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Sharon (wrapped in green towel from waist down, wearing yellow bikini), Ryan (wearing white tank, dark shorts w/stripes on the sides) in the kitchen - WhatdoIKnow
1:40PM 29/03/2008

all HG at HT discussing BB messing with them today - allen
1:41PM 29/03/2008

James talking about dreams, Sharon at kitchen counter mixing up her slop, Ryan at the end counter eating his, thinks he added too much mustard, - WhatdoIKnow
1:44PM 29/03/2008

Nat asking about how the nominations thing works, Josh explaining about it (spinning the wheel, etc.) - WhatdoIKnow
1:46PM 29/03/2008

Ryan saying he thought for sure Sheila would've picked food, says Sheila has no idea what she's doing, that he knew she was going to mess up in the - WhatdoIKnow
1:49PM 29/03/2008

F3's focusing on Sharon eating her slop, Ryan at the end of the counter saying, now Sharon, you're not allowed to get up out of that seat until you - WhatdoIKnow
1:51PM 29/03/2008

Nat's repeating her story of the water prank, looking out the screen to the kitchen, Sheila now in hot tub (Ed: ick lol), James asking how Ryan's - WhatdoIKnow
1:56PM 29/03/2008

Adam back in the house, Sharon still eating her slop, cam zooms in on a bowl full remaining, Sharon staring at the memory wall, - WhatdoIKnow
2:02PM 29/03/2008

now they're talking about having their faces/article on it and typing in your name at a search engine and it'll pop up - WhatdoIKnow
2:04PM 29/03/2008

Josh talking about how everyone knows their daily routines, that they know he's going to get up, dance, grab some coffee, go outside and check out the - WhatdoIKnow
2:10PM 29/03/2008

all are out of the hot tub now drying off, Nat on the boat lounger, Sheila over by the washer/dryer grabbing another towel - WhatdoIKnow
2:14PM 29/03/2008

Sheila saying for Nat not to be mad at her that she's going to vote for Sharon to say, Nat saying she wouldn't that she WANTS Sheila to vote for - WhatdoIKnow
2:19PM 29/03/2008

Ryan now sitting on the pool table, Josh primping in a window, James says he's just waiting for the car to drive through the studio - WhatdoIKnow
2:21PM 29/03/2008

Sheila talk about veto - katelyn49
2:21PM 29/03/2008

Josh is primping in a window! - katelyn49
2:23PM 29/03/2008

OMG. James just poured flour on Sheila. NT - WieKacie
2:27PM 29/03/2008

Sheila is p*ssed. Sharon telling them they are horrible. - WieKacie
2:28PM 29/03/2008

Sharon with drink in hand enters back yard, high pitch "hello girls", Nat/Sheila say "hello", Sharon walks across the yard - WhatdoIKnow
2:30PM 29/03/2008

Adam Yells "April fools!" Sheila says "Yeah real F'n funny." NT - WieKacie
2:30PM 29/03/2008

Sheila still ranting, now in the hammock, saying she might need a new mic because there's flour all over it (Ed it works fine, can't count how many - WhatdoIKnow
2:34PM 29/03/2008

Sheila saying again about her mic (Ed: Argh! lol), how she's going to go to the DR about it and how messed up that is, - WhatdoIKnow
2:37PM 29/03/2008

Shelia needs to give James some of his own jokes NT - evillady
2:38PM 29/03/2008

BIG planes flying overhead, more pool talk, Nat saying "come on sun, come back.....all up my nose" in regards to the flour - WhatdoIKnow
2:40PM 29/03/2008

James/Josh/Adam playing cutthroat, general chit chat, James saying he has to do his laundry today, girls are quiet - WhatdoIKnow
2:48PM 29/03/2008

planes flying overhead so not sure what R/N were talking about but Sheila replied, thinking that they were talking about her, thought she heard her - WhatdoIKnow
2:51PM 29/03/2008
She also told Ryan that her/Ryan/Adam need to talk later in the hoh NT - sunflower05
3:06PM 29/03/2008

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