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Nat asking about phone calls in sequester, Sharon says they should tell a group of people a certain date/time and put it on speaker, - WhatdoIKnow
3:00PM 29/03/2008

Nat's up and says she wants to go lie in the hammock and see if she hears any voices NT - WhatdoIKnow
3:01PM 29/03/2008

very slow right now, cam's focusing close up of Nat on hammock (Ed: seems to really like her lol, one of them), distant shot of all lounging in yard, - WhatdoIKnow
3:15PM 29/03/2008

Sheila talking into her mic... - WieKacie
3:16PM 29/03/2008

Sheila trying to get called to DR about the flour incident. She is still scratching it out of her hair. James cleaning up all the flour residue I - FrouFrou
3:17PM 29/03/2008

Can't see Sheila but can hear her -- She is asking BB to call her into the DR so she can talk about what James did to her (ed. Operation Flour) NT - Shannon72
3:17PM 29/03/2008

Adam and Josh talking. Ryan joins. Josh saying it just makes me love James all the more. Josh saying there is nothing to do. NT - FrouFrou
3:18PM 29/03/2008

Nat just explained to sheila that you can't backdoor anymore. Sheila saying he is going up again. He has 9 lives. It will be the 9th week. NT - FrouFrou
3:20PM 29/03/2008

Adam and James are switching Sheilas mattress with his. NT - WieKacie
3:23PM 29/03/2008

James and Adam moving Sheila's mattress to to boat bed and stripping it down. They are changing it with Adam's? James says it fits. NT - FrouFrou
3:23PM 29/03/2008

James and Josh taking the taking the mattress off Sheila's bed and switching it with another one. - Shannon72
3:24PM 29/03/2008
James and Adam, not Josh NT - DanaRose
3:26PM 29/03/2008
Is looked like they changed it out with the one from Nat/Matt's old bed. Apparently Sheila's mattress was better so they stole it. NT - Shannon72
3:25PM 29/03/2008

James and Adam are switching Sheila's mattress with another mattress. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:24PM 29/03/2008

Definitely a nice mattress. Ryan says yeah dude you are set up. Ryan laughing about it now. Adam saying she won't even know. NT - FrouFrou
3:25PM 29/03/2008

Adam breathing heavy from the mattress and remaking the bed. NT - FrouFrou
3:26PM 29/03/2008

Sharon saying the 3 of them can have a Pow Wow in sequester (re: J/J/C). NT - FrouFrou
3:26PM 29/03/2008

Adam wants to pull subtle jokes "so she (Sheila) just goes crazy." - SouthernBelladonna
3:28PM 29/03/2008

2 cams on James washing off windows (guess he got them wet while hosing off the lounger), Sheila saying she thought he wasn't allowed to throw flour - WhatdoIKnow
3:29PM 29/03/2008

Now the boys are trying to think of something else to do to Sheila. Adam said it needs to be subtle but enough - Shannon72
3:30PM 29/03/2008

Adam saying I was playing this like f her. Talking about if they were still playing doubles. NT - FrouFrou
3:32PM 29/03/2008

Talking about it would be final wrap party this week. James saying 30 days. Adam says 32. NT - FrouFrou
3:33PM 29/03/2008

James saying he feels bad for Alex. He got screwed twice. NT - FrouFrou
3:34PM 29/03/2008

Ryan making fun of Amanda. NT - FrouFrou
3:34PM 29/03/2008

James saying I don't think sequester would be that bad. Ryan punching his own hand. NT - FrouFrou
3:35PM 29/03/2008

Talking about CBS suing them for 5mil for breach of contract if they leave sequester. NT - FrouFrou
3:35PM 29/03/2008

Ryan saying that Sheila told him she was hearing voices on the hammock. Adam saying there are always voices in the walls. Ryan says they are in her - FrouFrou
3:39PM 29/03/2008

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