but I never gave him a BJ (mmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmm NT 0 1:37AM 27/03/2008
Woofie Adam saying how Nat and Shelia are probably in the bubble bath together and then flames NT 0 1:40AM 27/03/2008
KingMac Nat saying how could chelsia talk about her and a bj when you guys were having sex... NT 0 1:40AM 27/03/2008
KingMac Sheil asks- omg so they realy did have sex? josh- Yes many times, and last night did you herr how them? than we get foth... 0 1:42AM 27/03/2008
IanK nat telling Josh, your going to stay, trust me your going to stay and then flames NT 0 1:46AM 27/03/2008
IanK Nat keeps saying she is going to send Matt his birthday present. Nat still saying the Matt didnt "Finger bang" Chelsia NT 0 1:50AM 27/03/2008
Woofie Adam wondering about his representation by BB saying they ripped him (laughing about it) about the baby food and 0 1:51AM 27/03/2008
Woofie Adam "I wish there wasn't a dumb camera in the HOH hallway so I could go and listen by the door" NT 0 1:53AM 27/03/2008
IanK Nat saying James promised Nat final two. Sheila listening to music, looks totally tuned out to Nats rants NT 0 1:54AM 27/03/2008
Woofie A/R talking about lifting weights.. Ryan sounds like hes falling asleep, Adam kinda hyped up NT 0 1:55AM 27/03/2008
IanK james says im gonna sleep easy cuz you have this week under control NT 1 2:03AM 27/03/2008
IanK Josh left HOH to go to bed, Sheila and Nat talking more about Chelsia NT 0 2:15AM 27/03/2008
IanK Sheila now in her own bed, Nat is looking at her pictures NT 0 2:17AM 27/03/2008
IanK Nat lying in bed reading her letter from home, all the other HG's are fast asleep NT 0 2:20AM 27/03/2008
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