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JanJan Ryan eating a bowl of slop goes to BY, Nat goes out too. As a plane flys overhead 0 10:10PM 28/03/2008
JanJan Nat chooses to let dishes soak while she lets her food digest. Sheila comes in kitchen and states that she is NOT gonna do those dishes. 0 10:14PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat and Sharon talking. Sharon throwing Ryan under the bus. But she made sure first that Sharon wasn't going to put her up first. NT 0 10:16PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat telling Sharon that James/Josh and Ryan are trying to send Sharon home. Nat saying we are even they both put me up on the block. NT 0 10:17PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Sharon saying she thinks it is funny. Nat saying she wants to stick with her original plan and get rid of the boys. NT 0 10:18PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Sharon just told Nat again that James will put up Adam and Ryan again. his meter has changed. NT 0 10:19PM 28/03/2008
JanJan Sharon trying to convince Nat that J/J would be F2 if they keep Josh. 0 10:20PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat asking who James will try to take to the end? Sharon tells him someone weak. Nat says Sheila. Sharon saying she doesn't know. NT 0 10:21PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying I have always been told that Josh and James were coming after me. Sharon says not before. Sharon now saying that Josh tells James every- 0 10:22PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Sharon playing the girls against guys card. NT 0 10:23PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying you have to make deals to Sharon. Nat saying us girls have to stick together. NT 0 10:25PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Sharon totally playing the con artist card with Nat. NT 0 10:26PM 28/03/2008
FrouFrou Nat saying I called him a bum because he has family not homeless. NT 0 10:27PM 28/03/2008
mrmac Adam and Ryan playing pool, and having a convo about Josh vs. Sharon. Ryan feels that Sharon is all for the girls vs. the guys and bigger threat. NT 0 10:36PM 28/03/2008
Taffy Nat, Sheila and Sharon plotting...Sheila livid at how James/Josh has been playing 0 10:56PM 28/03/2008
alexarae71 Natalie is talking to sharon and shelia seems as if she is turning on ryan and making a new alliance with girls....if she 0 11:04PM 28/03/2008
lakeview Adam/Ryan/Josh near pool table 0 11:06PM 28/03/2008
alexarae71 Josh and James whispering in pull out BR NT 0 11:08PM 28/03/2008
Taffy Nat: I'm sticking with you girls! they are looking at the HOH cam 0 11:15PM 28/03/2008
lakeview Nat/Adam doing dishes and various other people enter and leave (more) 0 11:26PM 28/03/2008
Jolt10 Sharon/Josh/James in BR Josh says to Sharon "I heard you were crying up in HOH" 0 11:44PM 28/03/2008
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