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Woofie James / Josh in bed now. (u know for good, Josh has the pillow over his head) NT 0 1:17AM 28/03/2008
Woofie F1 F3 James in bed F2 F4 Josh/Sharon in bed NT 0 1:19AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Cameraman is zoomed in on James. James laying in bed with eyes open NT 0 1:34AM 28/03/2008
evillady James 0 1:40AM 28/03/2008
Woofie James up and in Bathroom NT 0 1:43AM 28/03/2008
evillady James is at it again!!! 0 1:45AM 28/03/2008
Woofie James going thru the cuboards in the bathroom looking for something but leaves and is now in Bed changing his pants NT 0 1:45AM 28/03/2008
evillady James can not sleep. 0 1:46AM 28/03/2008
Woofie James outside getting into Hot Tub NT 0 1:46AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Shelia outside doing laundry. James looks at her but looks away. Shelia goes back inside not saying anything to James NT 0 1:48AM 28/03/2008
evillady James in hot tub 0 1:48AM 28/03/2008
Woofie Shelia comes out again for a second and tells James "good luck tomorrow and i mean it" then goes back inside again NT 0 1:49AM 28/03/2008
evillady Shelia telling James Good Luck tomorrow ok. 0 1:50AM 28/03/2008
evillady James rubbing his head... 0 1:52AM 28/03/2008
urban_treasure James still in HT. dunked head under water, now trying to get water out of ears. Now leaning against the side, looks deep in thought. NT 0 2:05AM 28/03/2008
urban_treasure James keeps fiddling with the strings on his swim trunks. And running his hands through his mohawk. And pushing/splashing water around in HT. NT 0 2:07AM 28/03/2008
evillady James getting out of hot tub. NT 0 2:10AM 28/03/2008
evillady James hitting the shower... NT 0 2:13AM 28/03/2008
urban_treasure James in shower, gettin nekkid. NT 0 2:14AM 28/03/2008
urban_treasure James drying off in shower, singing "If you like pina Colada". Staning right in middle where doors are frosted, not completely blocked. NT 0 2:22AM 28/03/2008
urban_treasure Out of shower, laying on couch in Bathroom. BB close up of hands rested on chest and face. NT 0 2:23AM 28/03/2008
urban_treasure James walking through kitchen, stops to look at Memory Wall. Then past GP's, stops and is petting one through hole in the tube. NT 0 2:26AM 28/03/2008
urban_treasure James into bedroom, puts on unders and gets into bed, Josh wakes up and looks up, then back to sleep. NT 0 2:27AM 28/03/2008
evillady James in bed now .... NT 0 2:28AM 28/03/2008
urban_treasure Fd1: Sheila / Fd2: Nat / Fd3: James, Josh, Sharon / Fd4: Adam, Ryan. All sleeping. NT 0 2:29AM 28/03/2008
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