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evillady All feeds showing HG sleeping.. NT 0 2:30AM 28/03/2008
BB9Sucked All HG's still sleeping. NT 0 6:34AM 28/03/2008
diabloblanco ...still sleeping... NT 0 6:34AM 28/03/2008
emy And they sleep....still NT 0 8:13AM 28/03/2008
bcbmom Lights in the dividers in rooms have been turned on..getting up soon maybe. NT 0 8:51AM 28/03/2008
Oak1984 TRIVIA (Wakey wakey time?) NT 0 9:20AM 28/03/2008
bcbmom ....still trivia.... NT 1 9:35AM 28/03/2008
bcbmom Shelia in shower..ryan shaving..sharon in shower 0 9:48AM 28/03/2008
ghostman She, Sha, Ry in the WR. Ryan is shaving. She and Sha in the shower. NT 0 9:49AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Sharon feeding the GPs, Ryan making slop, Sheila going on and on about people not able to handle the truth 0 10:12AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Flames NT 0 10:13AM 28/03/2008
TracyTurnblad Flames NT 0 10:13AM 28/03/2008
sunflower721 ryan and adam in cottage room and james in his bed they are talking about sheila bleeding (she has her period) while in the shower,ryan sd he (grphic 0 10:29AM 28/03/2008
sunflower721 yuck ed... now and james in KT nat comes downstairs,ryan and james tell nat about all the blood,nat says no way?You saw it,ryan says yea,then they 0 10:31AM 28/03/2008
sunflower721 nat and adam making breakfast.nat making eggs in a basket for him.nat offers boys her protein shakes from upstairs.with 40 grams of prot. NT 0 10:33AM 28/03/2008
sunflower721 james tells nat he has heard sheila wants to go on the block,nat,yes sheila is adament about going home,james ask is nat will honor her request and 0 10:40AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Sharon and Sheila in the boat room talking - Sharon saying that they're all 0 10:45AM 28/03/2008
sunflower721 sheila and sharon in boat room talking,then,flames.feeds back and sharon says she needs to win HOH.sharon keeps saying they (HGs) are coming after me. 0 10:47AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Joshuah asks Sharon, what's this about you? Sharon says, they're all walking around saying I'm silent but deadly NT 0 10:47AM 28/03/2008
sunflower721 sheila now saying that she knows people think she is a threat (LOL u only have won asparugus ed.)now saying about not playing sides,yada yada yada ... 0 10:49AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Sheila telling Josh and Sharon that she's going to go out there and play the best POV I can 0 10:50AM 28/03/2008
TheMike Sheila saying to Josh/Sharon that she's "bleeding like a dead animal right now" 0 10:53AM 28/03/2008
ILuvMySoldier Cameraman keeps zooming in on Sheila's flabbing arm muscles and her wrinkled neck: James, Josh, Nat in KT NT 0 11:05AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow Flames NT 0 11:07AM 28/03/2008
WhatdoIKnow F1 & F2 - James & Josh in the KT with Nat, F3 & F4 - Sharon & Sheila in the boat room...BB: Adam, pls put on your microphone NT 0 11:09AM 28/03/2008
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