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JanJan S told N to lock the door and states "I WILL be sleeping in the HOH (as long as James is in the house)." NT 0 12:00AM 28/03/2008
KWren11 James called to Diary Room.... NT 0 12:05AM 28/03/2008
KWren11 Sheila says James got in her face within like six inches and she was ready to go to the DR 0 12:08AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Josh and Sharon in bedroom talking.. Nat just came down and is talking to Josh .. 0 12:22AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Nat left .. Josh and Sharon talking about how fired up James is and now JOsh is scared because James is so fired up to go after the house NT 0 12:26AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Nat in pink room telling Ryan and Baller to get their game faces on and giving them a pep talk about tomorrows competition NT 0 12:28AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Nat saying goodnight to the boys, now giving pep talks to Josh.. rehashing the nights events with Josh and Sharon again NT 0 12:31AM 28/03/2008
Woofie James still in DR if anyone is still wondering... NT 0 12:33AM 28/03/2008
Woofie J/Sharon/N talking about possible competitions for tomorrow, Josh scared now that James is fired up, Nat says God is on her side NT 0 12:35AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Nat leaves and says goodnight.. Baller comes in and chats with Josh.. Josh saying 0 12:37AM 28/03/2008
Woofie All feeds on Shelia/Nat in HOH. Shelia saying shes going to tell the DR that James needs to stop 0 12:40AM 28/03/2008
Woofie James in the Kitchen talking to Josh, James wondering why they haven't closed the backyard 0 12:43AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Shelia comes out of bathroom and James asking Shelia if shes alright and Shelia says i asked natalie to put me up on the block ... 0 12:45AM 28/03/2008
TracyTurnblad Trivia NT 0 12:45AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Josh tells James that its James' game to win and that he (josh) pretty much doesn't have nothing left in him to fight. FLAMES NT 0 12:47AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Shelia upstairs yelling loudly to Natalie. Shes pissed because she says that Adam is downstairs throwing her under the bus NT 0 12:49AM 28/03/2008
Woofie conversation in hoh between N/Shelia on F1 F2, J/J in Kitchen talking on F3 F4 NT 0 12:51AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Josh and James talking about how the rest of the game is going to go down and its going to be very hard. Both in somber moods... 0 12:54AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Josh saying how it sucks cuz they can't escape. They are over the halfway mark ... (all 4 feeds on J/J) NT 0 12:56AM 28/03/2008
Woofie James talking about how people don't really want to get to know you as a person in the house, they just want to know you for competition purposes.. 0 1:00AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Josh saying that when he first came into the house he knew he wasn't going to be in the sexy 6 and that the girls would "run the muck" and 0 1:05AM 28/03/2008
KingMac Josh says walking in here he knew was not going to be apart of the sexy 6 (the cool kids) because his whole life he been on the outside.. 0 1:06AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Josh saying he can't wait to take of this facade that he has .. he just wants to be normal again 0 1:08AM 28/03/2008
Woofie James turns back to game talk.. wonders if he should go ask Nat to put shelia up and Josh says go ask her it can't hurt pretty much 0 1:10AM 28/03/2008
Woofie James saying they need to go to bed and get ready for the epic competition 0 1:16AM 28/03/2008
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