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IanK Ryan, James, and Sheila in kitchen general chit chat NT 1 12:06AM 27/03/2008
IanK james: are we on good terms Sheila Sheila: oh yeah we are NT 0 12:07AM 27/03/2008
IanK Sheila and Nat talking in HOH NT 0 12:09AM 27/03/2008
IanK Adam and Ryan in BR, Adam reading the bible NT 0 12:13AM 27/03/2008
IanK Adam and Ryan whispering, to low to hear NT 0 12:16AM 27/03/2008
IanK BB: Sharon please exchange your microphone for one in the 0 12:17AM 27/03/2008
IanK BB: Adam please put on your microphone 0 12:17AM 27/03/2008
cannotsleep Adam whispers to Ryan "If Pinky stays, we go." Adam replies "Pinkys got to go" NT 0 12:17AM 27/03/2008
IanK Adam and Ryan now in BY smoking talking about googling 0 12:19AM 27/03/2008
IanK Adam goes to the washroom comes out and doesnt wash his 0 12:24AM 27/03/2008
IanK Ryan: we have to get James out because he will come after 0 12:26AM 27/03/2008
cannotsleep Josh telling James and Sharon that Natalie and Sheila are like sisters now NT 0 12:26AM 27/03/2008
IanK Adam goes to the BR, takes off his mic, looks like hes 0 12:30AM 27/03/2008
IanK Ryan walks in the BR and Adam asks if he beat one off in 0 12:32AM 27/03/2008
IanK Adam and Ryan now talking about Gesha girls NT 0 12:33AM 27/03/2008
IanK Ryan talking about dewy points and we get flames NT 0 12:39AM 27/03/2008
IanK adam hopes its a messy food comp, and now wonders where sequester is. NT 0 12:41AM 27/03/2008
IanK Sharon yelled Baller, I remember the question, it was who would give more money to charitym Adam or Sheila NT 0 12:45AM 27/03/2008
IanK Flames NT 0 12:48AM 27/03/2008
IanK Nat and Sheila still talking in HOH talking about Nats family and flames NT 0 12:50AM 27/03/2008
IanK Nat and sheila looking at nats pictures, and nat is explaining who each person is NT 0 12:52AM 27/03/2008
IanK Sheila leaving HOH to wash her face and put on her robe. Nat is going to look for more music to listen to NT 0 12:54AM 27/03/2008
IanK Josh looking at the memory wall walking around the kitchen in his tighty whiteys. looks deep in thought NT 0 12:58AM 27/03/2008
IanK Josh goes into HOH and lays down on the bed NT 0 12:59AM 27/03/2008
IanK Josh is wondering what the POV comp will be, looks worried. Nat says James is out, hes gone. 0 1:02AM 27/03/2008
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