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Still Random talk James talking about pranks he used to do such as jumping intot he malls giant christmas tree NT - Gorf
2:27AM 29/03/2008

they are now planning out new pranks such as pouring water on her (sheila) from the second story - Gorf
2:35AM 29/03/2008

Natalie instigating alot of the pranks they now plan to hit her in the middle of the night with hand fulls of flour - Gorf
2:39AM 29/03/2008

Sheila is now up in her room going through her drawers NT - Gorf
2:43AM 29/03/2008

Sheila walked through blamed adam for her missing robe and goes to the WC, now everyone is in action to pour water on her from the top floor :) NT - Gorf
2:44AM 29/03/2008

As sheila walks by the Sauna josh jumps out and scares her, she runs, adam gets her to sit down at the table - Gorf
2:46AM 29/03/2008

Everyone in the kitchen laughing, Sheila now back in bed, calling them all jerks :) NT - Gorf
2:47AM 29/03/2008

James and Adam outside smoking making fun of sheilas raspy voice and how she begs ryan to do everything for her - Gorf
2:49AM 29/03/2008

Nat called to DR, James getting rdy for bed, Josh and Adam also in the washroom with James NT - Gorf
2:51AM 29/03/2008

Nat out of DR, momentary Flames, the 4 still talking about ways to scare sheila - Gorf
2:54AM 29/03/2008

Nat is in the garbage can and they are practicing with her popping out to scare sheila in the morning NT - Gorf
2:56AM 29/03/2008

James and Adam have now gone to bed, Josh is taking the trash out so Nat can hide inside it short strat talk - Gorf
2:58AM 29/03/2008

Adam now telling Ryan about all the pranks, Ryan cant belive he missed it all, Ryan gets up to use the washroom adam went with him to demonstrate - Gorf
2:58AM 29/03/2008

Short Flames, Adam back in Bed Ryan still in Bathroom NT - Gorf
3:01AM 29/03/2008

Ryan done, washed hands back to Bed all Hamster are in bed for the night NT - Gorf
3:06AM 29/03/2008

Natalie is up in the HOH room listening to her CD and reading her letter from home NT - cannotsleep
3:18AM 29/03/2008

Natalie puts away her letter and headphones, turns off the lights, and is going to bed NT - cannotsleep
3:20AM 29/03/2008

flames NT - cannotsleep
3:57AM 29/03/2008

b/4 flames, Adam was awake making bagle & cream cheese, then to bed NT - DrC
4:02AM 29/03/2008

all HG asleep NT - DrC
4:04AM 29/03/2008

Baller is restless. NT - Jelli
4:35AM 29/03/2008

Baller in the bathroom, popping his pimples. Now back to bed. NT - Jelli
4:40AM 29/03/2008

All HG sleeping. NT - Jelli
4:55AM 29/03/2008

movement sighted in the BB house: Adam stopped snoring long enough to complete a 180 'Baller' with no splash, all other HG still tucked away. NT - DrC
6:41AM 29/03/2008

HG'S Still Sleeping NT - ShannonLK
9:32AM 29/03/2008

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