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WhatdoIKnow Josh/James/Nat talking about Sheila wanting to go on the block Nat: I break the tie... I don't know if that'd make her quiet or worse and laughs NT 1 11:12AM 28/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier Adam yelled at by BB with the "mean voice" to put on mic AGAIN NT 0 11:15AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Nat has a feeling that this POV's going to be tedius...they've been talking about how simple it was to set up the tea cups from BB8 (couple of bowling 1 11:15AM 28/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier BB: Do not discuss DR sessions.. even though they were not really talking about them per say; Ryan exchange mic please NT 0 11:21AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Josh dancing in and on a chair, jumps off (cheerleader moves?) NT 0 11:32AM 28/03/2008
cjo Sheila / Sharon in boat room. Sharon saying she wants to lead by 0 11:35AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow House lockdown still on, Josh doing cheers in the kitchen now (spelling out Texas) 0 11:35AM 28/03/2008
cjo Sheila says Sharon comes from a good family, and it shows. NT 0 11:36AM 28/03/2008
cjo Sheila DISing on Adam (I think) saying a man shouldn't pick his nose, 1 11:37AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Josh/Nat talking about past theme songs and about all the airtime they're getting on BB, Showtime, online NT 0 11:37AM 28/03/2008
cjo Sharon just being quite while Sheila is talking about Josh & James. NT 0 11:39AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Sheila going on about how all one comes into this world with is your parents and your siblings and to take advantage of that NT 0 11:40AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Josh/Nat/James in kitchen talking about past seasons of BB, Sheila repeating herself about family "Dr. Sheila for today" 0 11:42AM 28/03/2008
cjo Sheila saying all kinds of things in boat room with Sharon (more) 0 11:42AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow James talking about going to Iowa and visiting Chelsia, and where to hangout NT 0 11:42AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Sheila's now crying, F4 zoomin in for a closeup of her wiping away tears 0 11:45AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow James now talking about a bunch of kids pulling him over to stay at their place 1 11:46AM 28/03/2008
cjo Sheila tells Sharon to this point she's been so afraid, but she can't be 0 11:47AM 28/03/2008
cjo Sharon & Sheila still in boat room (more) 0 11:48AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow FlamessNT 0 11:48AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Sheila asking Sharon how she feels about coming from a Christian family 0 11:52AM 28/03/2008
erin33520 James and Nat talking about Eugene (OR) and the Univ of OR and Portland 0 11:56AM 28/03/2008
TheMike James talking to Nat in kitchen 0 11:56AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Sharon says this show is either going to mentally or physically break you down, you choose which one it is 0 11:57AM 28/03/2008
erin33520 James says the reason he was so upset was that Sheila was the one person in the house saying she had his back 0 11:58AM 28/03/2008
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